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The Berries: On knockerwatch, sniffing willies and clinging to the coat tails of the continued clusterdiff (thread 21)

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barkingtreefrog Fri 30-May-14 10:20:40

The smallprint –
Berries have a strict entrance criteria (TTC #1, over 30, TTC for 12+ months, NO instadiffers, must have a special pot and definitely no mention of baby dust or baby dancing).
Those not abiding by the rules may be escorted from the premises.

barkingtreefrog Fri 30-May-14 10:31:32

barkingtreefrog, 34 (for 2 more weeks), ttc since Jan 2012. 8 day LP. Clomid bfp, mc sept 13, cycles messed up since. 1st IUI May 2014, taking a break before the next one.
Nolly, 32, cycle 20 (I think), unexplained, PCO though who knows, currently on clomid but I hate it.
Funkymonk 32, ttc 20 months. Factor v Leiden thrombophilia. Mc July 2013 and dec 2013 (5 weeks and 8 weeks). dh lowish count and lowish morphology.
Ladybunnikins 35, ttc since Jan 2012. Unexplained. IVF#1 Oct 2013 - chemical. IVF#2 May 2014
TheRainDrops (FKA Parsley), 32 (till next month!), ttc since March 2012, unexplained, BFP Sep 2013, MMC Nov 2013, back to FC in July (hurry up!)
Beaky 34, ttc since August 2012, problems with spotting, random bleeding, short cycles diagnosed with adenomyosis. Possibly starting IUI in July.
RosieintheAlps (FKA kami), 36 (still enjoying the birthday bubbles this weekend), ttc 12 months, DP very low count, low motility and progression, next SA in July
tigerdog 33, ttc since January 2013. So far all results appear normal, next follow up appointment at FC in May.
Lumen, 34, ttc since Nov11, unexplained infertility, IVF starting 19th May on long protocol.
Happylass, 36, TTC since Aug 2012 but with a break at the end of last year. Currently on (hellish) NHS waiting list for ICSI and have appt on June 7th to discuss private options.
Gillster, 40, TTC Feb 2012, awaiting removal of polyp (June), hoping for two frozen embies to be popped back into my "springy palace of the child" sometime in July.
Otters, 32, ttc since March 2012, BFP Sep 2013, MMC Nov 2013, BFP April 2014, MC May 2014, 10th round Clomid, IVF referral soon.
Boodle, 31, TTC cycle #35. Unexplained (but actually short luteal phase and crap quality embryos). One unsuccessful IVF cycle.
HampshireBlues, 35 (for a few more weeks) ttc 34months, unexplained, cycle 1 IVF chemical pregnancy, awaiting review

RP - Basting BFP! Cycle 12?
greatbigbushybeard 35 ttc nearly 2 and a half years, since dec 2011.
1st cycle of Ivf/icsi April/May and tentative bfp.
Winohhh- Natural BFP. Cycle 13?
Feather, 35, ttc since Sept 12. one tube, pcos, 6 or 7 x clomid, bfp Nov 13 ended in ectopic. Hsg mar 14 - all clear. Acu & weightloss = tentative bfp May 14. Cycle 21

Foody Natural BFP.
Sid FUFC BFP (was downregging for IVF).
Yorkie IVF BFP
Bunny ICSI BFP. Cycle 24

Post Grads
Merkin Natural BFP.
Thunder Natural BFP.
Tally Natural BFP.
Boom Clomid BFP. Twins!
Kitty IUI BFP.

lumen Fri 30-May-14 10:43:48

Thanks barking (snuggling up ready for a lazy weekend with the berries to keep me company)

nolly3 Fri 30-May-14 10:54:09

cheers b

busy day today but I'll catch up properly later....

HampshireBlues Fri 30-May-14 10:54:43

Thank you for setting up the house, if it's okay with everyone I'll be in the corner under the blanket.

RosieintheAlps Fri 30-May-14 10:58:39

Yay, barking/ batking, thanks for setting up the new thread. Looking good.

happylass Fri 30-May-14 11:13:58

Lovely new home. Top effort Barking. May our time here be short. Cheers Berries wine

barkingtreefrog Fri 30-May-14 11:18:05

Damn. Missed charmingcats off the grads list. I knew there was someone missing!

