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July Bus to BFP land with onward flights to Thailand at TTC Airport

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TheGrandHighWitch Mon 09-Jun-14 09:28:26

Hi everyone, I know this is probably a bit early (since it isn't July yet) but I thought I would start a new thread for those who lost their tickets for previous busses and for those who are beginning their bus journey now. Please feel free to add your stats to the list and grab a good seat while you can. Best of luck to everyone TTC and I look forward to getting many BFP's posted on here.

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 09-Jun-14 09:29:43

TheGrandHighWitch, Age 29, TTC#3, Cycle 2, BFP due ~ 06/07/14

Aprilray Mon 09-Jun-14 09:32:31

Hi GrandHighWitch ha ha love the new bus, thanks for starting a July thread- I am in limbo here (just put a massive post on the June bus) so good to know the July bus is waiting :-)

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 09-Jun-14 09:40:21

Aw, sorry to hear you are having to wait for an answer so long Aprilray. I hope that you don't need a seat on this bus (in the best way of course) but it is nice to see you all the same and of course you are welcome to a seat if it is needed. I have ordered a 'fertility pack' from amazon consisting of 20Xopk's, 10Xhpt's (10miu/ml ones) and a basal body thermometer. All for a tenner so not too bad. I have got 8 cbfm test sticks left for my monitor but not going to use them unless I see a positive looking opk.

Aprilray Mon 09-Jun-14 09:55:12

That's a good deal! I've got my CBFM to use if AF does turn up (ordered it last month but arrived to late to use) crossing my fingers and toes tightly though that I don't need to use it but also trying to prepare myself for AF turning up.

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 09-Jun-14 10:23:48

Yeah I saw you on the cbfm thread. Are you planning to test again soon if no sign of af or will you leave it a bit longer just in case it is a longer cycle?

Aprilray Mon 09-Jun-14 10:36:21

I think I will test again on Wednesday if AF hasn't turned up. I was pretty regular before ttc so a cycle longer than 33 days would be very unusual - mind you I was two weeks late a couple of times last year but we did move and get married so a pretty stressful time!

TheGrandHighWitch Mon 09-Jun-14 10:46:55

Yeah that will do it alright. I tend to find af likes to play tricks on me while ttc and will be late, only to turn up within hours of peeing on a stick. I have wasted a fair few tests that way. angry

Aprilray Tue 10-Jun-14 10:03:58

I gave in a POAS yesterday pm- BFN on a Superdrug one but still no AF. 14DPO today...

Becter1985 Tue 10-Jun-14 12:39:39

Could i please join the July bus.
Cycles are all over the place, but mydays app suggests my stats are as follows:

Becter,28,TTC#1,Cycle3,BFP due 17th July....but who knows confused

TheGrandHighWitch Tue 10-Jun-14 20:13:30

Sorry to hear that Aprilray. I hope you get an answer soon. How are your temps?

Of course you are welcome Becter1985 please feel free to grab a seat. smile

TheGrandHighWitch Tue 10-Jun-14 20:14:46

TheGrandHighWitch, Age 29, TTC#3, Cycle 2, BFP due ~ 06/07/14
Becter1985, Age 28, TTC#1, Cycle 3, BFP due 17th July

Aprilray Wed 11-Jun-14 10:07:52

AF got me this morning - boo! My temps were hovering above coverline but dipped this morning and low and behold she appeared. Soo, I will take a seat aboard the July bus if I may.

Aprilray - 33, TTC#1, Cycle 7, BFP due 13th July (if my next cycle is as long as this one)

TheGrandHighWitch Wed 11-Jun-14 17:11:37

Awww sorry to hear that Aprilray, at least you will be able to give your cbfm a try this month. Of course you may take a seat.

I have upped the ante a bit this cycle by making my husband start taking multivitamins with me (to increase his zinc and ahem supply). I have also dug out the last pack of Clomid tablets left from TTC my second and have been taking them too (on the basis that just because I ovulated last month, it doesn't necessarily mean I will this month). I ordered the 'fertility pack' from a company via amazon which has been preparing for dispatch since the 8th hmm and should arrive between Friday and Monday. I am going to look into the pink grapefruit juice thing and get some cough medicine next week too.

I will re-post the stats list below with your details added.

