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Should I POADS (Pee On a Different Stick)

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ThoraNomiki Sun 25-May-14 17:39:15

My Period tracker says I was due yesterday but I had a positive Ov test on Fri 9. I could have actually ov'd up to 2 days after making me about 13dpo and due tomorrow.
My cycles aren't exactly regular but I've been taking note of Ov symptoms and Luteal phase symptoms. My LP symptoms have been different this time round. I've felt nauseous every day on/off for the last few days and my breasts haven't had the usual mild tingle but instead have been very sore and fuller feeling. I feel pregnant.

I'm trying (but failing miserably) not to get my hopes up too much and I know there's a possibility these feelings are in my head. Well I know they're real but I might be making them out to be indicative of something they're not...

I've POAS every day for the last few days starting from 11 (or possibly 9dpo). All Negative. I've been using the IC 10mul ones so thought they must pick something up if I'm getting symptoms but I read on CountDown to pregnancy and they haven't had very good reviews for accuracy (lots of false negatives). Have I given myself false hope here? I started testing early to let myself down gently...

So should I a) try a different brand to see if I get a different result?
b) keep testing daily until the IC's run out or AF starts
Or c) give it up and wait for the inevitable AF to show up - you can't be pregnant if you are getting negatives at 13 dpo on 10mul sensitive HPTs

Or other advice much appreciated smile

AngelsInWinter Sun 25-May-14 19:14:06


I would do one more test at 14-16 dpo and if that's negative then wait for AF. Fwiw, Ive had terrible nausea/sickness in all of my pregnancies but it has never started before about 30dpo.

Good luck x

ThoraNomiki Sun 25-May-14 19:35:44

I had awful morning sickness in my previous pregnancy. It started around 6 weeks. This is more like really mild travel sickness. I've had it too long for it to be a stomach bug (and no other symptoms of illness) but it could just be another PMS thing to add the the list.

Just to add the IC's I've been using are about 2 months out of date but they don't really "go off" do they? Haha

MollyWhuppie Mon 26-May-14 07:01:07

Hiya, I would definitely POADS if I were you! They do 'go off' in that they become less sensitive over time. I have never found the ICs to be that sensitive anyway. I would try a FRER or similar if I were you. Good luck and keep us posted!

ThoraNomiki Mon 26-May-14 08:40:49

Clear BFN on tesco brand test (I had in the house) sad No AF yet but it's early so maybe it'll turn up later.
Thanks for the replies x

1moretime Mon 26-May-14 09:09:48

I would wait a few more days hun if i were you & then re-test. Can i add when i was pregnant, i was sick 3 days brfore my missed it is poss to get symptoms early on!
I got a BFP it was very very faint but there.
Good luck hun xx

ThoraNomiki Mon 26-May-14 21:50:24

Thank you, I do feel very odd but have had new "symptoms" every few months since coming off the implant, and at varying cycle points, so I can't really trust myself. I have a very strong feeling I am pregnant but I've convinced myself of that before too - haha. Someone slap me!! grin

I checked the tesco test later (I chucked it after a few mins earlier) and a vv faint won't-show-on-a-photo line has appeared but it could be evap or my ridiculous imagination so I should completely disregard it. I think I might get some of those FRER tests people have mentioned on here and test in a few days.
Will update either way

ChatEnOeuf Mon 26-May-14 23:14:25

I never had symptoms until 6/40...I'd test next week if you can bear the wait! I don't like a bfn

ThoraNomiki Tue 27-May-14 13:33:25

AF turned up today. That'll teach me for symptom spotting.

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