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Calling all ladies who stopped the pill.... How Lind did it take your periods to re-start?

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sherbertlemon17 Mon 26-May-14 11:54:07

Happy bank holiday ladies!!

So I'm in a bit of a pickle really... I stopped the pill at the very end of December and had my withdrawal the first week of January as expected.but since then AF has been MIA.

I have been to the Drs, I've even had a scan for PCOS which came back clear. So what the heck is up with my body??
I'm going to go back to the Drs this week to see what the next step is, but can any of you ladies give me heads up?

I suppose I'm asking... If it took you longer then 3 months to get your period post pill, how long did it take and what did your Dr do to help? Thanks!

teejayem Mon 26-May-14 22:17:17

Hello! I stopped cerazette on the first of March and got a light AF on May 12th, so I think it was 70 ish days. Was going totally mad in the meantime, thought it would never bloody turn up, and even now I'm not convinced it was a 'proper' period.

Loopylinz83 Tue 27-May-14 10:11:38

Hi ladies, i also stopped cerazette mid april after being on it nearly 7 years, had a light bleed on 5th may for 4 days however very light and not what i expected. TTC since. Hv been doing ovulation tests which are all negative, how long before my body will get into some sort of a cycle?

angelaham Wed 04-Jun-14 17:32:54

I took my last pill in December, got my withdrawal period in January and iv had a period every month since, some months have been earlier or later and not always the same length, everyone is different, try not to worry i'm sure it will come soon,

NicolaPearl Thu 05-Jun-14 06:58:29

I stopped pill in January and first cycle was around 50 days ...

Since then pretty consistent 32 days.

Have u had any hormonal side effects? Spots/moods/emotions? I always feel I smell different When off the pill compared to on the pill, I'm much spottier sadly, my hair is greasy I have to wash it everyday and had to change my shampoo (I used to have try hair!)

I would suggest taking two weeks to really spot each and everything different from being on the pill and try get a picture if you are affected by hormones and take that info to your doctor. Saying that I have no experience in it all.

Good luck.

Fruityb Thu 05-Jun-14 21:58:01

Stopped rigevidon in October, had a withdrawal bleed and then a two day period about five weeks later. Then settled into a 25-27 day cycle. My periods to begin with we're only around three days and very light. Now they're more like five days and quite heavy in the middle. No cramps anymore though which is good. Feel like I'm still on the pill but without the pill taking. It did say it could take six months or more to regular out however.

MistressKatherine Sat 07-Jun-14 16:31:03

I seem to be rally lucky coming off the pill. Was on several different types from 17-25 before coming off entirely (felt like eight years was long enough) and periods started straight away after withdrawel bleed. Was put on dianette last August for nine months to sort out period woes, came off in May and was exactly the same. Withdrawel bleed followed by periods. Although my cycle seems to be getting smaller. Was 28, now 27. I always fluctuated between 27 and 23 before so will see what happens.

Good luck!

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