TheGrandHighWitch Wed 11-Jun-14 17:12:56

TheGrandHighWitch, Age 29, TTC#3, Cycle 2, BFP due ~ 06/07/14
Aprilray, Age 33, TTC#1, Cycle 7, BFP due 13th July
Becter1985, Age 28, TTC#1, Cycle 3, BFP due 17th July

theonewiththenoisychild Wed 11-Jun-14 17:28:55

this is my first cycle ttc day 19 of 28 day cycle

MaybeILina Wed 11-Jun-14 17:31:24

Hiya, can I join this bus please? I've never posted before and can't seem to find the June bus? I'm hoping for BFP this weekend but just did a test (currently 10dpo) and it was BFN, now fed up (wish I'd waited). After stalking this site for a while I feel like a little support is needed so finally registered. Anyway sorry to hijack your July post, I'm a little lost navigating may way around!

TheGrandHighWitch Wed 11-Jun-14 17:34:26

Hiya to you you both. You are of course welcome to a July bus seat if you do need it. Here is the link to the current June bus if you fancy joining:

Aprilray Wed 11-Jun-14 21:46:35

Hi ladies,

GrandHighWitch it's funny, I went into Superdrug on the way home to get some multi-vitamins with zinc for DH, he is pretty healthy but won't hurt. I have booked an acupuncture session for next week and obviously have the CBFM too so fx for a BFP in July!

Theonewiththenoisychildren fx for a BFP on your first cycle! Not too long to wait now.

MaybeILina getting a BFN is horrible but 10DPO and not fmu there is still hope. Those days of waiting are tough!

Sucks to be back on CD1 but enjoying a wine while I can smile

theonewiththenoisychild Thu 12-Jun-14 10:53:25

thanks april just brought some ic's as im trying to prepare myself for a long wait for a bfp. oh is convinced that im going to get bfp this month because aparrently he has super swimmers hmm but being cautious as had a chemical pregnancy in the past and was in pieces

kimswan1985 Thu 12-Jun-14 16:15:38

Count me in smile
Kimswan1985, 29, TTC#1, cycle 2, BFP due 17th July when I'll be on holiday so hopefully on the 19th when I'm back it'll be to a BFP lol x

skippingthroughthefarm Thu 12-Jun-14 19:49:04

yaay new thread !! Skippingthroughthefarm TTC#1 20, CD28 BFP -god knows grin

TheGrandHighWitch Thu 12-Jun-14 22:08:52

Hi all and welcome to new passengers smile.

Aprilray I have to give my husband credit, he has been taking the multivitamin every day now (or says he has anyway). Hopefully it will do the trick for mine and yours.

theonewiththenoisychild I think all men are the same and have that arrogant 'I only have to look at you to get you pregnant, my boys are THAT good' attitude lol.

A bit annoyed here as my amazon order was still preparing for dispatch earlier so I requested to cancel the order and ordered much the same kind of package for less on ebay. Then amazon emails me to tell me that I can't cancel but can refuse the package. Now my order has been dispatched apparently. I am going to refuse it though and get a refund as the wait really isn't good enough. I only have 6 clearblue monitor sticks left so ordered another box with the ebay stuff but hopefully that should see me through to a BFP this cycle with enough to last for the next one if needs be as well. Am currently on cd5 and af just dithering about whether to go or not atm.

Will post updated stats list below.

TheGrandHighWitch Thu 12-Jun-14 22:16:42

TheGrandHighWitch, Age 29, TTC#3, Cycle 2, BFP due 6th July
Aprilray, Age 33, TTC#1, Cycle 7, BFP due 13th July
Becter1985, Age 28, TTC#1, Cycle 3, BFP due 17th July
Kimswan1985, Age 29, TTC#1, Cycle 2, BFP due 17th July
Skippingthroughthefarm, Age 20, TTC#1, CD28 BFP due ???
theonewiththenoisychild, Age ??, TTC#?, Cycle 1, BFP due ???
MaybeILina, Age ??, TTC#?, Cycle ?, BFP due ???

To the ladies with question marks in the list, please feel free to add whatever info you are happy to include and omit anything you aren't comfortable sharing.

KittyVonCatsington Fri 13-Jun-14 06:35:31

Morning ladies!

AF rudely kicked me off the June bus. Would love to take a back seat on the July bus, put my feet up bloody AF pains and wait for a March baby.

KittyVonCatsington, Age 33, TTC #1, Cycle #8, BFP due 13th July

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