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What is a positive on a strip test?!

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BouncyBabe98 Wed 02-Jul-14 08:50:59


I have been getting confusing results on a strip test. I bought a pack on amazon based on the reviews. So I have got a lot of straight negatives, fair enough. However when I peal the plastic bit back and leave it after each test I often left with a faint pink line in the test area... this is really strange I know.

I have posted below a video of what the test strip looks like so you get a better idea of the plastic bit I am talking about. It comes off reallllly easily and sometimes it comes off without trying. Has anyone else got a positive like this and it actually been a positive?

I am TTC after baby number 1. I am now on day 35 of my cycle however as I have only had the one period since stopping breastfeeding I am not sure how long my cycle was. I got pregnant first month trying last time. And if my cycle was a regular 28 day cycle I worked out we had sex at least twice during my fertile period. I just wish I knew how long my cycle length was. Last time I was pregnant I tested negative until I got a positive around this time however I have done a test today and still getting this weird line appear but only when I peal back the plastic bit.

Anyone got any experience with these types of tests? I honestly have done so many since 29th June and Boots ones and even a clear blue one which came back negative but still no period...

InternetFOREVER Wed 02-Jul-14 08:57:19

Mmm, if its a real positive then within a couple of days you'll get a proper line, coming up within the time limit. I've had a few false positives/ evap lines on cheapy tests recently, where after the time limit a grey/pink shadow would appear where the test line should be. Sounds for you like it could go either way! Good luck

BouncyBabe98 Wed 02-Jul-14 08:59:59

Thanks ... I have been getting period pain type (very mild) cramps for a few days now. WE are planning a move and waiting to hear on an offer we put on house though so am wondering if it's that my period has not arrived due to stress more than due to pregnancy.... fingers crossed though I really hate waiting... part of me wishes I just had my period so I would at least know.. I think I am actually addicted to testing. I have already used almost all the 15 test strips I bought the other day and also have more on order....someone put me out of my misery! ;)

hanflan Wed 02-Jul-14 09:26:07

If it's underneath the plastic part when you peel it back, that's just where the dye collects, it's not a positive. Sorry! You would get a line within the test area, well away from the plastic bit, if it was a positive. Sorry! Best of a luck for a bfp soon!

Metalhead Wed 02-Jul-14 10:23:38

Well, having watched your video that looks to me like you definitely have a line there, but it's not under the plastic bit - so congratulations, you're pregnant!

willitbe Wed 02-Jul-14 16:09:40

If you peal back the plastic bit, you could cause a dye run, and could get an evaporation line later. So I suspect your period is just delayed due to stress. Especially since the other tests have come back negative.

Hope your period arrives soon to put you out of your misery!

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