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Clearblue advanced fertility monitor (new one with touchscreen)

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Ladyboluna Sun 27-Jul-14 11:34:52

Here is the amazon link:

I've ordered it today as today is 12th month of trying after having AF. Has anyone used it or interested in using it? I like how it works it all out for you as I don't want to spend all that time stressing over learning how to chart myself. You poas when it tells you and insert the stick into the machine and it interprets it for you. Gives you a few high chance days and then the lh surge days. Measures oestrogen and lh. Also can test for pregnancy. You can input when you dtd too and a light and alarm can remind you.

I really like gadgets and technology anyway. If it works I don't care how much it costs. Anyone have any experience with it already? I don't think it's been put long.

Pieandmashed Mon 28-Jul-14 09:20:58

I have that one, it was the only one in our boots and I wanted something to take the hassle out of tracking everything and a friend had recommended the old one to me. I can't tell you tons about it as it's only my first cycle using it but it gave me a lot of highs, then 2 peak days and has stopped asking for sticks after that. It seems like the previous one still asked for sticks through low days so maybe there's a saving on sticks to be made there? It's got a nice user interface, you can record the times you've DTD and the monthly visits and it's all worked out for you. Currently in the last week of the TWW so interested to see how and when it will ask for pregnancy sticks, especially as it's the first cycle. It hasn't flashed for a test in a few days now. I'm sure you'll find it very easy smile

Ladyboluna Mon 28-Jul-14 23:33:24

Well its arrived but I've realised I'm on nights for a few days this month and I don't know how that's going to work. Might try going for a wee at 10pm then waiting until 4-5 am before weeing again so it's a long break? Am I going to do it... I set it to test between 4 and 10 because most of the time it's asking I am on a normal sleep pattern but we'll see.

I have to say I'm impressed with the physical look and feel of the monitor. Very sturdy and the touch screen looks very nice and friendly. Can't wait to fill with info.

chundercatsarego Tue 29-Jul-14 14:53:18

Hi! I bought a cbfm after af last month, it arrived late though so haven't had the chance to use it yet-was hoping for a bfp so wouldn't have to... can feel af coming on now though and had some light spotting so went to buy the pee sticks in my lunch hour (along with a massive bar of chocolate! sad )So bloody fed up, I just want to be pregnant!!!!!!! angry

Would be good if we can keep this thread going to help each other out....and keep eqch other sane!

Ladyboluna Tue 29-Jul-14 15:15:04

Oh no chunder sad

I'm on day 3 of my cycle for this month so I'm not too far ahead of you. I'm fed up too - over the last month 2 colleagues have had babies in their family and someone else has announced a pregnancy. And a few months ago I became an Auntie so I daren't go on facebook when AF is here!

Machine is going to start asking for tests on Friday, let's hope I am ovulating as I've never used OPK's in these first 12 months.

chundercatsarego Tue 29-Jul-14 15:47:17

It's so frustrating isn't it! I too have seen lots of friends and colleagues announce pregnancies whilst we've been trying and although I am very pleased for them, I just want it to happen for me sad .Fingers crossed the rave reviews are accurate!

Ladyboluna Tue 29-Jul-14 18:44:15

I've heard some people saying they only get "Highs" and don't always get a peak - after some research I think that's because a high is caused by one hormone and a peak by the LH hormone - if theres no LH then you're going to get high readings for a while. I think, I might be wrong. Other than that I have read lots of positive reviews!

I am also really pleased for them but when AF has just arrived I'm feeling emotionally sore so don't want to talk about or see babies for a few days because I feel resentful - not against the mums or anything, but against lady luck I suppose. Perhaps in a way using the monitor will make me feel more relaxed about the process as I can see that hopeful things are happening with my body (ovulating and such) and the fact they come with 4 pregnancy tests and will restrict/tell me when I can use them is also great. I mean, 4 digital pregnancy tests cost about as much as the £35ish quid I spent on the pack of sticks, so I don't think the price is that bad really.

And yes let's keep this thread going!

chundercatsarego Tue 29-Jul-14 19:40:15

You have got it to a t there ladyboluna... I'm spotting and sure af is coming and just hate the world at the minute. Can someone please slap me with a massive wet fish?

Katybear123 Tue 29-Jul-14 19:52:39

Hi ladies can I join you? I haven't yet bout a clear blue as we are going to try one more cycle charting with app. If this doesn't work then I'm going to buy 1. Not sure whether to get this one or the older fertility monitor. What made u go for this one? I feel same as both of u by the way, I was convinced I was preg till af arrived day 25!

