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Chinese Medicine for Conceiving

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Azure Mon 29-Mar-04 14:02:29

I read a really interesting article in an old Telegraph magazine at the weekend about a Chinese doctor (fully medically qualified) based in Harley Street who specialises in TTC. There is an initial consultation, when she asks all sorts of lifestyle questions as well as taking pulses etc, after which she recommends dietary changes and prescribes & sends specific herbs from which to make tea twice daily. Afterwards there are fortnightly acupuncture sessions and check-ups. The article mentioned various success stories, including women who were told that they were unlikely ever to conceive. I was impressed by what I read and am interested to know whether anyone has any experience of this?

louli Mon 29-Mar-04 14:27:20

My SIL had a condition which she was told she wouldn't be able to have another baby after she lost 3 at around seven weeks. She had previously had children with no problems. Anyway she tried chinese medicine / acupuncture and managed to have another baby last year.

Moomin Mon 29-Mar-04 15:48:13

My friends used Chinese medicine for 1 year after suffering an ectopic pg. They had to change their diets quite considerably and she had to drink foul tea twice a day. She also hadacupuncture as well. They worked out they spent just as much on this as they would have done going for a round of ivf! They stopped it last July /August when they moved house and got pg in November. Sadly, they lost the baby but not connected with previous problems - just one of those awful things . Now, though they are not seen as being 'infertile' anymore.

Moomin Mon 29-Mar-04 15:49:55

Should also add that they'd been trying for 2 and a half years before getting pg the 1st time and then she lost an ovary with the ectopic. She was pg again 17 months after the ectopic.

Slink Mon 29-Mar-04 22:17:39

When i was trying to concieve with dd i went for accupunture only the once fell pg next month. Two of my friends did it too and they had the same result.

Azure Tue 30-Mar-04 10:28:11

Thank-you for your comments. I am interested in giving acupuncture a go - any ideas how I find an "approved" therapist?

Schmozer Mon 05-Apr-04 15:48:16

I had acupuncture for the first time on Friday for migraine but also mentioned my endometriosis and that we'd just started trying for a baby. The acupuncturist also does Chinese herbal medicine and suggested if I don't get pregnant this month to try that as it would help with the endo and prepare me for pregnancy.

You and your friends have got me very excited, Slink - I might not be waiting much longer.

pombear Sat 10-Apr-04 01:03:27

As a long-term lurker, I'm gradually coming out of the closet to post! Just to let you know, I also read the article, and it struck such a chord I contacted Dr Zhai and made an appointment. I've had acupuncture in the past, but I felt that the Chinese herbal aspect may be more appropriate to my needs.
She is extremely positive,and very thorough, keen to explore what's going on fertility-wise utitlising all the Western-medical explorations. The only caveat I would say is that it's not the cheapest option available, but we've decided that the cost of extending our family is worth it, over pensions, house improvements, etc etc at the moment. I'll keep you posted, if you're still interested.

Azure Tue 13-Apr-04 09:37:55

Pombear - I'm glad you're coming out of the lurker's closet! I am very interested in hearing how it goes with Dr Zhai. I hope you'll soon be one of the success stories.

pombear Wed 21-Apr-04 00:14:10

All I can say at the moment is bllluurrrghhh!! Having to drink the tea twice a day. The house smells, I smell, everything smells! I'll keep you updated!

Azure Wed 21-Apr-04 02:04:10

Pombear - hopefully it will all be worth it

malinki Wed 21-Apr-04 12:41:00

I have booked my first reflexology session for May 20th, I will be at Center Parcs in Sherwood Forest, I have pleaded with my husband to give it a go, its £40.00 for 1 hour, expensive I know, but I wouldn't normally go down this road, I told dh that it might me relax more.
For all of you ladies on the list who have had a reflexology session, am I correct in saying that I have to tell her that I am having fertility problems, and ttc, do I have to tell her anything else.

willow2 Wed 21-Apr-04 21:51:16

malinki - ime there are two types of reflexologists. The first look on it as yet another "beauty" therapy and do little more than give your feet a (nice) massage. The second type are the alternative health practitioners that have studied reflexology in depth (rather than getting a diploma in a weekend) and really know their stuff. If I've got it right, and you are thinking of having relexology done in the hope that it might help with ttc, it might be worth finding out a bit more about who will be doing your session at center parcs and what qualifications they have. Having said that, if you just fancy having a good foot massage then sorry for butting in!

malinki Thu 22-Apr-04 11:18:31

Hi Willow2,

Your opinion is most welcome, I've learnt something from your message. I didn't know that there were 2 types of Reflexologist, I think I need both a good massage (never had one before) and if I'm lucky, then who knows.......

