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TTC after Early MC, how do you work out when to test?

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Lauren82000 Fri 06-Jun-14 09:06:54

I had an early MC on 11th May (Husbands 30th Birthdaysad) would of been 4w 5d. I bled for 8 days and then we started trying again as soon as it stopped. It was basically like a normal period no pain or anything and my levels dropped pretty quickly and all my symptoms went away. The doctor said no need to wait just start again when you we're ready and apart from being gutted about timing of the MC. (It would of been a honeymoon baby and for it to happen on his Birthday was just awful. We had to be all smiles while we had a big party with all of his family, one of whom is pregnant and was flashing scan pictures around.) I was ok with losing a baby so early there wasn't a heartbeat, I only got a BFP the day before; my practical side came out and I got on with it.

Thing is I'm starting to get symptoms again, my boobs are really sore this time, I'm bloated, burpy, got night sweats, have an odd tingly twangy feling every now and again on the left side and I feel a bit out of sorts, I've even felt sick enough to the point of actually heaving a few times.

If I counted the MC as my period, today would be the first day of my missed period (I have a 26day cycle) I tested this morning but it was BFN. I'm thinking it might be too early if the MC messed up my cycle. I don't normally get sore boobs with my period and that was the biggest sign I got with my 1st (who is now 3 and wants a sister.) My symptoms at the moment are much stronger than the ones I got before the MC so I'm kind of hoping that it is early and my body is just recognising the symptoms sooner than last time, or perhaps its all in my head becuase I want it so much again.

Anyway my question was how long should I leave it before testing again? I tend to have trouble waiting I was a week late before I got a BFP with the MC and I'd tested BFN 3 days before that.

Sorry for the long post just needed to get it all out, not really talked to anyone about it all and now think my minds playing tricks on me. confused

Shallan Fri 06-Jun-14 09:22:04

Firstly, I'm sorry for your loss. A miscarriage is devastating whenever it happens.

The cycle after a miscarriage is very unpredictable - in fact over on the miscarriage board it's known as the "wtf cycle" because there's just no telling what's going on.

So it's entirely possible you ovulated later than usual, in which case you'd still be too early to get a BFP.

Try testing again in a few days. Best of luck.

blankfornames Sat 07-Jun-14 17:12:57

Hi Lauren, sorry to hear about your mc. Our stories are quite similiar! I m/c on my honeymoon and was 6 weeks gone. I found out I was pregnant and lost our little bean all on honeymoon. I was very eager to ttc and did opks but I didn't ov the month after. AF arrived 4 weeks after I miscarried and I'm now biding my time till I can POAS again. AF is due next Thursday so I'm going to wait until next weekend to test, if AF hasn't arrived before then. My symptoms are really exaggerated this time but I'm not sure if that's b'cos I'm upduffed or lasting effects from the mc! confused

Like Shallan said, I'd wait a few days. Hope it all works out for you soon!

MrsGingerbread Wed 11-Jun-14 19:15:18

Hello ladies,

I am so sorry to hear about your losses. I also had a miscarriage in May, I was 5 and a bit weeks.

I had a scan at the time and was told I could try as soon as the bleeding stopped, but that waiting for a period would help with dating any subsequent pregnancy.

We dtd as soon as I was back to normal. To make sure and bfp was 'new' not 'old' I did a frer just after my temperature spike (ovulation I believe) and I was amazed to see two lines. This is definitely residual, but I have no way to testing if af doesn't turn up. Not really sure what to do. ..

blankfornames Wed 11-Jun-14 20:25:00

Hi Gingerbread. Sorry to hear about your mc.

I was 6 weeks when I mc. I had an erpc and I finally tested negatively after about 2 weeks after I stopped bleeding. It was about 3 weeks in total after my mc. Af arrived then a week later. I know it's very frustrating but I reckon, give yourself another week and I reckon you'll test negatively. If two strong lines hang around well then, maybe you just struck gold!!

Brummiegirl15 Wed 11-Jun-14 20:29:07

I'm the same, I miscarried in May too at 5.5 weeks and gone back to DTD when I stopped bleeding.

No idea if I've ovulated or even when to test!!!

MrsGingerbread Wed 11-Jun-14 20:59:11

Thanks blank I am sorry for your loss. Mine was a natural miscarriage.

Brummie I recognise you from the m/c thread, sorry for your loss too. Have you done a pg test to see if you have a negative? (This wasn't recommended to me, but I did it for my sanity! )

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