PCOS causing false negatives?

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naty1 Mon 23-Jun-14 22:32:34

Lh is made by our pituitary but the hcg for a hpt is made in the babys placenta.

But when i did last ivf only 4/9 eggs were mature after trigger of hcg. I think maybe i am immune to it. (Pcos people do seem to get more immature eggs)

Odd that their opk worked but not yours.

Absy Mon 23-Jun-14 15:53:46

The OPKs thing is interesting - I've had a nightmare time with them, cheap brands, expensive ones.

I'm on climid at the moment, and went in for a follicular scan this morning. I did an OPK before going out, came back negative, went on my merry way. Had the scan, and they said that they'd do an OPK as well, I told them I'd done one already but the nurse said theirs are more sensitive so just in case, they'll do one. Well, their test came out positive - the nurse kept on showing me the two clear lines (and she's a professional, she's probably seen millions of these). So they sent me home with a trigger shot and a ton of hormone pills to take (I'm going to be so much fun for the next two weeks!). I tested with the same brand (clear blue digital) when I got home - still negative

She said that this happens a lot, that OPKs don't always work, or some brands don't work for some people. So if this happens for OPKs, I imagine the same would happen for pregnancy tests.

nappyaddict Mon 23-Jun-14 13:35:17

I suppose it is possible. I have read it can take up to 6 weeks to bleed even with very early miscarriages.

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naty1 Mon 23-Jun-14 12:53:17

I mean it can reduce chances of miscarriages

naty1 Mon 23-Jun-14 12:52:52

Well i have pcos and a hpt did work 16 days after ivf (though very faint and didnt get darker for several days.

My mum had periods when pg with me and coukdnt get a positive test (she was about 34 and this is 34 yrs ago)

It could be a mc are you on metformin as that could help that

1moretime Mon 23-Jun-14 11:22:05

I also read this thread a few weeks ago. I have pcos & last cycle was convinced i was pregnant but af showed up & has just finished.
My periods are irregular...march was 56 days period only lasted 2 days...last one was 43 days & lasted 3 days.
I heard that opks dont work with ladies with pcos too.
Why does it have to be so complicated!

nappyaddict Mon 23-Jun-14 01:07:03

I took tests on 4th and 6th june. I thought I could see an extremely faint positive but dp couldn't so not sure if they were or not.

I took another test 13th june that was still faint but definitely positive.

since then I have just been getting negatives.

at first I assumed chemical pregnancy but have had no bleeding, cramping or pains.

I read a post on MN where a lady with PCOS had exactly the same problem even down to what our cycles are like (anything from 14 days to 12 months)

On the same thread someone else said they knew an immunologist that said PCOS can cause low HCG which means it takes much longer to show up on HPT.

So I consulted Dr Google and sure enough founds lots of ladies with PCOS got false negatives until anything from 6 weeks to [[ http://m.steadyhealth.com/PCOS_and_Pregnancy_Tests_t72710.html 23 weeks]]

" I hear so much that PCOS won't interfere with a pregnancy test. This is NOT true. I have PCOS, and have had false negative HPTs with every one on my 9 pregnancies. The doctors have told me that it was the PCOS that was causing the false negatives. Most every time I have found out I was pregnant was through a physical exam, or ultrasound. I have even produced false negatives with a blood test. Yes, I know this is typically unheard of, but it has happened.

With my 7th pregnancy I did not have a positive pregnancy test until I was 23 weeks along. At 22 weeks I was in the middle of an ultrasound, the doctor was holding the negative test in his hand, and watching my son on the screen. Of 9 pregnancies the earliest I had a positive urine test was at about 9weeks, and that was when I was pregnant with twins.

The best suggestion I can give for any woman with PCOS who thinks they may be pregnant even with a negative HPT is to go to the doctor."

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