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The Elderberry Pavlovas are tooling up and making plans to bust out of this joint! Evacuation by helicopter by end of September, no berry left behind!

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barkingtreefrog Sun 22-Jun-14 09:50:23

The smallprint –
Berries have a strict entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 12+ months, NO instadiffers, must have a special pot and definitely no mention of baby dust or baby dancing).
Those not abiding by the rules may be escorted from the premises.

barkingtreefrog Sun 22-Jun-14 09:51:03

barkingtreefrog, 35, ttc since Jan 2012, 2.5 years. 8 day LP. Clomid bfp, mc sept 13, cycles messed up since. 1st IUI May 2014, BFP followed by another mc, taking a break to get myself back together before thinking about next steps.
Nolly, 32, cycle 20 (I think), unexplained, PCO though who knows, currently on clomid but I hate it.
Funkymonk 32, ttc 20 months. Factor v Leiden thrombophilia. Mc July 2013 and dec 2013 (5 weeks and 8 weeks). dh lowish count and lowish morphology.
Ladybunnikins 35, ttc since Jan 2012. Unexplained. IVF#1 Oct 2013 - chemical. IVF#2 May 2014
TheRainDrops (FKA Parsley), 33, ttc since March 2012, unexplained, BFP Sep 2013, MMC Nov 2013, back to FC in July (hurry up!)
Beaky 34, ttc since August 2012, problems with spotting, random bleeding, short cycles diagnosed with adenomyosis. Possibly starting IUI in July.
RosieintheAlps (FKA kami), 36, ttc 12 months, DP very low count, low motility and progression, next SA in July
tigerdog 33, ttc since January 2013. So far all results appear normal, had laparoscopy in June
Lumen, 34, ttc since Nov11, unexplained infertility, IVF starting 19th May on long protocol.
Happylass, 36, TTC since Aug 2012 but with a break at the end of last year. Currently on (hellish) NHS waiting list for ICSI and have appt on June 7th to discuss private options.
Gillster, 40, TTC Feb 2012, awaiting removal of polyp (June), hoping for two frozen embies to be popped back into my "springy palace of the child" sometime in July.
Otters, 32, ttc since March 2012, BFP Sep 2013, MMC Nov 2013, BFP April 2014, MC May 2014, 10th round Clomid, IVF referral soon.
Boodle, 31, TTC cycle #35. Unexplained (but actually short luteal phase and crap quality embryos). One unsuccessful IVF cycle.
HampshireBlues, 35 (for a few more weeks) ttc 34months, unexplained, cycle 1 IVF chemical pregnancy, awaiting review
Chloechloe 35, TTC since Aug 2012, Me PCOS, DH low mot, IVF/ICSI #1 May 2014, had to freeze all due to OHSS. FET planned for July.
Pipbin 39 Grand Old Berry and one of the remaining original berries. TTC for 3 years. Blocked tubes. Two IVF down and one remaining to start in the summer.

BFPs - Passed the 6 week scan mark, counting down to 12 weeks...
RP - Basting BFP Cycle 12?
greatbigbushybeard 35 ttc nearly 2 and a half years, since dec 2011.
1st cycle of Ivf/icsi April/May, BFP
Winohhh- Natural BFP. Cycle 13?
Feather, 35, ttc since Sept 12. one tube, pcos, 6 or 7 x clomid, bfp Nov 13 ended in ectopic. Hsg mar 14 - all clear. Acu & weightloss = natural bfp May 14. Cycle 21

Foodylicious Natural BFP.
Sid Natural FUFC BFP (was downregging for IVF).
Yorkie IVF BFP
Bunny ICSI BFP. Cycle 24
Charming Cats Natural BFP

Post Grads
Merkin Natural BFP.
Thunder Natural BFP.
Tally Natural BFP.
Boom Clomid BFP. Twins!
Kitty IUI BFP.

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sun 22-Jun-14 09:56:44


RevoltingPeasant Sun 22-Jun-14 10:19:13

Hey Foody is now a postgrad! Her LO was born last week smile

feather I am so sorry. That gave me an awful lurch in my stomach when I read that. The waiting is horrible.

