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Anyone ttc for no#3 or more?

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sheandlifex Mon 09-Jun-14 03:58:45

Not quite TTC #3 yet but planning to and getting clued up as DD1 was a complete accident and DD2 was planned but very lucky in that she was conceived very quickly. DD1 is turning 6 in two weeks and DD2 is 3 so I often feel like I'm a little insane wanting just one more and pushing my luck a little after two healthy little girls.

Loopylinz83 Mon 09-Jun-14 03:53:59

Hi ladies i am also ttc#3 i have a 11 yr old and a 7 yr old both boya to a prev relationship i am now happily married and my husband and myself would like a child together. Came of pill after 7 years in april, fingers crossed ladies.

FloweryBoots Sat 07-Jun-14 22:06:45

I could have written so many of those comments. We've just started ttc for number 3. I have DS who'll be 4 in August and DD 15 months tomorrow. If I fall pregnant quickly (did with the first 2 but this time I'm still BFing DD) the age gap will be a little less this time but will mean we can keep age gap from first to last a bit smaller which I think will be good when they're young.

We'd always talked of 3, but once we had 2 DH was not so sure about a 3rd, and there are a lot of reasons not to - money (and not just now, for ever, or at least a long time - like being able to help them onto the property lader and through university etc.), space, energy, affect on DS and DD relationship with each other which is amazing (for now!). bumpertobumper I think you nailed it. For us 1 and 2 felt sort of essential - we desperately wanted to be parents and have children so child 1 absolutley, we deffinately didn't want an only child if we could be blessed with another so child 2 still felt very 'needed'. A third, well, it doesn't have quite the same 'essentialness'. But I think more about when they are grown up, I think it will be great for them being more than 2 siblings, 2 just doesn't seem many (but I'm one of 6 so it's hardly going to to me!). And then as we gt older there is more risk of probles/disorders and that affects the two we have, and 3 is def enough for us, but what if it's twins?! But we have actually put all that aside and started. Comical lubricant mix up (unwittingly used spermecidal one, oops) means chances for this month are slim to no chance so roll on next cylce and next attempt!

RedAdmiral80 Sat 07-Jun-14 22:01:19

I'm planning on ttc#3 too! Currently have 2 dd 4 and 2. Both conceived fairly quickly but obviously older now. Can't really start until the autumn due to dh job and promotion

LuckyAugust Sat 07-Jun-14 21:52:27

Thanks nutcracker. I'm still in shock!!! I've POAS about 10 times since thursday just to check its real (and it is and the line is getting stronger smile ) Hope it happens for you soon x

NutcrackerFairy Sat 07-Jun-14 19:36:08

Oh congratulations LuckyAugust! I am so pleased it's worked out for you. I also hope some of your baby dust drifts over this way smile

bumpertobumper hope you get the result you want when you finally do test... I can totally understand your ambivalence. I would really love a third baby and hopefully will conceive soon... but at times I worry, will I have enough energy for three, enough money, enough space, will we be biting off more than we can chew? I am sure however we will cope and I bet you will too [if you are actually pregnant]!

bumpertobumper Thu 05-Jun-14 10:25:41

this thread is just what I need right now. Don't know if I'm mad to want number 3! I have two boys, 6 and 3. always felt I wanted three children, DP not so sure but not totally against - he struggles with the chaos and lack of sleep. had a MC over a year ago, after which I wasn't so sure what I want. still not sure but... almost a week late!
We didn't TTC, but I have been very lax with contraception. as if I can't quite say let's do this, but deep down want it to happen.
now it seems likely am apprehensive, scared of another MC (have had 2); sleepless nights and nappies.

I think with first, and to a lesser degree second time it is about the baby. third time around i think of the child, the love, the person in my life and the first two years as sweet in parts but also a chore.

I am a bundle of conflicting emotions. I should just do a test to know, but am waiting to give DP a bit of time to get his head around the prospect. only told him i'm late yesterday...