Katybear123 Tue 29-Jul-14 19:53:18

Hoping for bfp's for u to

Ladyboluna Tue 29-Jul-14 20:18:22

Katy I went for the newer one because when looking at the older one on amazon someone mentioned how it was difficult to get the sticks (some retailers only selling new sticks). I don't know how true that is about them being discontinued but the availability of sticks is perhaps something to think about if you go for the older model.

What made me go for this one - it looks nice, the touchscreen seems modern, easy to use and aesthetic. Also I had concerns about the availability of sticks if I bought the older one.

chunder I would slap you with a massive wet fish if they weren't so expensive! lol

chundercatsarego Tue 29-Jul-14 20:24:44

Availability of sticks for the older model were my worry too. Hoping not to be in this for the long haul, but you never know

Katybear123 Tue 29-Jul-14 20:37:14

Thanks for the tips ladies great 1, don't want to run out of the sticks!

chundercatsarego Wed 30-Jul-14 16:45:29

Still spotting but no proper AF yet...hate this limbo land status where I am 99% sure I'm not pregnant but can't move on and start afresh angry Come on body, make your mind up!

Katybear123 Wed 30-Jul-14 18:57:21

Grr poor u I would b the same am praying I'm in a cycle now as this is only cycle 2 off pill cycle 1 51 days, cycle 2 25 days so hoping that's it now but guess will have to wait and see smile

Ladyboluna Wed 30-Jul-14 20:36:48

This is cycle 13 for me now. Lucky for me maybe?

I don't know whether I can start POASing early, but it's not asking for me to until Friday. I've asked it to ask for tests between 4am-10am - mainly because my cat likes to come in for a cuddle/snooze/bite my nose before my alarm goes off for work and sometimes she gets it wrong and gets in as early as 4 when my alarm doesn't go until 5:45. Mostly she comes at 5:15 lol! Often then I feel like my bladder is under my chin so then I'm awake.

Good luck Katy, keep that optimism going!

chundercatsarego Thu 31-Jul-14 07:12:24

Well AF arrived properly overnight so time to start afresh. ...always feel weirdly hopeful on cd1! Set up my first cycle on the machine and it doesn't want any sticks til cd6. How's everyone else going? Anyone testing yet?

chundercatsarego Thu 31-Jul-14 08:55:57

When is AF due lb? I try to avoid poas early as bfns uoset me more than af, and I tend not to believe them until af arrives anywaywink

Ladyboluna Thu 31-Jul-14 16:57:59

I meant POAS early as in the fertility tests with the CBFM. It didnt want tests until cd6 either but today (cd5) I tried and it wouldn't read the result. I did google whether you could and something on CB's website said you should start at cd5 if you have shorter cycles (less than 28) but I guess google misdirected me and it was talking about the individual OPKs. Ah well.

Tomorrow is CD6 and I start. Nervous about what it'll say.

chundercatsarego Thu 31-Jul-14 20:35:53

Ah, ok. I was worried about that too, but have 28-38 day cycles so presume testing from day 6 should be fine.

Ladyboluna Sun 03-Aug-14 07:49:43

I think the machine has to have a test on cd6.

Today is cd8, (third test) and it's still reading as low. According to my FF app I should start being fertile today and tomorrow so already the more accurate Cbfm is saying different things to how my cycle is predicted by an app that just goes by a biological average.

Worried I'm gonna ov too late for my short cycles though.

However, normally me and OH would be like rabbits at this time after reading to begin dtd as soon as period ends to make sure there are swimmers waiting. However after reading about fertility and using this were A) timing it wrong and B) found out that the swimmers can only get past the cervix in the 48 hours leading up to ov anyway.

chundercatsarego Sun 03-Aug-14 17:31:23

Ooh wow, that's interesting! I think I ov at different times due to my variable (by up to 10 days! ) cycle length so am very much looking forward to knowing when we should dtd. I think this is going to help alot - already I feel more relaxed and in control smile

Ladyboluna Sun 03-Aug-14 18:12:25

Chunder look up the inside the human body documentary about fertility done in the last few years by the BBC, its narrated by a doctor and begins with twins diving. I found it online. When an egg is about to be released the mucous plug on the cervix dissolves forming a bridge the sperm can swim up to enter the cervix - this only happens at the fertile period of your cycle, once inside the sperm can live for a few days.

I think if I did this when we just started to ttc it would stress me out more - now I've learned a bit of patience so this is helping smile.

Ladyboluna Mon 04-Aug-14 18:11:10

Cd9 and I'm still reading as low, how about everyone else?

chundercatsarego Mon 04-Aug-14 19:07:10

Thought it would be you ladyb, seems like it's just the two of us. I start testing tomorrow-will update then

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