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The July Penis Dragon's final push for July BFPs!

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Blueskygirl30 Sun 20-Jul-14 18:41:32

We've had a few BFPs so far this month but we want (and deserve) more! One last thread to finish off July in style!

gennibugs Sun 20-Jul-14 18:51:16

Thanks bluesky

cinnamongreyhound Sun 20-Jul-14 19:24:51

Thanks blueskygirl30!

So sorry to hear af arrived spinningirl10, but glad you're having a lovely time sad smile

KittyVonCatsington Sun 20-Jul-14 20:03:07

The new thread title is perfect Blue grin A final push is exactly what we need!!

Cpt1sock Sun 20-Jul-14 20:08:13

Thanks blue

Sorry AF arrived spinning & sparkle sad

angelaham Sun 20-Jul-14 20:09:02

FX for some last minute July BFP!!

Is it sad that if i have conceived this month then my due date (8th April 2015) would be a day before my birthday!!! , so i am crossing my fingers and toes and wishing that this is my lucky try!!!!

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 20-Jul-14 20:58:21

Hoping on for a 31st July bfp! I'm overly confident this month, I've actually dtd 3 times!

BrixtonBunny Sun 20-Jul-14 21:03:51

Thanks Bluesky... Can't believe we've been through so many threads already! Let's hope this is the last for lots of us xx

kurama Sun 20-Jul-14 21:20:34

thanks bluesky
congrats misty grin
theone men can say bloody stupid things sometimes cant they!
welcome MaGrat your name reminds me of my fav terry Pratchett book smile
Sorry to sparkle and spinning
detective i think i can see a line, fx for you.

hopefulmum is that possible to have implantation bleeding this long after poss ov? i think i ovd cd18 and today is cd 36 and we only dtd cd15/18/19/22 and 29.... although its mainly red now its still more spotting and after dtd today there was nothing to show that af is suppost to be here....

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 20-Jul-14 22:01:12

Kurama that does sound confusing! I dong have the answer but I'm hoping for you'd sake you are out of limbo soon. confused

EnglishGirlsReturned Sun 20-Jul-14 22:06:22

I'm hanging around here til the end, although technically if i do/have ovulate/d today my bfp will be in August!

EnglishGirlsReturned Sun 20-Jul-14 22:07:52

when did you last poas Kurama? You must be sooo confused, you poor love.

fattycow Sun 20-Jul-14 22:13:35

I might buy myself a couple of tests tomorrow. That is, if I manage to go to a town where I can buy them without running into someone I know!

HopefulMum111 Sun 20-Jul-14 22:30:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

HopefulMum111 Sun 20-Jul-14 22:31:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lucieloos Sun 20-Jul-14 22:35:45

Thanks for the new thread Bluesky, fx for a few more bfps before the end of this one! I've updated the list and brought it across. Feel free to amend if I've missed something. Hope everyone has has a good weekend smile



Any news?

MsKittyKat123, 34, TTC#1, 11, BFP due 2nd/3rd July
Hope26, ? TTC#1, ?, BFP due 3rd July
Mulberry82, 32, TTC #1, 1, BFP due 7th July
Choccywoccydodah, 34, TTC#2, 10, BFP due 10th July
Scottishbride, 33, TTC#1, 3, BFP due 11th July
Stepawayfromthezebras, ?, TTC#1, 12, BFP due 12th July

No news yet:

