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April TTC girls onwards to July! BFP's galore!

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Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 10:59:59

Following in from our previous thread!
Hopefully this thread is as successful as our last with a big BFP bonanza!

Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 11:02:01

New tread girls! smile

I'm having immense AF cramps sad

kitkatkaty87 Thu 26-Jun-14 11:17:49

congratultions bears!
Morning sickness has kicked in for me this week. feeling ill today can stand the thought of anything today, even though i managed to eat my lunch at 8am. eurgh. hows everyone doing?

kitkatkaty87 Thu 26-Jun-14 11:18:13


Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 11:45:26

Oh no Kitkat sad ms is horrible even when ur not actually throwing up! I had it where I got to the point of hoping id be sick as the nausea was so bad sad
Hope u feel better soon and the ms wears off

kitkatkaty87 Thu 26-Jun-14 12:33:01

Cupcake that's exactly how I feel. It's better for about 10 minutes once I have eaten something and then it comes back again. Going to go and buy some ginger beer and ginger biscuits and travel sweets tonight and see if any of them help! No af for you still cupcake?

Bearsinmotion Thu 26-Jun-14 12:43:48


Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 12:52:34

Ginger biscuits are good smile
And no AF but had AF cramps for about an hour sad then (tmi) felt really 'wet' down there and thought "great this is it" but it was just a ton of creamy cm. so much of it! Sorry to gross U all out haha but there was loads and right after cramps :s

kitkatkaty87 Thu 26-Jun-14 13:13:44

its looking positive then! When is af due - today?

MrsPopple29 Thu 26-Jun-14 13:25:22

I'm out. AF just started.

Actually feeling better than the other day, just dreading the inevitable cramps! My hopes are all on you cupcake! smile

poppet85 Thu 26-Jun-14 13:31:49

kitkat thats how I felt last week , this week bit better . I swear I get a new sympton every week and the old one stops !! Sorry popple its a weird relief when af shows sometimes because you get to start ttc again and your in a reliable cycle !

Me624 Thu 26-Jun-14 13:54:36

Congratulations bears!

Still a few of us left waiting for ours ... sorry to hear about AF popple. Mine just finished earlier this week and I'm gearing up for dtd marathon starting this weekend.

I've been feeling weird the last few days (slight cramps, slightly nauseous). I can't be pg as I had a proper AF (it was quite light but mine always are) so it must just be general illness but I almost convinced myself to POAS this morning, before I talked some sense into myself and decided I was being insane!

Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 14:33:20

Sorry to hear AF started popple sad sad

And kitkat AF was due yesterday for me. I'm still getting bfn tho

lillamyy1 Thu 26-Jun-14 14:38:23

That sounds really positive cupcake!
Popple thanks sorry about AF... At least you can start looking forward to dtd again! I did the tww the hardest.
Omg there's a total nut job woman just walked past me (I'm in a park on my lunch break) yelling feminist stuff in a very echoey, enunciated voice to no one in particular!

Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 14:45:24

Sounds positive yes Lillamyy but every other month the positive turned out to be negative sad
I've taken like 20 test! I'm a poas addict and I'm so convinced it will soon turn bfp but a part of me keeps thinking I'm crazy to think I could be pg

And that's very strange lill!! Hide ur lunch! Haha

kitkatkaty87 Thu 26-Jun-14 14:45:52

has yours eased off now poppet, what week are you, 7? Im 6+3 today and im just feeling poo today. dont fancy anything especially nothing healthy!

Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 15:27:49

AF has started sad
I give up.

poppet85 Thu 26-Jun-14 15:45:19

Think 7 +2 but when I went for the early scan she put me back a few days . Yep mine has eased of slightly this week last week I couldnt clean my teeth in the morning it would make me gag !! One good reason to not rush in and tell everyone is to avoid everyone telling you their pregnancy stories . My boss just decided to 'bond' with me over her pregnancy stories!

MrsPopple29 Thu 26-Jun-14 15:51:38

Oh cupcake, really sorry to hear that. You and I are exactly in sync... Just know that there is someone else out there (ie me) who is feeling exactly like you are at this very moment!

It's GOT to be our turn soon!!!

Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 15:56:17

Popple we can mope together sad
I'm so disappointed and I just cba to dtd so much anymore lol.
It's so hard to dtd a lot around one time every month.

And I had a massive clot that started my AF. Never had it before. Was horrible!

Ducky23 Thu 26-Jun-14 16:23:54

So sorry Cupcake and Popple hmmthanksthanks

Was hoping to start the new thread on a happier note!

poppet85 Thu 26-Jun-14 16:25:41

I am sorry cupcake & popple theres no reason in why any of this ttc happens its so difficult I know . I totally know how you feel dtd can feel like a chore !!

Cupcake92 Thu 26-Jun-14 16:37:09

I hate that dtd has become a chore. It's not exciting anymore it's more "we have to do it today or we won't get a baby" oh well fx for next month.
My psychic was wrong sad she's never been wrong before. She said my baby would be
Born march/April time sad

iamdivergent Thu 26-Jun-14 16:46:56

I got bfn this morning with a fr.

cd33, 18dpo (ish)

still no af


iamdivergent Thu 26-Jun-14 16:47:28

thanks wine thanks wine thanks wine thanks

cupcake and popples

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