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Hayfever and IVF / pregnancy

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lumen Fri 06-Jun-14 11:57:20

Hi all
I am in the middle of an IVF cycle and my hayfever has kicked off really bad today, any advise? Most tablets etc say not to take when pg, which I am not currently but hopefully very soon. Thanks.

MegMogandOwlToo Fri 06-Jun-14 11:59:00

I'd check with your clinic, especially if you are using the nasal spray for the ivf.

hanflan Fri 06-Jun-14 12:23:52

I've been told by my doctor that the tablets are not advised, but certain nasal sprays (I use Beconase) are fine during ttc/pregnancy.
It might be different in the case of IVF though so I would check with your doctor/clinic!

It is also worth noting that the nasal sprays don't have an immediate effect if you are really suffering, they take up to two weeks to build up in your system so you have to take them continuously. Sorry that you are suffering, I am suffering particularly badly today too sad

lumen Fri 06-Jun-14 12:30:45

Thanks, I have a scan booked for Monday so will ask then. Am sniffing down reg drugs and don't want to impact them smile

foxinorangesocks Sun 08-Jun-14 17:55:17

Watching thread, please report back! My hayfever is worst it's been for years and about to do ivf. Not sure what I'll do if I can't use them blush had not thought about this.

ihatewaiting Mon 09-Jun-14 10:29:40

I have severe hayfever and other air-born allergies (had hospital treatment in the past to de-sensitise me, worked a tiny bit but still bad). I discussed what I could take in pregnancy with my GP before we started trying and he did some reading around for me. He said he would advise I took my nasal sprays before tablets as much less enters the blood stream but if my symptoms are very bad and can't be lessened with just the nasal spray I can also use my non-drowsy antihistamines (loratidine) at the lowest effective dose. His opinion (and mine) is that the stress on me having my severe allergy symptoms untreated would be worse for the baby than the small risk from the medicine. I would suggest you ask your doctor (not a pharmacist - they tend to play it safe and follow drug company regulations which always say not safe for pregnant women because they can't ethically test the medicine on pregnant women).

However we are trying to conceive naturally at the moment and antihistamines are known to dry up fertile-quality cervical fluid so for now I've decided to struggle through my symptoms until we conceive with just the nasal sprays and see how I go after that. It is horrible though and I'm not sure if I can keep not taking them for long sad

5madthings Mon 09-Jun-14 10:34:37

I took antihistamines whilst preg and also whilst I went through egg donation. Had to have the drugs you are having to change my cycle and then stimulate follicle growth etc.

Anyway the Drs said it was fine, I donated 15? Eggs and my recipient had twins smile

But call and speak to them to check, but most antihistamines are fine in preg.

lumen Mon 09-Jun-14 11:39:07

Thanks all, spoke to nurse at FC this morning who said to take whatever I want. As ihatewaiting said all the drugs say not safe for pregnant women only because they have not been tested on them. So I have taken nasal spray, eye drops and tablet (my usual hayfever concoction). My DH and I discussed it and decided I am putting my body through enough and having to deal with the IVF drug side effects, I do not need to suffer through hayfever too. Hope that helps foxinorangesocks and best of luck in your IVF journey smile

foxinorangesocks Mon 09-Jun-14 13:22:11

Thanks lumen! Good luck too smile

lumen Mon 09-Jun-14 14:34:21

fox not sure if you have joined any regular threads on here but I am on the berries on which is all people ttc who are older and been at it a while grin there is a mix of still trying naturally, iui and IVF.

barkingtreefrog Tue 10-Jun-14 10:38:10

lumen I'm having nightmare hayfever symptoms this year, far worse than previous years. It's so bad that I couldn't even be near the dog yesterday, even though DH hosed him down post walk. Nothing that normally works is touching it, even staying indoors with the windows closed isn't giving me 100% relief!! After some googling yesterday I'm looking into hypnosis. hmm

lumen Tue 10-Jun-14 10:57:13

Have you tried prevalin nasal spray barking? It is not steroid based and is ok for pg women. I got some yesterday and it has worked wonders. Know what you mean about suffering though, spent the weekend indoors with windows closed, didn't help much with the dr drugs hot sweats wink and I can't give my cat head-rubs which he loves as he is covered in pollen. Hope you find a solution soon x

barkingtreefrog Tue 10-Jun-14 11:27:01

Not heard of that before lumen, thanks! I'll pick some up from Boots tonight smile.

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