OttersPocket Fri 30-May-14 11:56:44

Hi lovely Berries, I’ve been lurking and keeping up with everyone’s news so thought I’d pop into the new thread and wave

So much excitement in Berrieland! Massive congrats to rp, bushy, win and feather - I’m rooting so much for all of you. I won’t lie – your news has made me cry (in a good way!) over the past couple of weeks. I’m so thrilled for all of you and really, truly hope you all have sticky, happy, healthy pregnancies.

Not much to report here since the cp last month. I kinda convinced myself I was upduffed again (that mythical hyper-fertility after mc thing) this month but a frer and a Superdrug test this morning at 12dpo put paid to that idea. I’m about to move onto my 11th (freaking 11th) round of Clomid which is just the pits. I can’t get an appointment with the FC until bloody August (blimmin' nurse cancelled my June appointment when I got my bfp last month) so I’m annoyed any further treatment will be delayed probably by months and months.

In non-ttc news I started my new job this week. My goodness I’m not used to proper full-time hours and I’m totally exhausted by it but I think the change is good for me. But where’s my ironififf eh?! Also, I have my hen in 4 weeks and the wedding in 8 so it’s all go just now.

Sorry for not name-checking everyone, there’s just been so much happening on the thread I don’t know where to start! But I’m going to try and be a bit more active here again, I’m trying to be more positive and enjoy all the good stuff in my life rather than focus on just having a baby. Wayyyyy easier said than done.

RevoltingPeasant Fri 30-May-14 13:00:46

Hi Otters - that is v v annoying about the appointment, but honestly, with the hen and wedding, those weeks will fly by and it will be August before you know it. And you will have had chance to recoup a little.

And, WHEN you get your bfp, you will not be an Unwed Hussy <stern>

Eurgh I've done something which I may regret and feel pretty silly about now....... I will have to go back to work f/t after any mat leave I take - have always known this - and will only be able to afford c. 6mos mat leave, as I'm the main earner. My close friends here have dinned it into my ears that as soon as I get pg, I must secure a f/t nursery place as the waiting lists round here can be well over a year. My bf actually put her name down before her daughter was conceived shock but she was an instadiffer so it worked out.......

Anywho, I thought it would not hurt to look around a couple of places so if this bean works out we'll have a plan. I figured if it didn't stick, no harm done. So have arranged to go to local nursery with DH on Monday.

I thought I was being really sensible but have now become convinced it'll all go pear-shaped over the weekend and I am hugely tempting fate sad

Am also due to go to aerobics this evening.... that is okay as long as I go low-impact, right?

Eurgh. Feeling silly and presumptuous sad

greatbigbushybeard Fri 30-May-14 13:03:17

Thanks hb. Love the 'hovering' terminology. I have to say it's pretty quiet in the chopper, they don't seem to post very much. I am sure that'll pick up if you ladies all cross over.

Was planning this morning and decided to have a break and a quick walk outside. As I was walking along a mum I recognise,who has a primary aged girl and little one in tow ,was asked by someone else how she was, she replied ok but the kids are doing my head in. I suppose kids do.. I know from teaching them that they do and probably in years to come we'll also be having these conversations. I just thought it's a bit mean to be saying that in front of the kids as the older one was old enough to understand. She could have said we're ready to go back to school next week if you know what I mean... Still, think the day can drag with children off school and can be a bit tedious. My other friend with three children popped round the other day and said how lovely it was to escape the madness. Maybe we don't know what we're getting ourselves into!! Do you think that kids now are a bit rubbish at entertaining themselves? My friend said hers aren't good at just playing and because they get up so early, they need to be out of the house by 11. Anyway just musing!!

greatbigbushybeard Fri 30-May-14 13:09:14

Oh forgot to say hello otters lovely to hear from you.

rp ha ha to 'unwed hussies'. Wow, the thought of nursery places is a bit scary and early to me but if your local area gets really busy then why not, sounds like you are being prepared. Will they think it odd that you don't have a child or is it common practice round your way? It won't have any effect on the outcome and you are not tempting fate. Also if aerobics is what you normally do then do it. Just remember not to get too hot if out of breath, just a little bit and have loads of water with you.

beakybeak Fri 30-May-14 14:02:59

Apologies for this overly dramatic comment but I'm fucking bleeding again! sad sad I dunno what to do. Any suggestions?

Hi otters nice to see you back here.

RP I wouldn't worry, it won't change anything smile

Barking or Batking which is an ace name, thanks for the lovely new thread. How you feeling?

Feather maybe try low alcohol stuff? Have a fantastic hen. Your scan will fly here and I hope that everything is absolutely fine.

