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I'm not ill so clearly don't deserve to be in a doctors surgery :(

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Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:13:35

After being told that I had been in there 15mins and appointment are normally only 10m it was clear she wanted me to just leave.

Wanted me in and out as quick as possible just because she was running behind!

I was told that the two silly blood test and the scan at the hospital and swab that I had along with smear is all they can do without funding.

I said but I won't qualify, will I, because I have a child 12 years old and all she could respond is don't know and then had ago at me for not caring enough. Claiming that if I made more appointments she could have got to know me better, why does that matter! Unless the referral and funding is impacted on whether she thinks I'm a deserving case which clearly won't do me any good now.

I work all week and weekends, which I told her, but she didn't seem to care.

My doctors is 45 mins drive away from work one way. Keeping in mind it's not unusual to be made to wait 40 mins to be seen once you get there.

When I queried if I could request the chlomid prescription and see if that did any good it was dismissed until she gets info on the funding!

So left in the dark for potentially 2 weeks and all I'm told is that funding is what I'm hoping for.

I don't hold out much hope so it would have been nice to be told my options on paying for the chlomid prescription and the dye to check tubes are clear (said to check more thoroughly than the scan).

Am I wasting my time speaking to a doctor?
Am I right in thinking that they won't be interested in helping as I have an older child.

I am 35

fourforksache Mon 30-Jun-14 17:15:42

funding? are you somewhere other than the uk?

Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:17:40


Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:18:16

I was told they to would need a referral but that would only be given depending on funding!

fourforksache Mon 30-Jun-14 17:19:13

WTF, if you need one, you should get it, you're working, presumably paying ni?

Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:21:11

Yes I work and pay N.I and I'm English and not anything other than a normal average citizen

fourforksache Mon 30-Jun-14 17:22:11

sorry your gp is so unreasonable, could you consider moving?

Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:26:56

She acted as though what she was saying was completely normal and even made me feel guilty saying she has seen a patient today who is critically ill (in other words I was taking up her precious time and should get the hint and leave) and of course wait like a good little girl for them to call me regarding funding!

I came out in tears and realising my partner would assume the worse instantly said nothing is wrong with me she was just really rude ! And the words nothing wrong with me he heard as something wrong with me ! Cleared that misunderstanding up quickly whiles I was sobbing! I feel so pathetic.

What is the go suppose to offer me, have they done all they can or have I just been fobbed off?

frames Mon 30-Jun-14 17:34:02

Op..assume you are concerned about funding as you are seeking help to conceive?

Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:36:43

I'm concerned they won't give me funding as I have a child already, age 12 in August.

ElizabethMedora Mon 30-Jun-14 17:37:25

Is this infertility? You might not qualify for IVF funding as you already have a child. I don't know about Clomid. It all depends on your area not whether you are English/pay NI.

I didn't quite follow everything but it sounds like your GP was unsupportive & unsympathetic thanks

Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:39:10

I have been trying 2 years and 7 months

Hyland Mon 30-Jun-14 17:40:48

I moved doctors 18 months ago after I moved county beds to Herts and was told I had to change surgery

Yes i work and I pay N.Insurance etc

BalancingStick Mon 30-Jun-14 22:38:23

When your GP refers you for treatment (any treatment, not just fertility stuff) someone has to 'pay' for it. Your Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG - formerly known as PCT) holds the purse strings so your GP 'applies' to the CCG to fund the treatment they are want to refer you for. If you meet the CCGs criteria then funding is approved, the GP makes the referral and you hear from the hospital/ clinic/ wherever they are referring you to with your appointment details. Most CCGs have a referral facilitation service - you could contact them to get an update/ more info on the criteria. Or the service you are being referred to are often very helpful if you telephone them and ask (assuming you know where you are being referred to? Local hospital fertility unit?). Hope that helps.

mamababa Mon 30-Jun-14 22:42:00

I would have thought it depends on your PCT but yes in mine if either partner already had a child they would not receive NHS funding for IVF which is what I guess you mean?

BettyOff Mon 30-Jun-14 22:52:09

OP in most areas you would not qualify for NHS funding for any treatment of infertility as you already have a child and I've never known a CCG back down on this on appeal. You are entitled to basic investigations which are LH/FSH/oestrogen levels and day 21 progesterone levels (presumably the two blood tests you had), pelvic examination, triple swabs (to rule out any current infection) and a scan for tubal patency which is either a HyCoSy ultrasound scan or a hysterosalpingogram and both of these are equally effective at diagnosing tubal patency. You wouldn't be entitled to clomid as this is part of fertility treatment just as IVF is. If you want to know how much it is privately your local private provider will probably have that information on their website as well as current success rates etc or just give them a ring. They'll also tell you if you need a GP referral to access them. Sorry your GP was so rude to you. Maybe send a quick letter to the practice manager is called for to bring it up? Good luck.

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