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Can anyone else see this line or is it just me?

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Louiseccc Mon 02-Jun-14 17:02:17

Last month had I had a chemical pregnancy! Just took this test at 12 dpo, I think I can see a line but need a second opinion! Hoping the pic is good enough.

CottonbudCatastrophe Mon 02-Jun-14 17:04:19

Very, very faint line. I think.

I'd test again first thing tomorrow.

woodwaj Mon 02-Jun-14 17:44:06

I think I can. I had a test like that yesterday did a boots test today and its very clear!

Teakind Mon 02-Jun-14 19:49:11

i think can see it too. I hope you get a darker line tomorrow : )

ChristopherRobin Mon 02-Jun-14 19:50:46

I think I can too. Try first morning urine.

Life2012 Mon 02-Jun-14 19:51:16

Test again in the morning and let us know but I think it's a faint positive wink

MrsCouchman Tue 03-Jun-14 08:54:18

I can see a faint line smile x

Louiseccc Tue 03-Jun-14 09:22:52

Thanks for all your comments. Unfortunately this morning I had a bfn. I really thought I could see it yesterday. Af due today or tomorrow, so I will just await her and start again. sad

woodwaj Wed 04-Jun-14 07:28:30

Hope AF has stayed away!

1moretime Wed 04-Jun-14 07:43:19

I can see a faint line...i think.
Aww see if Af turns up hun if not do another test in a day or 2 xx Good luck xx

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