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TTC after MC. The ups, the downs, the never ending Toad in the Hole and the relentless onslaught from the Facebook faceslaps!

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Sal1977 Tue 01-Jul-14 12:53:22

The Rules...

(1) A lady may only POAS on a Friday.
(2) Friday means the day that everyone calls Friday in the time zone where you spent the night.
(3) Rule (1) does not apply to POA-OPK-S, UNLESS they are being illegitimately used as surrogate HCG detectors, in which case Rule (1) most definitely does apply
(4) Rule (1) does not apply following a BFP because if you want to waste £25 a day POADigiS that's your prerogative <<refuses to admit that's what I'll do>>
(5) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady is POAS in an attempt to get a BFN to prove she can start DTD with intent
(6) Rule (1) does not apply if a lady wants for unknown reason to pee on an actual stick, like a twig or some such, if that lady is unexpectedly caught short whilst tramping in the forest looking for bears.
(7) These rules (including Rule (1)) are subject to the change at any time if the ladies of the Posifrickentivity thread decide on a whim come up with empirical evidence to prove that it is luckier to POAS on any other day of the week
(8) Violators of Rule (1) shall be subject to fish throwing.

And as a grand finale, why not pledge to NEVER POAS before 14DPO?

broodylicious Tue 01-Jul-14 12:58:52

Here I am! X

Treaclepie19 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:05:04

Hi smile

broodylicious Tue 01-Jul-14 13:06:55

In the spirit of posifrickentivity, I've decided I'm going to get upduffed this month.

Just thought I'd let you all know winkgrin

Sal1977 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:07:11

Whoop whoop! Come on in, take a seat and help yourself to the contents of my naughty cupboard as Chubby Checker here, now needs to limited herself to the likes of Cress...without the leaves.

Sal1977 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:08:05

Geddon Broody! I'm gonna try and join you on that one! xx

Treaclepie19 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:10:00

Haha, me too broody!
My temp is back up so I'm saying I have ovulated and am 5 dpo. Much happier thought than not ovulating.

tannyLoo Tue 01-Jul-14 13:11:02

Broody good!

Place marked, and feeling a bit "oh no not again" about being recently upduffed at the start of a thread. All my previous times, I've miscarried by the end of it.

Treaclepie19 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:11:31

Oh sal, you can do it!
I'm currently eating dairy milk when I should be dieting. Grr.

tannyLoo Tue 01-Jul-14 13:13:20

Sorry that was a fish slap moment right at the get go. Promise to keep the posifrickitivity going!

Sal1977 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:15:58

Me too Tanny, here's hoping this ones a bobby dazzler for us all!

We could be ICSI'd by Xmas with a bit of luck! Just trying to decide on method of misery...5:2 (on which I put on weight last time), Shake type diets (on which I nearly murdered within 6 hours) or good old Fat Club (Slimming World) which works but will take a bit longer. There is of course the old favourite of the Diet Coke and Malborough Light diet, not sure it's the healthiest way to go though...grin

I guess I could always become a crack-whore which would pretty much guarantee weight loss and pregnancy...

Treaclepie19 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:22:56

Haha, I have only ever lost weight by calorie counting. Can't get on with anything else. Saying that though I'm not doing so well today.

ZebraZeebra Tue 01-Jul-14 13:28:00

Marking place. Just googled "increased vaginal mucus in early pregnancy" and apparently it's a sign! It's a bastard that it feels like AF starting though. Argh. Hate this.

ZebraZeebra Tue 01-Jul-14 13:28:55

Lol at becoming addicted to crack to lose weight and get pregnant ��

Lou07708 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:30:00

Phew, found you all

sal LOL at crack-whore suggestion!!!

Just back from my first councilling appointment. Shocked to find out that there isn't a limit how much I see her AND they will continue through next pregnancy. I think I seriously lucked out on my hospital. Any way she seems to think I am doing really really well. I reckon it is all of you that have helped me out soooo much!

I am on the 2ww now. Feeling pretty relaxed about it all but that is because it's way toooo early.

Treaclepie19 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:30:04

It is a sign zebra! I had that last time.
Think its starting again but I'm only 5 dpo so maybe im making it up.

tannyLoo Tue 01-Jul-14 13:33:42

Hmm, Sal not sure it's all it's cracked up to be!

Brummiegirl15 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:35:45

Ooh hello ladies - fancy seeing you here on this nice new shiny thread!!

Thanks for sorting - was worried we were going to drop off the end of the other one.

I'm on 2ww - am on 4 dpo and I admit to feeling a bit damp er down below and sore boobs!!

Praying for a BFP...

Hope26 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:51:22

hey ladies , lovely to see new thread!

ZebraZeebra Tue 01-Jul-14 13:53:39

Fingers crossed Brummiegirl!!

Foxtrot7459 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:55:04

Hello everyone....

I'm currently in the wtf cycle waiting patiently (believe that and you believe anything) for AF to make an appearance. Two weeks post mc and decided not to dtd straight away. Days are passing so slowly.... But hopefully will get upduffed soon!!

My goal is to be pregnant enough to tell people by Christmas.

greysar Tue 01-Jul-14 13:55:41

Marking place! July will be our month too smile

Sal, calorie counting is the only thing that really works for me (I'm trying to drop a few lbs again to hopefully make getting upduffed easier...) and SparkPeople is the best way of counting I've found- lots of resources and you COLLECT POINTS as you go so it feels like you're achieving something!!

Treaclepie19 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:56:45

Similar to me then brummie smile

I've been doing ever so well for like 4 days :p now today I'm obsessed over symptoms. Feel sick, tired, lots of cm and had sore boobs.

I'm letting myself down for a fall aren't I?!?

Treaclepie19 Tue 01-Jul-14 13:57:13

Or even *setting myself up for a fall. Did I mention I'm tired? :p

TinyTear Tue 01-Jul-14 14:01:31

Hello, Can I join?

Currently 21dpo

Just started progesterone prescribed by prof. B in Coventry where I am also waiting for my NK cell results...

Had 3 mc prior to DD and 2 mc since... Can usually be found in the recurrent miscarriage thread...


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