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period like clockwork now 8 days late !!!

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modestmouse86 Sat 24-May-14 13:13:35

Hello... ive never used a forum before so im not sure what to expect. But I need some advice from others that are ttc. My Af is like clockwork 28-29 days for the last 2 years. Only once have I been 4 days late then Af came.

This time im 8 days late, I have no pregnancy symptoms no sore bbs, no sickness nothing. All I have is a little heartburn and I feel ravenously hungry !! Ive had mild cramping which has come and gone a little everyday. Its mainly located on the left side and feels like pinching and pulling. Ive taken 4 tests clearblue early detection tests and all negative ? Im so confused ive never been 8 days late ? Im hoping im pregnant but with each negative test I feel disheartened. Ive decided to leave it till after the weekend and try again. surely if I was pregnant I would have jad a positive by now ? has anyone else been in the same position ? thanks !! confused

Gemerama Sun 25-May-14 09:26:08

Hi Modest

How frustrating for you. During our first cycle ttc (now on 3rd) I was 5 days late and kept getting BFNs but couldn't understand why on earth I was suddenly late, having always been regular. It was torturous. Unfortunately I was just randomly 5 days late, so it can happen. But having said that; 8 days is a lot!

Apparently the levels of HCG (which the pg tests work on) can build more slowly in some people, so it could be that. Personally I would try a different brand of test this weekend, perhaps First Response.

If you don't have AF or a BFP by next weekend I would book in to see your doctor.

Fx for you.

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