I advise going to your GP for an emergency appt tomorrow and saying you want an earlier scan. They may be able to put pressure on. Failing that, private. Whatever it costs, and if you have to take time off work, you need to know.

Also post on the better MC campaign thread, as that is a classic example of a stupid thoughtless sanctimonious thing to say to a woman. What a prick!

The fear never goes away, does it sad

greatbigbushybeard Sun 22-Jun-14 10:26:57

Thanks barking great title too!

Oh no feather hope you're ok. It's such a worry isn't it. What a helpful thing for doctor to say-not! But I suppose he was being factual not hurtful. Hopefully this is nothing, like cleo said there are lots of women who have bright red bleeds who go on to have healthy babies. I was trolling the pg boards and there's one on there a few pages back about bleeding in pg, some people had lots of bleeds and one lady had a condition that was causing it. I found it quite reassuring. I can't remember whether you've bled up to this point or not but remember I had that big one that went on for a week and still get random brown spotting. I asked at our scan and the doctor said it can be the embryo bedding in, sometimes a bruise or injury but it is v common and that only if it got a lot heavier, with pain, clots etc that I should call back. Does it feel painful? I hope they can scan you before Thursday, I wonder if there's a reason they are holding on til then, maybe it's so they can see more growth like someone else said (sorry can't remember who!)

lumen Sun 22-Jun-14 10:37:34

<struggling in with swollen ovaries and taking a comfy seat on the sofa>

Thanks for the new thread barking

nolly3 Sun 22-Jun-14 10:46:59

thanks barking for new thread. my phonr died so missed about 18 hours of mn, panic stations!

feather i got a stomach lurch too. are you feelibg ok now? and as soneobe ekse said please don't feel you're being insensitive. its what this is for.

lumen fab news! ivf stories always surprise me with their speed.

off to find a second hand bookshop now - bliss

beakybeak Sun 22-Jun-14 11:34:15

Feather hugs and handholds to you, crossing everything that this is nothing. What a dick of a dr, it just shows that still now emotional and mental wellbeing are not taken seriously. angry - and I never do angry faces. Anyway yes insist on a scan or go private for piece of mind but as *barking said ring to check they do them today. Is there anything you can of to try and take your mind off this? Has your dh left for glasto yet? So sorry your not getting to go but I think your reasoning is right and there's plenty of tv coverage too.

By the way feather have now seen the full oitnb series 2, it is amazing!!!!

Barking thanks for the lovely new thread. I feel I still want to call you Batking! I totally agree re himym, I saw it on thurs and yes each of your points agreed. Ted writes it doesn't he? You would think they would look into that issue a bit more but I suppose it's just for the drama.
Anyway, I hope that things get started quickly and properly for you.

Lumen I am imagining you struggling to walk carrying 2 ginormous ovarys at your sides! Not long now grin

Rain pleased you are managing to eat and feel. Bit better good poisoning is awful.

Tiger are you any better?

chloe have a lovely holiday!

Funky how are you? When did you say your first IVF planning appointment is?

Nolly I love book shops too, any will do, there's an amazing massive one in Northumberland - if you ever venture over here I'll give you the details grin

I can't believe it's June already. My friend told me last night that another friend is pregs, she was struggling and has an illness which can be dangerous, I am pleased for her but jealous. I hate being jealous I've never been a jealous person about anything else til this ttc shit. Also I started spotting yesterday, 8dpo. Think AF is on the way sad. Hope everyone else is having a nice weekend.

lumen Sun 22-Jun-14 11:41:58

beaky I think this ttc crap turns all of us normal sane people into jealous beings.

