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TTC after MC; hand holding, hugs and lots of things that can JTFO!

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Treaclepie19 Wed 23-Jul-14 07:45:04

The Rules...

(1) A lady may only POAS on a Friday.
(2) Friday means the day that everyone calls Friday in the time zone where you spent the night.
(3) Rule (1) does not apply to POA-OPK-S, UNLESS they are being illegitimately used as surrogate HCG detectors, in which case Rule (1) most definitely does apply
(4) Rule (1) does not apply following a BFP because if you want to waste £25 a day POADigiS that's your prerogative <<refuses to admit that's what I'll do>>
(5) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady is POAS in an attempt to get a BFN to prove she can start DTD with intent
(6) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady wants for unknown reason to pee on an actual stick, like a twig or some such, if that lady is unexpectedly caught short whilst tramping in the forest looking for bears.
(7) These rules (including Rule (1)) are subject to the change at any time if the ladies of the Posifrickentivity thread decide on a whim come up with empirical evidence to prove that it is luckier to POAS on any other day of the week
(8) Violators of Rule (1) shall be subject to fish throwing.

And as a grand finale, why not pledge to NEVER POAS before 14DPO?

Metalhead Wed 23-Jul-14 07:51:31

Cheers for the new thread treacle! Hopefully this will be the last I'm on... hmm

Lou07708 Wed 23-Jul-14 07:54:16

metalhead ditto! Thread 3, cycle 3!!

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Wed 23-Jul-14 07:56:09

Thanks for starting a new thread treacle, love the title grin

I am currently staying at my mums until friday when we finally get to move into the new house, her friend gave her a beautiful cot the week before I miscarried which Is still in her garage. Just went to put something in there and was blindsided by it, my baby should have been sleeping in it sad

dp tried to console me by pointing out that in 8mths if everything goes ok we will have a baby sleeping in it but it doesnt make it better, of course im happy/relieved/grateful that im pregnant but I should be getting ready to meet charlotte not starting from the begining sad

im sorry I dont mean to sound ungrateful I know how lucky I am but I miss my baby

sebsmummy1 Wed 23-Jul-14 08:05:38

I'm here. 10 dpo. Not testing as I have zero signs so AF can just show her arse and I don't care.

39, TTC one year, 2 MC, crappy statistics.

Metalhead Wed 23-Jul-14 08:24:07

Ah sebs, it really is all just crap, isn't it. I'm only 7dpo but not got any hopeful signs either.

My stats aren't much better: 34 (35 soon), ttc#2 one year, 1mmc in Feb.

Treaclepie19 Wed 23-Jul-14 08:27:28

No probs ladies.
Smiling, don't ever worry about sounding ungrateful. Of course you're not. Sending big hugs.

My stats are: 24, cycle 6 (or 7 I can't remember), 1 mc in May.
Can't believe this is my second cycle of trying after the mc. I will be onto the 3rd unless that twice of dtd did the trick.

Monten Wed 23-Jul-14 08:30:13

Hi ladies, marking my place. My, these threads go fast! I have a feeling I will still be here for the next one but here's hoping not too many more after that! Thanks treacle for doing.

smiling I'm so sorry, I can imagine that must be heartbreaking seeing that empty cot. My mum has a cot at her place for visiting babies, nothing at all to do with me or my potential babies, and even seeing that empty last time I visited was hard. I only have to see thread titles on here about people talking about big bumps and upcoming due dates at the same time i would have been to feel like I have been kicked in the stomach. It's so hard. Nothing will replace the baby you lost but when you do get your baby in your arms they will be just perfect and you won't be able to imagine it any other way x

seb loving AF showing her arse.

What do everyone else's boobs do during/after AF? AF is over now and they are still quite full. As I said, my knockers are quite unreliable indicators but they did usually deflate before/during AF. Hoping this isnt a sign my hormones aren't doing their usual thing.....

Monten Wed 23-Jul-14 08:30:59

sebs I mean the expression 'showing her arse'! Not the fact she might be coming sad

LadyH84 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:03:21

So ladies, hope you are all well and hope lots of the original July group are MBP!!!!!!!! Found your new thread, I was here at beginning if July going crazy convinced I was pregnant than wham July 2nd AF showed her ugly little bitch face!
Stats 31 3 time MC 18 months TTC :-( = crazy crazy lady!!!!!

So once again I'm thinking 'I'm pregnant !!!!!'' All the symptoms all the signs ....CRAZY got till next weekend till AF is due so clearly I'm crazy!!! Feeling very fed up with the constant crazy that this friends do not understand...they just keep saying 'you know you can pregnant' grrrrrrr 'it will happen' 'your only 30' ....I bloody hope they don't wait too long to try because I was 28 when I started and assumed it would happen straight away! At this rate years will pass ....4 months TTC, 2 months pregnant MC,4 months TTC repeat repeat!!!!!!! So I'm now cycle 2 after MC 3 please cross your fingers for me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcc

greysar Wed 23-Jul-14 09:19:29

Hello everyone! Also hoping this will be our last thread, lovely as you all are.

