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BFP, then bleeding almost immediately after... please help...

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embolina85 Wed 25-Jun-14 22:15:32

I was due AF on Mon. Last Wednesday I had a slight bleed, but it was the palest pink ever and this lasted on and off until Friday, where it became brown and then disappeared. This was all only when I wiped- I didn't need a sanny pad or anything.

Then Sunday night there was the same pale pink blood, again but only when I wiped and had the same yesterday morning. I actually cried because I just thought that AF was rearing her ugly head.

THEN the bleeding almost completely disappeared. I took a pg just for the hell of it at about 4.30pm, and saw a very very faint line. Then took another at 7pm and got another faint line (this is the one in the picture). Soon after I started cramping and bleeding bright pinky red blood, not particularly heavy but a steady flow.

I'm still bleeding- bright pinkish, but I took another test this morning and this afternoon and I'm not sure of the result. My boobs are really sore and tender- it hurts when I pick up my little boy and he accidentally knocked my nipple (!) and it actually made me recoil and swear with pain :\ The only other time I've ever had sore boobs is when I was pregnant with him....

Even my husband, friend and family said they could see a line on two separate makes of test yesterday and I've had squinters since...surely they can't ALL be evaps...I've taken countless tests now. I'm not in any pain but have felt queasy all day.

I'm down to my last ic's now too The second pic is of the latest one I took at about 5pm ish...sorry for the gross hair- my cat sat on it before I had a chance to take it off the sofa seat. :|

I don't know what to make of all of this- I've never experienced anything like this before...

embolina85 Wed 25-Jun-14 23:22:22

Anyone? :'(

DarlingBudsOfMay Thu 26-Jun-14 00:37:01

Its hard to do but maybe hold off for a few days before taking another test. Speculation is the enemy of calm and anxiety isn't good for TTC. Give it a few days at least, try and distract yourself with friends and family/rubbish tv and if still no appearance of AF (assuming your AF is like clockwork) take another test. Sending you good luck vibes smile

Siarie Thu 26-Jun-14 13:59:23

Give it some time then take another test, I guess there are a couple of outcomes here:

1. You are still pregnant but just spotting, if you wait and take a test in a few days you should see a darker line.
2. You were pregnant but it has not stuck, slowly the hormone would leave your system. I don't know how long this takes though?

Try and relax, what will be will be and soon enough you will have your answer

minipie Thu 26-Jun-14 14:15:09

Yes I agree with Siarie those are the two options I think.

Option 2 is a chemical pregnancy, where the egg is fertilised but it does not implant and grow properly. I think you can get a BFP from the hormones released when the egg is fertilised, but then it does not implant so you have a period and don't become pregnant. if you take further pg tests they will come up negative.

If you don't bleed any more over the next few days it's probably option 1, if you do then it's Option 2. Best of luck.

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