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Toot Toot! It's the August bus - here to bring us all our hot, hot, hot summer BFPs!

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MrsGingerbread Sat 05-Jul-14 07:30:14

August bus welcoming all newbies and experienced TTCers. Let's start the summer loving. smile

MrsGingerbread Sat 05-Jul-14 07:33:24

Okay, I know it is ridiculously early! But after the last couple of months I really need to feel like I am on a bus again.

So, when you are ready to join me just pop your stats on here and I'll pull them together when there are a few of us. Good luck everyone!

MrsGingerbread, 32, TTC#1, Cycle 4, mc May and June

HopefulMum111 Sat 05-Jul-14 11:05:26

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsGingerbread Sat 05-Jul-14 12:16:32

Welcome Hopeful - lovely to have the company. smile

HopefulMum111 Sat 05-Jul-14 12:19:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Coralcolour Sat 05-Jul-14 12:32:13

Hi can I join too?

I have just reached my target weight loss set by the docs and so will soon be starting clomid!

I'm half excited and half terrified!

OneDayLikeThis2013 Sat 05-Jul-14 12:39:41

Hi everyone,

Can I join? I had a mmc last month and ERPC 2 weeks ago. Am desperate to start ttc as soon as we can and my positive pg tests are fading fast (first time I've been so happy to see a negative test!) I'm still waiting for my first AF but mw said it usually appears within a month. I'm probably not going to wait for AF before Ttc even though it would make sense for dating etc. I'm not even sure if I'll ov but I don't want to miss a chance just in case!

My stats are:

OneDayLikeThis2013, 27, TTC#1, cycle 1 technically I guess?, mmc in June 2014

Keeping everything crossed for us all and looking forward to hearing everyone's stories xx

Cariad2014 Sat 05-Jul-14 12:48:18

Please can I join as well.

Stats are as follows: Cariad2014, 32, TTC#1, cycle 3, v. early (4+5) mc June 2014.

Wishing everyone lots of luck. Here 's hoping August is our month.


Bobs76 Sat 05-Jul-14 13:00:43

Can I join the August bus too please? Due to ovulate in next few days, going to start my ovulation tests from today (my cycles are anything from 29-35 days)

TTC baby 2 since January last year. 38 (was 36 when started trying)

Here's to lots of BFP's.

MistressKatherine Sat 05-Jul-14 14:22:25

I'm hopping on board with you ladies. I want a seat on the upper deck please! Due to ovulate over the next few days.

MistressKatherine TTC#1, cycle 2.

Babydust to everyone! Fingers crossed for August.

Coralcolour Sat 05-Jul-14 15:26:54

Sorry forgot to add stats

Coralcolour: ttc#3, 31, no cycle (yet)

prettywhiteguitar Sat 05-Jul-14 15:46:04

Hey can I join too? Ovulate next Monday but if we concieve this month my dp will be away for due date. Nothing on for the rest of the year so ttc away !!

Prettywhiteguitar ttc #3 cycle 0

prettywhiteguitar Sat 05-Jul-14 15:46:25

Oh and I'm 36

Natalie1989xo Sat 05-Jul-14 18:12:05

Would love to join you!

Natalie1989xo, 24, TTC#3, cycle 1

slightlyconfused85 Sat 05-Jul-14 18:21:21

I think i am ovulating in.the next couple of.days so wishing for a bfp in.august. marking my place!

slightlyconfused85 Sat 05-Jul-14 18:22:13

Oh stats slightlyconfused85 ttc#2 cycle 2

cinnamongreyhound Sat 05-Jul-14 19:36:12

I'll join you MrsGingerbread!!

Cinnamongreyhound, 33, TTC#3, Cycle 2, bfp 2nd aug.

Boosk Sat 05-Jul-14 21:46:24

Thank you MrsGingerbread, seeing the August bus set off gives me hope that it's nearly time for me smile

I'll be taking a quiet seat at the back though as ttc is on hold while dp has chemo. Last session this month so it'll be the September or October bus for me.

Good luck everyone!!!! thanks

winnie1981 Sat 05-Jul-14 21:56:22

Hi everyone (reserves seat on the bus)

Came off pill in May and this is my first 'proper' cycle since.

Winnie81, 33, ttc #3 cycle 1

winnie1981 Sat 05-Jul-14 21:56:55

Sorry it's Winnie1981!

MrsVonBlack13 Sat 05-Jul-14 22:27:40

Hey I'm just reserving my seat, I've still got 10 and hopefully I'll be getting off on the July bus!

Stats! 24 ttc #1 cycle 9 smile I hope all you ladies get your august bfp!

MrsGingerbread Sat 05-Jul-14 22:39:04

Oh how exciting! So many ladies already! I can tell that we are going to be a very chatty bus. smile Welcome to you all!

Coral well done for getting to target. I hope the chlomid does its magic for you!

We are going to start ttc again next month - I am stocking up on iron this month as two early mc in a row have left me quite anaemic.

Boosk not sure when I can expect af, so I may well join the September bus with you. I agree though that even being on a bus feels more positive!

iamdivergent Sun 06-Jul-14 11:49:52

TTC #3, 28, cycle 8 - have had no bfps since ttc smile

catnip85 Mon 07-Jul-14 07:42:39

Hi ladies can i join you? catnip85 28, ttc#1 cycle 1. Just come off of bc pill so waiting for things to get back to normal. Not sure when AF will be visiting yet!

dancestomyowntune Mon 07-Jul-14 12:15:17

Hi, can I join please? Just had mirena removed last week, had what I assume was AF finished yesterday so keen to try asap!

Stats: dancestomyowntune, 30, ttc#5, cycle 1.

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