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How long did it take you to conceive each of your children?

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HilariousInHindsight Thu 12-Jun-14 23:19:57

As in for example 6 months dc1 then ttc for 2 months for dc2 and 4 months for dc3.

Also include not actively ttc.

Just curious .

Took us ages to conceive dd but maybe no2 won't take so long?

crazyforyou Thu 12-Jun-14 23:33:53

First month DS1, One year DS2, and first month DD1 :-)

MrsMaturin Thu 12-Jun-14 23:35:00

1 'accident' and two first month conceptions for us. We were very fortunate.

FixItUpChappie Thu 12-Jun-14 23:36:57

I was worried about this when TTC with my second too.

#1 - about 2.5 months

#2 - first cycle of trying - which was quite a surprise

Stripytop Thu 12-Jun-14 23:37:07

13 yrs for dc1 then 6 months for dc2. Still waiting for dc3, 8 yrs on.

Dontbugmemalone Thu 12-Jun-14 23:38:18

Both of mine were accidents but I know DS1 was conceived within a 10 day window. DS2 was conceived after 1 time.

MillyMollyMama Thu 12-Jun-14 23:39:02

Immediately! I was pretty ancient too!

BrianTheMole Thu 12-Jun-14 23:40:18

Both times were the first month. We were really lucky.

middlings Thu 12-Jun-14 23:40:25

DD1 three years and a load of assisted conception.

DD2 one time, eight months after the birth of DD1.

Then I had the coil fitted.

puckingfixies Thu 12-Jun-14 23:42:27

#1 - first cycle

#2 - 6 months

#3 - 14 months

age may have been a factor though, was mid-thirties when #1 conceived

lia66 Thu 12-Jun-14 23:43:22

Dc 1 - 9 years
Loss in here, hadn't known was pg
Dc 2 - first month
Dc 3 - first month
Loss in here too again didn't know straight away
Dc 4 - first month
Dc 5 - 2nd month
Loss in here after 3 months of trying
Another loss after a year of ttc
Dc 6 - altogether 2years ttc including the 2 losses

goshhhhhh Thu 12-Jun-14 23:44:54

Immediately both times ( which I never mention to a anyone as I think it comes across as gloating)

MrsCakesPremonition Thu 12-Jun-14 23:51:05

DC1 - 2.5 years (with early M/C in the mean time).
DC2 - 3.5 years (more miscarriages and an ectopic, eventually conceived using IVF).

puddymuddles Thu 12-Jun-14 23:53:09

DD1 - 1st month
DD2 - about 9 months (though only saw DH once a week as he was working away then!)
Thinking about having a DC3 now so will be interesting to see how long it takes!!
It all seems very random, people can conceive quickly then take ages the next time or vice versa.

fortyplus Thu 12-Jun-14 23:54:09

ds1 - had unprotected sex once
ds2 conceived 9 months later in first month of trying.
Very very lucky.

Littleoaktree Thu 12-Jun-14 23:54:53

First cycle with both dc1 and dc2, very lucky

HilariousInHindsight Sat 14-Jun-14 14:15:08

Some very lucky people here.

A couple, not so much sad

It's really a mixed bag isn't it.

I think the genral consensus is that unless you are over 35 then your second will be quicker to conceive or at least, as a rule.

SweepTheHalls Sat 14-Jun-14 14:18:33

9 months, 6 months, and 20 months and and counting for DC3 sad

Iswallowedawatermelon Sat 14-Jun-14 14:19:57

1 month for dc1

2 months for dc2

hellymelly Sat 14-Jun-14 14:21:40

Two or three months for dd1. (I was 40). Twenty minutes for dd2 (I was 42) grin.

Bowlersarm Sat 14-Jun-14 14:24:20

Ds1 - 8 months

Ds2 - 0 months - we weren't trying, he was a happy accident

Ds3 - 3 months

Thumbwitch Sat 14-Jun-14 14:24:47

DS1 - 3 months (age 39)
then 3 MCs
DS2 took probably 6m after the last MC (44 when he was conceived).

KeithTheCat Sat 14-Jun-14 14:27:15

6 months DS, 1st month for second pregnancy, now been trying for 5 months and nothing yet.

SwedishSheepHerder Sat 14-Jun-14 14:30:59

DC1 over a year. Nearly a year trying then read Taking Charge Of Your Fertility. Preggers within 3 months. Was 34 years old.

DC2 got pregnant first month, 4 times, 3 miscarriages, last one stuck (one month after ERPC)

DC3 accident aged 39. Well, not strictly an accident, didn't trip while naked and land on his cock. I thought I could only get up duff if dtd on exactly the right day after experience with DC1 so in heat of moment (fantastic moment!) decided to skip contraception because 3 days too early. Wrong. No miscarriage. Lovely child.

Gumblossom Sat 14-Jun-14 14:31:42

Accidentally first time.
dc2 first month ttc
Dc3 had to wait three months after colposcopy, then first month ttc
Dc4 first month ttc
dc5 seven months ttc (after vasectomy reversal and me aged 41)
Since then: miscarriage 1 after 10 months ttc ( after waiting for fertility to return for about 18 months)
Miscarriage 2 after 6 months ttc
Miscarriage 3 after 18 months ttc
Miscarriage 4 after about 14 months
Still waiting for my rainbow baby, but getting rather old!

It just Shows how fertility can change as you age, especially as it was always so easy for me in my 20's and 30's.

helly wish it only took twenty minutes for me this time round....

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