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Does the copper coil work?

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spagbol Sun 10-Sep-06 20:26:22

My doctor assured me there's practically no chance of getting pg with it, so I've had one fitted. It's definitely in the right place as I've been back twice to make him check it with ultrasound. Do you think I can rely on it? I have 3 boys under 5 and can't manage another just yet. I can't get on with anything that releases hormones - that or pill all make me feel miserable.

southeastastra Sun 10-Sep-06 20:26:56

i hope it works! i've had one for two years now

multitasker Sun 10-Sep-06 20:37:17

Do you think you would like to have more kids? If not why not opt for sterilisation.

QueenEagle Sun 10-Sep-06 20:45:27

Yes! I had one before I conceived ds3 then fell preg within 2 months of having it removed. Had it put in again after he was born then had it removed when we tried for ds4 and fell within 3 months! Have now had it in for the last 18 months; had it checked religiously for the first six months. now I forget it's there.

cherrypie556 Sun 10-Sep-06 22:43:40

well i had the copper coil fitted, 10 days later it fell out lmao, so no was no good for me. TTc again now anyway good job it fell out a only had it put it about 7 weeks ago lmao (took it as a sign to ttc again)

feedmenow Mon 11-Sep-06 13:50:57

It worked for me when I had one. Only problem was that I kept getting BV Had it removed to stop the constant BV and ended up pg instead!!

spagbol Mon 11-Sep-06 20:14:44

Sounds encouraging. Def not opting for sterilisation - having babies is my favourite thing! Planning 4th and last in a few years time, once ds3 can talk, walk and follow instructions . What's BV by the way?

feedmenow Wed 20-Sep-06 20:09:08

Hi Spagbol. BV is bacterial vaginosis (sp?), and is apparently more common than thrush. Really horrid, too. Soooooooo sore and itchy that it used to have me in tears! Luckily I haven't had it since IUD removed (although I recall being told that there was no particular reason that a coil should cause repeated BV).

hertsgirl Thu 23-Aug-07 20:42:51

Hi I'm new to this so not sure how it works... I had the copper coil just over 3 weeks ago now and have come on my period a week early.. at least I think it's my period.. I was coming to the end of my normal period when I had it fitted and then started to bleed again as if I was back on my period again, I then had a couple of days with just browny blood and then last Thursday 16th August started to bleed as if I was having a normal period, got major period pains and am still on now bleeding quite alot and still got pains (thurs 23rd Aug). Does anyone know whether this is normal? I'm not supposed to be due on until tomorrow so have come on over a week early, I know that the coil with hormone can make you bleed for ages but can the copper coil have the same effect? cant face having it out just yet it hurt like hell having it put in!!

southeastastra Thu 23-Aug-07 20:45:16

it takes a while for it to settle in hersgirl, periods go a bit all over the place for the first few months.

southeastastra Thu 23-Aug-07 20:46:01

oh blimey i posted on this nearly one year ago! it still works

hertsgirl Thu 23-Aug-07 20:46:37

hey southeastastra thanks, have you had the copper coil?

southeastastra Thu 23-Aug-07 20:50:39

yes for a few years now. i remember it being quite uncomfortable at first.

southeastastra Thu 23-Aug-07 20:51:51

though i suppose you'd worry if your body would just accept it without any bother

hertsgirl Thu 23-Aug-07 20:52:30

yeah it hurt alot having it put in and I nearly fainted from the pain, maybe I'm just a wimp lol. How long did it take for the bleeding to stop after you had it?

hertsgirl Thu 23-Aug-07 20:54:45

yeah I would lol, :0 just want to get back to normal, my periods used to be every 28 days without fail.. I know this is a completely different question but have you ever had a chlamydia test?

southeastastra Thu 23-Aug-07 20:55:45

it took a couple of weeks. see the dr if you're worried. the first few weeks are when it would come out (if it will).

hertsgirl Thu 23-Aug-07 20:57:08

yeah im going to give it until next week if im still bleeding then ill go to the docs..

hertsgirl Thu 23-Aug-07 21:00:52

The reason I ask about the chlamydia test is because I had one but had urine test instead of a swab, it came back negative but i have read loads of stories about them reading false?? Do you know anything about this?

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