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First timer!

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ellstor Thu 05-Jun-14 14:05:44

I'm new to all of this! I have bee looking at the forums for a while but this will be my first post!
Me and soon to be dh(7 weeks in fact) are ttc for the first time. I came off the pill at the beginning of May and we started right away as I figured it would never happen so soon. Tmi but my body was useless on the pill- if I ever took it late I would bleed for the rest of the cycle and when I had the implant I bled for 2 solid months ! Anyway I went back on to cilest and it was fine until we decided to ttc.

Since coming off I have had had no withdrawal bleed at all and no af!!!

So got my first pt this afternoon to do tonight- fingers are so tightly crossed!!!

Any other first timers share my woes/ excitement?

LadyNovember Thu 05-Jun-14 14:33:04

I've only been off the pill for a couple of weeks, had my withdrawal bleed as normal, so fingers crossed my cycle will be normal and AF will come on time (or not at all if I'm super lucky!!)

There's lots of threads for first timers you can join in, everyone is so nice!

Good luck with the test smile xx

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