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TTC, very confused by ovulation dates-HELP!

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ClaireF2013 Tue 03-Jun-14 13:21:14

Hubby and I have decided to try for a baby, and I am finding the whole ovulation thing really confusing. My periods are irregular-usually every 5 weeks, but between the last one and the one before there was 6 weeks.
My last period was 18th May, and using an ovulation calendar thing that makes my ovulation date around 7th June (going on the 5 week cycle).
So does that mean I ought to be getting the fertile egg white mucus round about now? As I am currently dry as a bone down there...! We "did the deed" on 31st May and before then I was getting some discharge, but since 1st June, I seem to have totally dried up-is this significant??

Also, has anyone tried ovulation kits? Are they worth it? My other half works away a lot, and so I was contemplating getting one so that we don't miss those vital days when he is home.

Sorry for the clueless post!!

willitbe Tue 03-Jun-14 20:02:49

Hi, I thought I would try to answer some of your questions:

Drying up of CM occurs after ovulation.

If you are ovulating next week or the week after, you may get your fertile cm around that time again. (followed by it drying up again!)

OPK's can be helpful for some women, but other women, including myself do not find them helpful. I do not generally get the 2 days warning, I ovulate on the day of the positive opk, which is then too late!

Also if you have irregular cycles, it may be that opks will not work for you anyway (women with PCOS are not generally able to use opks).

The best advice is to do the deed every other day, and not get too hung up on the details of ovulation.

If you do want to be more proactive with knowing when you are ovulating, then I recommend you go to the website, they have very good information in this regard. But the every other day regardless will still be a good thing to aim for if possible.

I hope you get success soon.

ilovepowerhoop Tue 03-Jun-14 20:06:39 - says to have sex every 2-3 days and that you dont have to time it around ovulation time

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