Amymighalls, 27, TTC#2, 1, BFP due 11th July
KittyVonCatsington, 33, TTC#1, 8, BFP due 13th July
Kurama, 26, TTC#1, 23ish (5th on clomid), BFP due 14th July
Brummiegirl15, 37, TTC#1, 3, BFP due 16th July
MrsVonBlack13, 24, TTC#1, 9, BFP due 16th July
Toothachereturns, ?, TTC#3, 5, BFP due 17th July
Chillipopcorn, 26, TTC#1, 1, BFP due 17th July
Becter1985, 28, TTC#1, 3, BFP due 17th July
Kimswan1985, 29, TTC#1, ?, BFP due 17th July
Sunshinesaz86, 28, TTC#1, 1, BFP Due 17th July
LadyNovember, 25, TTC#1, 2, BFP due 19th July
lavender20, 29, TTC#1, 3, BFP due 20th July
Mrspinnegar2014, 26, TTC#1, 1, BFP due 21st July
JaneyTea, 33, TTC #1, 2, BFP due 23rd July
ILiveOnABuildsite, 29, TTC#2, 1, BFP due 24th July
TheDetective, ?, TTC#3, 1, BFP due 24th July
Blondie276, 31, TTC#2, cycle 4, BFP due 24th July
Fattycow, 26, TTC1, 7, BFP due 24/25 July
gennibugs, ?, TTC#1 8, BFP due 26 July
BlueSkyGirl30, 30, TTC#1, 1, BFP due 26th July
Lucieloos, Age 35, TTC#1, 5, BFP due 26th July
ChandlersFarang, Age 31, TTC#1 4, BFP due ~ 28th July
BrixtonBunny, Age 26, TTC#1, 2, BFP due 28th July
Cpt1sock, Age 33, TTC#3, 3, BFP due 28th July
Angelaham, 34, TTC#1, cycle 2, BFP due 28th July
Nordicmom, Age 39, TTC#3, 9, BFP 29th-31st July
Hopefulmum111, 35, TTC#1, cycle 2, BFP due 31st July / 1 Aug
Rustyzilla, 33, TTC#1, cycle ?, BFP due 31st July
Siarie, 26, TTC#1, 1, BFP due End of July
Roastpots 35, TTC#2, 2, BFP end of July
Skippingthroughthefarm, 20, TTC#1, ? BFP due ???
MaybeILina, 31, TTC#1, 5, BFP due ???
MissMrsMummy 30, TTC #1, 6, BFP due in a couple of months
Mrscog, ? TTC#2, 1, BFP due ??
EnglishGirlAbroad, ?, TTC #1, 10 (1after 2nd mc) BFP due ??
broodylicious, ?, TTC#2, ??, BFP due??
MrsGingerbread, 32, TTC#1, 4, BFP due ???
Onehappymummy, ?, TTC#2, ??, BFP due ??

AF arrived:


Treaclepie19 Sun 20-Jul-14 22:36:35

Just keeping an eye on all you lovely ladies smile

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 20-Jul-14 22:39:19

Thanks Lucy! Af did arrive for me on 3rd of July but I get a second go this month and am due a big fat bfp on 31st July! Woohoo! Never had 2 goes in one month before! wink

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 20-Jul-14 22:50:33

Omg I thought my ttc days were over as just went to the loo and thought my bowels had ruptured again! After lots of surgery I'm fairly panicked by the thought of it! Then I realised I had beetroot salad! blush Phew!!! wink

lucieloos Sun 20-Jul-14 22:55:33

Oh no glad it was just beetroot Mrs E!! shock That's great you get another chance for a BFP this month. I will add you back on list if you can give me your stats again.

MrsExtraOrdinary Sun 20-Jul-14 23:00:13

Thankyou lovely lucie,

34, ttc no2 with dh2 (6 overall) cycle 8, I think?! Bfp July 31st! smile

I've got a good feeling about this month! wink

cinnamongreyhound Sun 20-Jul-14 23:16:22

I'm pretty sure mrsVonBlack13 got a bfp and sunshinesaz86 got af?

kurama Sun 20-Jul-14 23:44:16

english last time I poas was fri. I'm gonna try to get in with fav doctor tomoro. I wish my body would just give me a clear cut fucking answer! hmm

kurama Sun 20-Jul-14 23:45:46

Also I don't want to miss taking clomid but it doesn't seem like proper bleeding to me so I don't want to take it incase I am ....hmmhmmhmmshockconfused

Blueskygirl30 Mon 21-Jul-14 00:34:31

Thank you for the stats lucieloos!!

Kurama I hope it's IB for you! If it's more spotting than your usual flow then it does sound good!

Fattycow I hope you manage to sneak in to get some tests without being seen by nosy neighbours! And I hope you get BFP when you pee on them!

I've just had a glass of wine after work with a colleague and feel drunk off just one glass....again I'm totally symptom spotting. I noticed that the nausea I was sure I'd had all day disappeared when I got to work, probably because my mind was occupied with doing my job rather than symptom spotting!

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