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trying for number 2 !!!

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kb93 Sun 29-Jun-14 20:38:32

Hi all , so a little backgroud for us .. were married and already have a little one who is 20mths and we are ready for number two !
this is cycle number 3 for us and already starting to get impatient ... hoping theres a couple of you lovley ladies going through this journey also !!

cant wait for this cylce

currently on CD3

KB xx

TheTravellingLemon Sun 29-Jun-14 20:42:05

Hi KB, I am basically you, except DS is 19 months! We've been trying for a few months and for some reason I am totally panicking that it won't happen for us a second time. Fingers crossed!

Life2012 Sun 29-Jun-14 20:54:10

Hi KB we are also trying for baby 2 - already have a my little prince who's nearly 22 months! This is our 2nd cycle - I'm 1 week into my 2WW getting impatient to start testing xx baby dust to all

HaveTeaWillSurvive Sun 29-Jun-14 20:56:07

Hi smile

Us too - just got married last month and so open to number 2 from now. DS is 23mths and a was a one crazy night wonder so I've no previous experience of actually trying. There was a very outside chance of a wedding night baby and I was driving myself mad waiting for AF - not sure how I'll cope with this going fwd!

TheTravellingLemon Sun 29-Jun-14 21:16:00

I've got really irregular cycles so I've promised myself I'm not going to test all the time this time round. With DS my boobs were excruciatingly painful when I was about 5 weeks pregnant. I think I'll wait for that again!

kb93 Sun 29-Jun-14 22:40:34

Hey guys thanks for replying!!! Thetravellinglemon my cycles too are also not 100%accurate each month - last month I was crazy testing every day morning and afternoon ! Crazy posa !
Anyways this month I'm also on the 'not going to test obsessively' train however I know I will wind up doing the same again blush ! I too Am worried it won't happen as quick this time as it did with #1
Life2012 ahh how exciting doesn't it seem such a long wait between now cd1 and ov and then 2ww - days just seem to slow down lol .. Baby dust to allllll haveteawillsurvive so are you still awaiting af it on to cycle #2 ? Xx

Much love ladies and good wishes thanks

HaveTeaWillSurvive Sun 29-Jun-14 23:17:44

Yes technically cycle two now although I'm not really counting last month as there was barely time to DTD with all the wedding pandemonium and family around!

DH won't know what's hit him in a week or so grin

ZebraZeebra Mon 30-Jun-14 07:02:43

Hi everyone smile Pretty much the same here - 20 month old DS and have been TTCing for several months. Last month I had a very early miscarriage and because it was so early, like week 5, we just carried on DTD. I've no idea when AF is due - if things are normal, it's this thursday.

Since yesterday I've had 5 BFPs.

I'm absolutely shit scared. I can't face it going wrong again for a second time after if taking so long. We conceived DS first time so my expectations were wildly off, and I've really struggled seeing many people from the first ant-natal thread I was on with DS getting pregnant easily with their second. I just want time to pass quickly to grow more confident or the worst happen and get past it.

RozTheSchnoz Mon 30-Jun-14 07:16:06

Hi everyone. Ttc no.2 here, currently on cycle 3. DS is 17 months old. Having lots of pregnancy symptoms including no sign of AF but have had 2 BFNs so no joy yet.

ladyflower23 Mon 30-Jun-14 08:07:27

Hi everyone! I am also TTC #2 and am on cycle 3. My DS is 2.5 years old. I fell cycle 2 with my first one and had a very easy pregnancy. I feel like I was so incredibly lucky that it won't hold for a second time and I am panicking (quite unreasonably) that I will never manage to have a second! Two of my friends from first time antenatal are now pregnant with their second ones and I feel really envy although happy for them! Sort of wish I hadn't left it so long now, but at the same time, circumstances weren't really ideal until now. Am trying to be more positive this cycle as getting stressed about it cannot be helpful and seems like a waste of time. If it's meant to be it will happen!
Zebrazeebra I'm sorry to hear of your MC, but happy for you that you have had another BFP so soon! I can't tell you that everything will be OK, but most women who miscarry go on to have a healthy baby next time, and you've had a baby before so the chances are in your favour. I hope the next few weeks go quickly for you, so you can hopefully start to relax x

slightlyconfused85 Mon 30-Jun-14 13:57:39

Hi everyone. I am also you OP. DD is almost 20 months and we have started TTC in earnest this month. Although DP is on a business trip abroad this week and I think I might be fertile right about now so perhaps not this time :-( . My mum and sister both conceived easily the first time round but struggled a second time so I am worried that it is a family thing and I'm going to struggle too...