Moomin Thu 22-Apr-04 11:43:01

Malinki - the massage will definitely help you unwind anyway, which is one of the key things in ttc isn't it?
However, for the intensive treatment which is centred on your reproductive organs and adrenal glands, etc. this would be done by a health practitioner, like willow says. This type of treatment is also more beneficial if done over a period of time, rather than a one-off.
Enjoy the pampering x

rosies Sun 06-Jun-04 03:28:02


i am a reflexologist specialising in maternity. if you are having problems conceiving, for no apparent reason, reflexology is worth considering and not only for the woman, the partner benefits too. reflexology balances the endocrine system (hormones), boosts the immune system and is great for stress/ relaxing. trying to conceive can be stressful for both partners.

i would suggest finding a recommended local reflexologist, who has maybe done further training in this field. for most therapies, to feel a real benefit, 3 or 4 treatments at least are needed to make a difference. seeing the person at centre parks is fine a s a one off (although very pricey!). any good therapist will spend a good 15 minutes, or however long it takes, to do a medical/ lifestyle consultation and so, sub fertility will be mentioned.



malinki Sun 06-Jun-04 13:59:36


I had my reflexology at Center Parcs and discovered I also have a nasal problem, sinuses and all that, but no mention of my ovaries or anything else, she told me that all my organs were in good working order. I have decided to take this further and seek out a reflexologist in my area. Thanks for your input.

gloworm Sun 06-Jun-04 14:05:08

I posted this on another ttc thread recently and thought it might be of interest:

lack of zinc is associated with lower testosterone levels.
taking zinc can have a considerable impact on sperm count and sperm motility and male fertility.
zinc supplements extends life span of ejaculated sperm.
in one recent study...couples who were 5yrs took 60mg zinc per day...half of couples pregnant within 7 weeks!
Take at least 22mg per day. you will have better success with a good quality brand such as Solgar, ask in health shop for one which is "CHELATED" as it is much much easier to absorb.

deficiency in zinc is linked with impaired hormone sectetion, abnormal ovarian development, frequent miscarriage, prolonged gestation and still births.

ALSO if you're interested:
Take Solgar Prenatal vitamins while ttc (and during pregnancy and breastfeeding). contrains right amount of everything including 400microgram folic acid. I took this even though i already have a good diet.

a herbal remedy called Agnus Castus(or called chaste berry). It helps with production of hormones in last 2 weeks of menstrual cycle. this is when egg is prepared for fertilisation and womb is prepared for pregnancy. acts on pituitary gland. increases level of progesterone relative to oestrogen. STOP TAKING AS SOON AS SUSPECT PREGNANT.

if you want any more info just ask (i am a nutritionist and own a health shop).

Jinty123 Sun 06-Jun-04 14:47:42

Hi Gloworm,

Just as a matter of interest. I recently bought some Chasteberry to start taking at the beginning of my next cycle. When is the best time to start and stop taking it?

The site I got my info from is and they also talk about Evening primrose oil from AF to O and then Flaxseed oil from O to AF to assist with increase in CM. The Chasteberry they recommend to help regulate cycles and stimulate ovulation, is this correct?

I don't want to take the Chasteberry at the wrong time of my cycle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


gloworm Sun 06-Jun-04 15:03:36

as far as i know you take chasteberry all the time, start right away and keep taking it, it will probably take 2 or 3 cycles before it starts to work.

as regard EPO and Flax, not sure, but would have thought better to use both all the time as well...will look into this if i have time (although our shop is v. busy during summer)

kittyb Thu 10-Jun-04 14:17:10

does anyone know why Evening Primrose Oil has a "dont take if pregnant or ttc" warning on it? My GP recommended it for breast pain, and she knows we are ttc, is there actually any known risk?

skevany Sat 26-Mar-05 13:13:47

a question about zinc and fertility - would there be enough zinc (60mg) in a dozen oysters to help sperm i wonder? i just read that 60mg a day can help male fertility.

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