Please don't any of you differs leave, I love all your craic and would miss you all! Also tres jel grin

Tiger that's great about the lap, super quick! Woohoo to extra fertility! When in your cycle is it?

Bushy maybe your dh was going for a self preservation thing with everything that you guys have been through. Hopefully all will be great at your scan on Monday.

Happy how exciting about dress fittings! That was one of my favourite parts. Fx for a wedding-diff for you too!

Hope everyone else is ok and it's Friday at least!

tigerdog Fri 30-May-14 14:46:11

<puts feet up on the pouffe of possibility> Here we are again! Nice work barking! How are you?

Hey otters, nice to see you back in berry HQ. Hope you get your ironidiff whilst you are busy looking the other way what with your new job and wedding plans!

beaky more bleeding seems odd, where are you on your cycle? When is your next FC appointment?

My lap is on 12dpo - I rang them this morning and apparently I have been squeezed in and if I cancel will have to wait ages. They didn't seem at all bothered about whether or not I might be pg. So I think I'll go with it and just hope this interview doesn't come up too close to the date!

rp it's not going to impact on the outcome - positive thinking is the key!

feather don't leave us yet! We'll miss you, sniff. Same for you other diffed lot! Hope you have an amazing hen my dear - enjoy! Can you tell one friend who can then be your buddy in helping you avoid booze and deflect suspicion? I'd never be able to get away with it with my friends!

beakybeak Fri 30-May-14 15:12:05

I've rang the FC and the nurse spoke to the dr for me who said its probably nothing and sometimes it just happens. They said I needed to wait another cycle for it to go back to normal before I can have treatment. I really wasn't asking to start treatment! I'm just worried and upset and wanted advice sad they are so lovely at my FC but so so laid back. <cries then gets a berry wang to pull self together>

barkingtreefrog Fri 30-May-14 15:13:52

beaky wtf is your body trying to do to you? angry When does IUI start? At least all the scans and injections will take over control of your cycle. Not sure there's anything you can do before then. Are you already doing acupuncture?

bushy it's all in the training... my child will be feral, entertaining themselves outdoors for hours at a time.... I know what you mean about the complaining though. Our next door neighbour has 4 kids, and does nothing but shout at them all the time. When she had two she was shouting all the time, no idea why she had two more both since we started ttc angry

rp I'm not the one to ask about exercise, I've quit everything but gentle walking and swimming during this bloody long 2ww just in case. But that's the mentalling that comes with having had a mc I suppose.

otters all go with you!! Nice to see you smile <shuffles across discreetly and bolts the door before otters can leave>

tiger at 12dpo they can test you beforehand and be pretty confident of whether you are diffed or not.

I say this having read the back of the first response box which says that 98% of pg women got a bfp 2 days before AF was due... That's actually quite scary because it means that although I can dismiss the 4 bfns I've had so far as just being too early, if I get a bfn on that tomorrow morning there's only a 2% hope left sad.

barkingtreefrog Fri 30-May-14 15:15:42

xpost beaky that's not particularly reassuring of them! When are you supposed to be calling them to start? Do they want you to wait another full cycle after this one has finished if you can even work out when it has ?

beakybeak Fri 30-May-14 15:16:35

Tiger I've bled every week for the last 3 weeks. Either day 14 or possibly day 7 I think. I have a crampiness going on too. I think so long as you poas the morning of the lap you should be fine.

beakybeak Fri 30-May-14 15:19:40

X post Barking I think so long as my next AF is a proper one I can start but my last two haven't been so I don't know what is proper now. Sooo confused.

greatbigbushybeard Fri 30-May-14 16:23:24

Poor beaky all thus in-between bleeding must be a nightmare. Do I detect a bit if Irish in you with the 'Craic'? I think dh was, as you say, def doing a self preservation thing. He seemed quite hard about it but before all of the bleeding and even before we got our result he was very confident we'd get a bfp , whereas I was the one being v cautious. When we got the bfp he was drawing up his list of 'shit that needs to be done' and now I think it's all knocked him a bit. He, as do all men, like definitive answers and all this uncertainty is not suiting him well at all.

tiger you will be like one of those mythical people that they told me snout who get up duffed within 3 mths of their laparoscopy. My consultant said it's like a jet wash for your tubes! Think your idea of letting a buddy know to help feather avoid the booze is a great one. Oh and I'm going nowhere, it's far too nice in here and there's always some action. You berries have become my social media network as I don't do Facebook etc.

