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Period 6 days late 3 negative HPTs. Any advice????

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lerenard81 Sun 01-Jun-14 14:47:48

I came off the pill last October and went straight into a pretty regular cycle (27-29 days) which I was surprised about as before I went on the pill I used to go months on end without getting a period. Although that was back when I was 19. My periods have been pretty light and short since I stopped BC but they have been regular. The last one was pathetic; really really light. Anyway, I am now 6 days late. I took HPTs on the day I was due, when I was 2 days late and yesterday, all negative. I'm not really bothered either way. We're just seeing what happens at the minute but I do want to know. I can't work out if I've gone back to how I was before or if the tests might be wrong. I have been cramping for over a week now and had some spotting about a week before I was due on. I'd really really appreciate any advice. Thank you.

lerenard81 Sun 01-Jun-14 16:49:14

I keep weeing now (like every 40 minutes) and I feel a bit sick. I'm sure this is all in my head but something's amiss. I've never been pregnant so would have no idea what it's like. Haven't taken a test since yesterday so will do another in the morning. I picked up some Boots ones today. Anyone got any experience with those? I haven't used Boots own brand before. I really would appreciate some advice or if anyone else is in the same boat. Cheers.

PrunellaDeVille Sun 01-Jun-14 19:53:57

don't really know but do test with your very first pee of the morning as apparently the appropriate chemicals are most concentrated then.
do you have sore boobs/nipples? symptoms sound promising, i think sometimes the testing chemicals can be weaker than usual but i'm not sure. good luck.
i read your 'weeing' as weeping - glad you're not doing that but do try not to let it get to you, this whole ttc business is mind boggling

1moretime Sun 01-Jun-14 20:11:26

Hi there.
It is a bit strange if your last periods have been pretty regular.
I was 11 days late last month, was convinced i was pregnant but period came late.
It could be that the cramps are late ovulation, or you may be pregnant but just not enough hcg to detect.

lerenard81 Sun 01-Jun-14 20:30:14

Thank you for the replies. I did use my first urine yesterday. It was a clearblue digital. My boobs feel pretty normal; a few twinges but nothing unusual. I was hoping to just relax and see what happened but then something like this happens and it throws you!! If I'm not pregnant then I hope my cycles haven't gone crazy again, when I was in my late teens I once went almost a year without a period. I had lots of tests and they couldn't find anything wrong. The only other thing could be my thyroid (there's a lot of that in my family). We shall see, I'm going to test again in the morning. Thanks again ladies.

lerenard81 Mon 02-Jun-14 12:53:28

I took another test this morning. Negative. I've now used 3 brands - clearblue, a cheap one and Boots this morning. I might wait a few days and try a FRER. When do people think I should think about making an appt with the doctor? I feel similar to yesterday really, cramping mainly but it's not painful. What a nightmare!!

1moretime Mon 02-Jun-14 21:04:37

It drives you insane doesnt it. I really hope you get a bfp soon x
I have pcos & underactive thyroid which causes me to have irreg & looonng cycles sad

KittyVonCatsington Mon 02-Jun-14 21:19:55

I fully understand how horrible the wait is, when AF doesn't make an appearance and no BFPs. Unfortunately, at only 6 days, the doctors will do absolutely nothing and tell you to wait, as cycles do change, even when they are normally regular. I had a 43 day cycle last 'month' and came off the Pill last November and had pretty regular cycles up till then. Was a killer. I've started charting this cycle, to check actual ovulation and I'm glad I did.
Maybe that's something you could look into, in case you had an anovulatory cycle or just ovulated later than before.

lookbutdonttouch Mon 02-Jun-14 21:36:16

Absolutely Snap. Six days late and two negative tests.

Frustrating isn't it!

I only finished the pill last cycle however. Had withdrawal bleed and now nothing. Six days over when I should have had a period. I know things get confused after the pill but this is driving me insane!

Lots of other symptoms too, but could be hormones and the pill etc.

I was wait a little longer and test again.

Good luck!

lerenard81 Tue 03-Jun-14 07:26:47

lookbutdonttouch. I came off the pill briefly a few years ago and didn't get a period at all then I went back on after 3 months so I guess you're right and your cycles are probably still sorting themselves out.
I'm going to make a drs appt as I'd like to get my thyroid tested. My mum, grandmother and aunt all have/had underactive thyroids so I guess it's possible and would explain this ridiculous cycle. I knew this would happen!!

lookbutdonttouch Tue 03-Jun-14 08:50:37


Af arrived with a vengeance this morning. Bugger.
Now I have to try and work out when I will next ovulate with a messed up cycle.

Definitely get your thyroid checked, good luck!

lerenard81 Fri 06-Jun-14 12:04:03

Just to give a little update and see if anyone had anymore thoughts on this. Still no AF and I'm now 11 days late (making this CD39). My boobs are sore and I am still cramping (it's mild but has been going on pretty constantly for a couple of weeks now). I took another test this morning as I'm out tonight and wanted to know so I could make a decision on wine! Test was negative. I have the drs on Tuesday so hopefully she'll be able to shed some light on all of this. I'd just like to know what's going on. When my periods were crazy before there was no chance I could be pregnant but now there is it makes it all a lot complicated!! Thanks.

cbrook Fri 06-Jun-14 20:38:09

Hi, I'm wondering if anyone can help too, I've been off my pill since feb, had a period in April then 3 weeks later start of May, I've been due my af last week but I've only had brown dc and it's only in the mornings a little during the day, based on a 28 cycle I'm now 4 days late, I did a test Tuesday but not in the morning and it was neg, not sure what to do now, should I wait or go to my docs? I also had a very upset stomach for two days and have been feeling tired and a bit quesy but bcoz I got a neg test tues I don't think I'm pregnant, ps my husband and I have only been ttc for two months, I would really appreciate any advice x

avarose1986 Sat 07-Jun-14 00:44:50

Hi there

I found out I was pregnant this evening after being 6 days late and having 2 false pregnancy tests. If I had had another false test tonight my next step would have been the drs just to double check the pregnancy and that there's nothing else underlying. Good luck x

nomoretether Sat 07-Jun-14 00:52:12

I had this. I was pg but only showed up on Superdrug test.

lerenard81 Sat 07-Jun-14 09:45:53

How are superdrug tests different? I don't even have a superdrug where I live!!
Congratulations avarose that's fantastic news.
cbrook - I guess your cycles might still be sorting themselves out after coming off the pill. When I came off it last year my first cycle was about 3 weeks then they got longer. Saying that, mine have now stopped.
As for me, I had a drink last night and now I feel really bad although I'm still getting negatives. I'm out with friends today and don't want them to assume I'm pregnant if I don't have a drink because I really don't think I am, in fact it looks like I may have some issues and I can't be doing with all the questions. It's so stupid!!

LadyNovember Sat 07-Jun-14 10:23:51

Tell your friends you're on metronidazole dental antibiotic. You definitely can't drink or you'll be violently sick. You didn't start them until today because you wanted a drink last night. Sorted ;)

lerenard81 Sat 21-Jun-14 11:19:13

The doctor tested my thyroid which was fine. She asked lots of questions to establish whether or not I might have PCOS which I don't really have any symptoms of (except the missed period). I thought I was getting AF last Friday but it was just spotting for 2 days (only used one pad and barely needed that). She said to take HPT again in 2 weeks (which will be Monday) and if negative and gets to point when I've had no period for 3 months then I need to go back. I've taken a couple of tests since which have been negative (internet cheapies). Will use the FRER I have in the cupboard on Monday. I'm already starting to get a bit glum about it all as I'd just like to know why it's happening. Any further advice would much appreciated.

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