LuckyAugust Thu 05-Jun-14 10:01:20

Good luck to you ladies too and sorry for your losses. After our loss in february I wanted to start trying again straightaway but dh didn't. I then had 3 months of feeling frustrated and deperate to be pregnant until he finally said he was ready. I got my bfp yesterday smile smile smile smile smile I was so convinced I was out and just randomly decided to test. I've got quite mixed emotions, happy, terrified and just praying things turn out different this time. Going to 'try' and forget I'm pregnant (yeah right!) until I'm past 7 weeks and then see GP and discuss options for chromosome testing again (our daughter had a rare disorder picked up after 12 week scan). Baby dust to everyone xxx

sianilovesbeingamummy Wed 04-Jun-14 20:55:49

also ttc baby no 3, i have a little boy of 2.5 and a little girl of 13months, i always dreamed of having 2, both of which werent actually planned but very exciting surprises. I am now with a new partner, who doesnt have children of his own but is a fantastic father to my 2. As i didnt actually try with my 2 children ttc is all new to me and is actually drin=ving me insane. My moods are unbelievable since trying and as i am actually 'due on' my moods are even worse, i really feel for my OH atm... i am a nightmare to live with and i really do not want to have a period! I am really excited at the prospect of baby no3 and cannot wait to be pregnant and enjoy pregnancy. I didnt know i was pregnant with my little girl until half way through my pregnancy so everything was rushed and a little bit of a blur. I am very impatient and want to be pregnant now but as we have only been trying for 5weeks i think i need to 'snap' out of it. I am very argumentative atm which cannot be helping. I have done loads of pregnancy tests and everyone leave me disappointed but still no show of period so keeping my fingers crossed for another little miracle as i was told over 6years ago that i would never carry a child full term after a miscarriage due to previous ill health. Good luck with baby no 3 guys

NutcrackerFairy Wed 04-Jun-14 13:39:55

Hi. My story is quite similar to yours LuckyAugust

I have two DS, five and three years old. I also got quickly pregnant with number 3 [after a month TTC] but unfortunately this ended as a MMC - only found out at 12 week scan, baby had made it to 11 weeks and one day sad

I would really love a third child, boy or girl it doesn't matter to me.
DH less keen, he is happy with two boys.

Really hope we can conceive [and carry to full term] again. However I am aware that age is against me. I am 40 yo and have a very low AMH [indicates ovarian reserve]. So tick tock tick tock... Nine months trying so far after MMC with no success...

Best of luck to you both and hope you get your BFPs soon!

LuckyAugust Tue 03-Jun-14 19:57:33

Hi there! smile We're also ttc number 3 after a loss in February this year. I have 2 ds's. Oldest is 4 and youngest turned 1 last month. It took a while to conceive our second son so actually started trying for number 3 in October last year - got such a shock when I got my bfp the very next month! Not meant to be though and this is our 2nd cycle of trying (currently 8dpo but bleeding a little already which usually for me means af is on its way so guessing i'm out already sad ). Both boys have been absolute little tinkers today and I do frequently wonder why I feel so strongly that I have to do it again. I love being a mammy though and I knew as soon as ds2 was born I wasn't quite done yet although will definitely be stopping after 3grin (just hope it happens.....) x

scattaboy Tue 03-Jun-14 15:16:06

Anyone else trying for number 3 or more? Occasionally after a really crappy night's sleep I start thinking 'am I insane?? How could I cope with another?' However I know we do really want another and even though it is exhausting at mo (we don't make sleepers!), I know I want them not too far apart and would rather do the exhausting sleepless baby/toddler phases in sequence than get my sleep back for a year before going back into it. Also aware that as time goes on for me chances of getting pregnant again get lower so don't want to leave it too late and regret it.
Just wondering if anyone else is ttc no. 3 and if so what ages are your LOs (mine are 3 and 1) and have you any wisdom ttc no.3 that you didn't have for 2 or 1?
Anyone got other thoughts on spacing of children's ages?

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