My stats: 28, TTC #1 9 months (but with 4 months off after MMC for moving house), 1 MC in early Feb and hideously long irregular AF to contend with.

RiverRocks Wed 23-Jul-14 09:23:10

Fingers very much crossed Lady thanks

Stats: 30, ttc#1, mmc in April, tentative BFP last Sunday

Boozle80 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:23:51

Hey all, I found you!

Boozle80 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:25:21

34, TTC #2, very tentative BFP on Friday, bleeding on Saturday, shitting myself every other day!

Boozle80 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:26:21

MMC in March - can't believe it was so long ago and yet it feels so recent

Treaclepie19 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:32:52

Fingers crossed for you all. You all deserve it.

Dare I say... I'm having a good day. I'm managing to put negative thoughts aside for once.
I'm off to meet work friends in a bit for a drink (not sure whether to as I don't want to irritate this thrush anymore) and then later I'm meant to be going to meet friends for karaoke. Not sure if I'll go to that though, positive as I am I can't bear all the baby talk and cooing over our friends baby.
Especially when I should be going with an 18 week bump.

See I still sound negative even though I feel ok! :p

HopefulMum111 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:36:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Hope26 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:52:56

Thanks for the thread trea!

Smiling nothing can ever replace out first child. It's so sad but there are better times to come. Hopefully you'll have your baby soon to put in that cot and you'll feel better x

Boozle you always make me laugh haha I'm in the same boat as you, slight bleeding.. I'm going insane! but to get my mind off things I'm going out with a friend and I'm going to shop away to feel better.

River your stats are similar to mine In terms of mc and bfp after mc.

Stats: 26, TRC #1, mc in April and bfp in July. Slight bleeding in the evenings for the past two days but not in severe pain so I'm hoping its nothing serious. 7 week scan on 5th!

Bricking it.

Hope26 Wed 23-Jul-14 09:53:21

Hope it all goes well for anyone Poas soon!

Daisybell1 Wed 23-Jul-14 10:20:25

I've found you again!

I will catch up later when I have a chance to read all but statistics are

Dd 2.9, ttc #2 2 years, 3 mc, bfp June now 8+5

Keeping everything tightly crossed for Boozle and Hope!

Welcome new ladies, sorry you find yourselves here but it's the best place in the circumstances - warm, welcoming and a safe place to rant, scream, cry and throw things in a childish manner

sebsmummy1 Wed 23-Jul-14 10:20:39

Ha ha I knew what you meant Monten grin

Just to be a miserable sod, I realised the other day that the only people I can talk about TTC with and how disappointed I am about my failure to conceive viably/at all is my OH and the internet.

My Mother who used to feel like my best friend is now totally obsessed with co parenting my sister's children and basically aping my sister in all ways. So if we meet up all I hear about is my sister and her children, any reference I might make to my child or my partner gets interrupted and her own story re my sister's children or my sister's partner is talked about instead.

Half the time I inwardly roll my eyes and just let her dominate the conversation but on Monday I really needed to talk about how crap I felt that this cycle was another failure. Instead she talked all over me again and basically said if I stopped trying it would happen. Thanks Mum. Considering she had problems conceiving herself and was desperate she really has no excuse bar the passage of time. So it was a JTFO moment and one that made me realise I would not be trying to discuss it with her again, nor will I tell her before 12 weeks if I do ever get another BFP.

My partner and I were discussing fostering if we have no more children and I was going to talk about that as an idea as well, but obviously never had a chance as I'm not allowed to talk.

Daisybell1 Wed 23-Jul-14 10:51:42

Hot off the press:

Ladies I've just had an appointment at St Marys and a new study was published last month saying 800 mg folic acid can make a difference for those at risk of mc. I was told to double up my tablets from here on in.

broodylicious Wed 23-Jul-14 11:04:57

Bonjour tout Le monde! Thanks for the new thread treacle, great title.

My stats - 35, ttc #2, cycle 2 after mc at 12 weeks on feb 27. Moving house soon (prob early/mid august if solicitors can be arsed to get their fingers out!) so not trying mega hard this month in order to prove the "new house, new baby" thing/have a very real purpose for christening every room in the new house wink (apart from dd's room, that would be totally wrong!)

MrsBeeBeeBee Wed 23-Jul-14 11:10:05

Checking in! Thanks for new thread.

Mrs Bee, TTC #2, mc at 8+5 in July.

Metalhead Wed 23-Jul-14 11:29:40

That's interesting daisy - did they say what the criteria were for being considered 'at risk'?

I feel lousy today, headache, backache and slight nausea again this morning. Probably coming down with some kind of bug... Just want to go back to bed.

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