I should stay away from Dr Google. I think my two largest follies from Friday are 'overcooked' and will not fertilise hmm think my numbers might be low this week which will be very disappointing. I know it only takes one but this is our only funded nhs shot and although we will pay to try again I know that IVF is the end if the road. Think the excess hormones are making me teary.

feather hope your bleeding has stopped and that you have managed to arrange a scan.

barking hope this is all over for you soon so you can start moving on.

nolly3 Sun 22-Jun-14 11:58:44

lumen of course you'll be feelibg more anxious and exposed now you're actually going through it. totally understandable and I'm sure the hormones don't help. def stay away from google. i know this is different from your situation, but in previous cycles I've spent literally hours googling every twinge , temp rise, temp fall, etc etc . got me precisely nowhere and definitely increased stress and worry. i decided. to stop temping and promised myself I'd not Google. so far i feel better, and am def thinking about it all less. distraction I think is key - walk/nice lunch etc?

yes pls BEAKY. sorry caps! if i ever do ill drop you a line! i love Northumberland. I've found a lovely bookshop/cafe - have job envy now!

funkymonk Sun 22-Jun-14 12:31:15

Feather I'm so sorry that you're going through this worry. Would you be able to consider going private to get a scan earlier if the nhs aren't being helpful?

Barking, I am sorry again that your body is not getting along with things the way you had wanted it to. I've said this before but don't know how to tell you just how sad and sorry I am.

I feel guilty bringing this news but I got a bfp this morning. I knew something was up as had sore boobs for a few days. Have also had spotting for a few days now which is why I made the ivf appt on Thursday as thought it was af. I am not excited as this has ended badly twice before. Just feel sick with worry. Am currently sat at dh's grandmothers bedside as she is terminally ill and slipping away gradually. The family are doing shifts with her over the last couple of days. I wish she would wake up one last time so that we can whisper her our secret. Even though the outcome may be as the first two, I would love for her to know this and hopefully it may give her a last moment of happiness.

funkymonk Sun 22-Jun-14 12:33:42

Sorry beaky just read your post. Could you speak to the clinic about trying something for your early spotting? Maybe a low dose progesterone after ovulation? Have you tried b6 yourself?

RosieintheAlps Sun 22-Jun-14 12:40:50

Funky!! What great news! I know it's difficult to get excited for you right now so let me be excited for you! I am keeping everything crossed for you. grin

Barking, thanks for lovely new thread. Love the title.

nolly3 Sun 22-Jun-14 12:47:07

funky what a sweet thought re grandmother. understand your reaction of course but its a start, isn't it! thanks

FeatherFeather11 Sun 22-Jun-14 13:10:11

beaky do you mean Barter books in Alnwick? I love it there! Haven't seen the whole series 2 of OITNB yet - episode 6 coming right up I think. Know what you mean about jealousy. I hate the fact that I've become a jealous person through the ttc trail.

Thanks for all your kind thoughts and wishes. I'm ok. Called the hospital epu and they said they can't fit me in today and that the doc doing scans is going home soon, so I'm booked in for tomorrow at 3pm. A nice, long, frustrating wait then. Can't find anywhere is Central London that does private scans on a Sunday. Ah well. Think I'm going to go for a walk with oh and gets some lunch somewhere. It's a beautiful day out and a shame to waste it laying in bed feeling sorry for myself. I'll stop hogging the thread now, too. Sorry.

lumen Dr Google rally is a danger. Please try to avoid reading. Good luck for tomorrow.

rain pleased you're feeling better. How are you doing tiger?

barking how you doing? I hope the process is quicker for you this time. Thinking of you. flowers

bushy I've had no bleeding or spotting till last night so it's come as a bit of a shock. No pain either. The more I look around the more it seems that - hopefully - it's just a bit if bleeding.

FeatherFeather11 Sun 22-Jun-14 13:10:52

FUNKY amazing news!!! Congrats!!!!

FeatherFeather11 Sun 22-Jun-14 13:13:00

And sorry about your OH's grandmother. What a lovely way to say goodbye to her though. flowers

NotWithoutMyMerkin Sun 22-Jun-14 13:18:46

Funky what great news. Please don't feel guilty. FX for a sticky one xxx

IamKuma Sun 22-Jun-14 13:19:41

funky great news, even if it is still early days. I hope this time is the one for you.

feather sorry to hear your news, hopefully it's nothing serious.

barking thanks for the new thread. I hope your weekend is as good as it can be.

lumen totally get your emotions this weekend, I was just the same and totally convinced myself that my leading follicle would burst before EC and it would all have been a waste. It wasn't though and it did fertilise. You will be just fine.

