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buddhabee Wed 04-Jun-14 13:05:02

Hi girls,

Came off the pill in December and since then i have turned into what can only be descibed as an utter girl - i cry at everything - the last couple of weeks have been hideous, my dh can look at me wrong and i'll start crying - of course i blame it on not being up the duff in 6 months - but honestly its not that i just can't stop, i just don't feel like me - i'm soppy yes but not usually a blubbery mess.

anyone else like this?? hubby keeps joking that i could be pregant (not overally helpful) and yes bfn (overally positive as usual) is due on monday but have learnt to not bother getting hopes up!

erghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh and yes am starting to beeble as i write this - jesus man up women!!!!

kitkatkaty87 Wed 04-Jun-14 19:12:04

Lol. I have become angry and moody this month. It's the hormones! Hope it is bfp for you though! X

NicolaPearl Thu 05-Jun-14 06:48:36

Hi buddahbee I came off pill in January after ten years and I'm an emotional and spotty mess... I'm sure last week I cried at least once a day.... Guess it's all hormones which I don't mind too much at least everything is "working" ....

I also hoped/expected a bpf by now but... Sadly not yet. Fingers crossed for u soon x

buddhabee Thu 05-Jun-14 16:27:45

much better today - certainly less self loathing ha ha!!
yeh got everything crossed but my head is just all over the place and my best friend (who knows we are ttc) says they get worse when you get pregnant ha ha - i think i may have to hide in a house for 9 months lol!!

Katybear123 Thu 05-Jun-14 18:49:05

Hi all, I completely feel your pain. Only off the pill a month but feel on verge of tears most day, can't decide if hormones or not as mostly what makes me sad is work and I don't like my jon much so could easily be that instead. :-(

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