wishing for lots of BFPs soon.

kb93 Mon 30-Jun-14 19:18:23

keep us posted hun !! hope its a sticky bfp for you smile xx

kb93 Mon 30-Jun-14 19:20:48

ladyflower23 we are in the same situation im kindof regretting leaving it this long but it too has never been convenient until now...
CD4 and hoping that hubby is home for O this month as cycle 1 & 2 he missed it so there was no hope , really hoping for a BFP this month


Life2012 Tue 01-Jul-14 11:23:06

Hi kb definately the worst part of the cycle is the dreaded TWW - I'm now (I think confused) 7 DPO and I took a test this morning (I knew deep down it was far too early) and surprise surprise it was a BFN sad. I have a bunch of cheap PTs that I bought from Amazon which is making my poas addiction even worse!! AF is due next Tuesday - I'm so anxious we are desperate to expand our family. Baby dust to all xx

ladyflower23 Tue 01-Jul-14 11:37:58

It's funny when I was pregnant with first I was thinking I'd be more relaxed about the next one but I'm even worse. I think it's partly down to the age gap thing and worrying about your little one ending up an only child.

HKat Tue 01-Jul-14 14:46:39

Me too! DD is 2.1 and was a happy ''accident' (hate that word but you know what I mean!) so I also have no prior experience of actually ttc...It sucks! AF arrived last week in cycle 5 of trying for #2, and although I know it's still relatively early, I can't deny I'm getting a bit anxious now -especially as I'm 37. Role on cycle 6 - good luck to everyone else!

HKat Tue 01-Jul-14 14:48:51

Oh and I totally get what you mean about others falling pregnant too -there was a group of four of us due at the same time firs time round, and of that group, one had a baby 2 months ago, and the other 2 are pregnant - so I'm the only one who's not even pregnant yet. Very happy for them, but it still smarts a bit.

Life2012 Tue 01-Jul-14 16:06:48

ladyflower you sound like me!! With My first (almost 2) I got pregnant on a happy accident so this TTC, OPKs and basal temperature charts are a whole new world!!

smogsville Tue 01-Jul-14 16:50:05

I'm basically the same as everyone here. Easy peasy first time round, total shocker this time (currently on cycle 5). If anyone actually gets a sodding BFP please do post it, give the rest of us some hope!

Bobs76 Tue 01-Jul-14 17:34:34


We are currently trying for our second baby, we've been trying for 18 months now and nothing. I have had tests and everything is okay. I fell pregnant so easily first time round but she's nearly 4 and I'm worried about the age gap but more worried about her being an only child, we'd always planned to have two. I used a proper Ovulation predictor for the first time last month (the cheaper one's just weren't working) and I've still got some tests left to use this month.

HaveTeaWillSurvive Tue 01-Jul-14 18:30:50

Good luck Bobs hope having the tech helps - fingers are super-crossed for you this month


ZebraZeebra Tue 01-Jul-14 18:48:01

ladyflower exactly the same here - so much more intense this time around. Why is it taking so long for all of us? We've been TTCing since January and I know that's not realistically long but it's long enough for me to start worrying about secondary unexplained fertility or some shit!

AF supposedly due Thursday IF cycle is magically back to normal after miscarriage. Currently on my 8 BFP but fuck. I am so frightened. First time around it was just...get the BFP, you're golden. Now it's - get the BFP, do a million more trying to decide if they're getting darker or fainter, not trust them at all, want to cry when you get cramping...even though cramping could be implant pains. AAARRRGGGHHHH.

Goes off to POAS again

Bobs76 Tue 01-Jul-14 19:29:11

Thanks HaveTeaWillSurvive and the same to you too. smile

Bobs76 Tue 01-Jul-14 19:36:59

When I was pregnant first time round I was 6 weeks gone before I realised as I had a very light period and my period's are always light for the first few days, so getting my period to me doesn't necessarily mean I'm not pregnant - not until the heavy bleed! Also I get sore breasts when my period is due which is also another sign of pregnancy so I every month I have got my hopes up then when I get that heavy bleed I just want to cry!

I know exactly how you feel HKat, it is so hard seeing other people get pregnant, everyone who was pregnant around the same time as me have gone on to have second babies, one is even pregnant with her third! I got pregnant without trying first time round.

Justpickagoddamnname Tue 01-Jul-14 20:32:39

Marking my place! Ds is 15 months and just started TTc no 2.
I am probably the old lady of the bunch at 41!

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