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Just so scared

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malinki Tue 30-Mar-04 09:43:18

Thank you all for your help. My biggest problem is I just want to know, I'm tired of waiting, even my husband is getting anxious and that is not in his vocab. My periods vary, I was taking Microgynon until the end on June last year when dh and I decided we really wanted another baby, he's 35 and i'm 34 in June (age is another issue as we live in West Yorkshire and the max age for IVF is 35 years), anyway that's another issue that i hope won't be needed, but my periods have been all over the place (as pcos sufferers know) so my first period after coming off the pill was on 29/07/03, then the next one was 15/09/03, then 15/11/03, then 26/12/03, then 09/02/04 and nothing since, but with my last 2 periods, I had ni warning signs that I was going to start, no back ache, boob pains, stomache ache or Dr Jekyl, Mr Hyde personalities and everything was ok. Now I have all the symptoms, a couple of positive test results (albeit very very faint). My GP saw the test results, I took the lot in to show her, since then I've done loads more all more or less the same as the ones I took in. What should be the next thing I do to make sure either way. Should I ask for a blood test or scan????

malinki Tue 30-Mar-04 10:17:03

Its me again, I've also got this clear discharge that I have had for over 4-5 days now, doesn't smell just looks like (pardon my words here) snot.
Its quite thick, but I think I will have to start wearing panty liners soon, is this a good sign.

Azure Tue 30-Mar-04 10:25:11

Malinki, I think these are good signs. At this stage it is a bit of a waiting game, I'm afraid. I would talk to your GP about a blood test, it is probably too early for a scan. Fingers crossed.

malinki Tue 30-Mar-04 11:17:52

I also feel washed out and ever so slightly sick, going on last couple of periods, should have started a couple of days ago, but no bleeding as yet (fingers crossed, oh and legs) I'm starting to see the funny side of this waiting game, the more wound up I get the worse my symptoms seem to be, anxious thats all. The problem is I WANT THE POSITIVE LINE TO BE BOLDER........argh

twiglett Tue 30-Mar-04 11:22:09

message withdrawn

bunny2 Tue 30-Mar-04 11:32:44

Malinki, blood tests would show the hcg hormone rising. I had 3 tests done last week, every other day and it showed a good rise. Can you ask for this test? It should reassure you your body is dealing with being pregnant and producing what it needs. Good luck.

malinki Wed 31-Mar-04 13:53:36

Well, I've done another test this morning and I'm more confused than ever, There is a very very very faint line, it was a clear blue test and you can only see the line clearly if you turn the test almost away from you, or look at it about 1 foot away, if you hold it up close, it looks negative.
HELP!!!!!!! :-(

melliek Wed 31-Mar-04 14:31:46

Hi there...its like the ladies say, a pos is a pos. I am in the same boat as you, my AF is due on sat but i have done 5 tests after what i thought to be implantation bleeding and 4/5 say yes. You can have a false neg but not a false pos. When is AF due?? I would go in for some blood work. Usually that is one of the first things that the doc will do, around here anyway. It sounds promising fingers are crossed!

malinki Mon 05-Apr-04 11:42:51

Well I saw my GP on Friday with my first urine sample taken Friday morning, just got my pregnancy test results back now, a big fat negative. What do I do now!!! Still no bleeding.

dinosaur Mon 05-Apr-04 12:02:52

malinki I'm afraid I don't know anything about PCOS and don't have any real advice to offer, all I can say is that I had a similar experience a few years ago where the pregnancy test I had done at the doctors was negative, but I did a home test about a week later and got a positive - it is all very confusing isn't it? Good luck anyway, hope someone who is more knowledgeable than me can help you.

bluestar Mon 05-Apr-04 12:03:09

malinki, sounds rough that you still don't really know one way or the other. If af still does not come, I would get another pg test and test again. Drs have got it wrong before. When is af actually due or are you late already? If you tested early, it could be that you were pg but somewhere the egg did not implant properly but I would've thought af would have turned up. If you have not had a period since February, I would wonder whether there is something else up. Give it a few days and see what happens. Good luck.

malinki Mon 05-Apr-04 15:16:06

Hi, the problem is that my latest cycle was 67 days from 1st day of one period to 1st day of another and that was in November last year. I am usually between 36 and 47, now on day 57, so I plan to test again in 11 days time, I think that would be the most sensible thing to do, in the meantime I will speak with my GP tonight and ask for a blood test now and if no AF, then again in 14 days time. Do you think this sounds best, otherwise I will spend about another 40-60 gbp on pg tests and to be honest I'm sick to death of seeing them. If no AF in 14 days time, I am going to treat myself to reflexology and get them to look into the possibility. Last period started on 09/02/04.

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