barking know what you mean with working out those % on the backs of boxes. It's like the clearblue ov advert on this pg that says improves your chances of getting pg by 89%, well I clearly fell into the 11% category of it not fecking working!! Grrr to your neighbour. What is it with people that are clearly unsuited to breeding happen to be the most prolific breeders but us guys, who'd be quite happy with one don't even get a sniff!! I've also quit all exercise for now, I just wouldn't want the head space of worrying that it was that yoga pose that did it, but now you've mentioned swimming I'm going to make an effort to go this w/e. Have a little me time instead of food shop and school work!! Thanks for bolting door after otters now we've hot her back she's not going anywhere- muhahah!!... Well only to the chopper, we'll allow that.

TheRainDrops Fri 30-May-14 16:24:37

<runs in> wait for me!!

I'm laid up at home with a temperature, I thought I'd got rid of the lurgee but it's now been replaced by something else. Marvellous. Still managed to squeeze a quickie in last night tho (preceded by the most romantic discussion beforehand "can you just have a wank and stick it in at the end?" - I kid you not). Feeling better this afternoon so hopefully normal shag week duties can resume.grin

boodle and otters so lovely to hear from you both! we miss you! Otters as others have said with your wedding imminent that time will fly but I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. I hope you're bearing up Ok.

beaky are you an acupuncturer? If not maybe that might help with your cycle issues? Sorry you're body is still playing silly buggers with you.

Speaking of acu - feather I am London based (work wise anyway) and I'd be interested in knowing who you've used. Could you PM me? Hope you have a fab hen-do, definitely go with taking the drinks and then chucking them. That's what I did when pg and no one suspected a thing. Just tip them gradually rather than all in one go (top tip!)

rp you are not being silly or presumptuous, although I do think it's ridiculous that good child care is in such short supply that people have to register their child before they even exist! Craziness.

nolly so sorry that AF got you, that hideous old bag. Have a wine on me.

bushy glad your DH saw sense, I agree on the self-preservation thing although he really needs to man up and be more engaged, you can't carry all this anxiety on your own. (Hugs)

tiger that is SUPER fast! Bit weird they didn't say anything about you being potentially pg tho. how many DPO will you be on the day?

BATKING (advance warning: I refuse to ever call you anything else ever again). Just huge hugs for you today, you aren't out yet but I know each yay that goes past with a bfn just sends you further into glumness. I hope you enjoy your weekend with your friends.

Sorry if I've missed anyone, price I pay for daring to not check in for 24hrs!!

Bunnygirlie Fri 30-May-14 16:53:55

Marking my place for more BFPs!

Very organised list btw batking and happy I see I have taught you well wink

greatbigbushybeard Fri 30-May-14 17:17:11

Omg raindrops your pillow talk had me in hysterics!! Lol!! Don't worry dh and I are still v much talking. He's feeling it at the mo because it's all so up in the air and is thinking Monday will be similar with no definitive answers. He did say is this what it's going to be like from now on just going from worry to worry. We're off out for dinner and cinema tonight do that'll be good to lighten things. I'm so hungry I could eat the place dry!! Don't think I'll last til later so may sneak a snack then go prettify myself!!

barkingtreefrog Fri 30-May-14 18:03:42

grin rain we've got to the same stage! just go and start yourself off and call me when you're ready blush .

I've got my bag packed for tonight. Due to the addition of an extra couple and small child to the bbq tomorrow night I've made my excuses and we're coming back tomorrow afternoon. A bump-ready-to-burst is one thing, socialising with a couple I don't know who have a small child in tow is a step too far.
Right, my dilemma. I've scared myself with the first response test. I suddenly want to put my head in the sand. Part of me wants to test tomorrow - it's going to be 98% accurate so I then have two days to deal with it with DH before I go away with school for 3 days. Tomorrow is busy, when we come back here we're going for a meal (with more friends that know the score) so plenty to keep me occupied in the event of bad news.
Part of me can't face it. But then I won't have time to deal with it before being at school and surrounded by children 24 hours a day for the next 3 days.

Argh!!! What do I do? Do I pack the test?! confused hmm

Pipbin Fri 30-May-14 18:06:33

Can someone add me to the list please?
Pipbin 39 Grand Old Berry and one of the remaining original berries. TTC for 3 years. Blocked tubes. Two IVF down and one remaining to start in the summer.

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