Question for any berries who took progesterone supplements : did it make you really thirsty? I cannot seem to find a balance between quenching my thirst but not needing the loo constantly. I was up 4 times last night gasping for water and needing the loo. Have a massive dehydration headache today too.
Have spent the morning with 3 of DHs mates and their pregnant wives. All bump rubbing and like a little whispery pregnant club .... Fun times.

3 days till OTD and quite nervous. DH will be away with work too, which I'm not so happy about. Anyhow, it won't change anything so I should just let it go.

Hope you've all got nice Sundays planned.

barkingtreefrog Sun 22-Jun-14 13:25:16

Wow! Funky! What a way to start the new thread grin ! Third time lucky girl, you go for it!!! And we all love a fufc bfp grin .
If it was me I'd whisper the news anyway. She'll hear it wink .

barkingtreefrog Sun 22-Jun-14 13:32:51

kuma I was definitely more thirsty, had to take a drink with me to bed everynight in case I woke up thirsty. Good luck for weds. When is DH going away? Can you poas early?

lumen sounds like your emotions are perfectly normal, with all that is happening and all the extra hormones in your body it would be strange if you weren't!

feather glad you don't have to wait until thursday, if you've had no further bleeding and you're not in pain it all sounds good smile . Got everything crossed for you.

funky don't you dare feel guilty about bringing good news!!!! Will you be able to get an early scan?

Bunnygirlie Sun 22-Jun-14 13:47:46

Found you! You can't get rid of me that easily smile Nice new thread!

barking so sorry it's dragging out again! I have nothing to say that will help but we are all here for you x

feather really hope and pray that the bleeding means nothing, hugs

funky a tentative congrats, one day at a time my lovely. So sorry to read about DHs granny.

Hey kuma long time no see! keeping everything crossed for your otd!

<waves to all berry buds>

tigerdog Sun 22-Jun-14 14:09:45

I leave the phone alone for a morning and I miss all sorts!

Nice new thread barking <look around appreciatively, unhooks gun holster and finds a spot in the hammock of hope>

funky that's amazing news! Tentative congratulations and excitement from me! Hope you're ok in the circumstances but being there at the end of a life is a great privilege as well as a sadness for those left behind. Sending you a big hug.

feather hope you're ok. The more I hear the more normal bleeding seems to be. I'm sure I mentioned my best friend before but she was up and down to a&e and epu in the first 14 weeks with loads of bleeding but all was well and her bubba is 4 months now.

beaky know what you mean about jealousy - I've never been someone who envies what other people have but I have found that ttc has tested me to the limit. I find it so much harder to count my blessings these days and I never used to feel like that.

lumen have faith that your body is doing what it needs to and leave the dark world of google immediately! Quality over quantity is the main thing too. Did you make jam with your pyo spoils? I didn't get to the farm this weekend but planning to next week!

nolly totally with you on the love of bookshops. The smell, the feel of old books, everything about them really.

I'm feeling almost back to normal just a killer headache still. Have been busy up-cycling some old wicker chairs for indoor/outdoor use. Finally made the cushions today after procrastinating for months!

tigerdog Sun 22-Jun-14 14:12:05

kuma have been thinking about you lots this week and keeping everything crossed for you. The 2ww after IVF must be the slowest two weeks ever.

barkingtreefrog Sun 22-Jun-14 14:55:21

Talking of envy , I've been trying to get stuff done in the garden. Everyone else is outside as well. This means the 4 kids next door (youngest two born since we started TTC), the baby two doors down, and the baby next door to that. I had to come inside for a cry, clutching my stomach because the cramps are really bad. Can't help thinking that I should be rubbing my stomach fondly, thinking of what's inside, not clutching it because it hurts. I can't switch off and keep busy while it hurts sad .

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