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ttc no period not had a bfp

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Jessmum22 Sun 18-May-14 17:28:50

Hey ladies I mum to two boys and trying for 3rd now I have had no period since April done tests from pound store all said negative but I done them in the afternoon not morning . I getting pregnancy signs what should I do? X

modestmouse86 Sat 24-May-14 14:42:15

Hiya I'm in exactly same position. I'm now 8 days late for my usual clock work period... every 28 days. No sign of af just mild cramping no bleeding. Its like a low pressured pinching feeling mainly on my left side... it comes and goes quite strong. I've had no other symptoms no sore bbs no sickness, I feel relatively perky I usually feel like a zombie before af. Its so strange. 4 tests later and still bfns sad so frustrating. Surely if I was pregnant it would show bfp by now .... argh. X

BoredOfFootball Sat 24-May-14 14:49:19

I'm in the same boat! 11 days late now, one faint BFP a few days ago on an internet cheapie then nothing but BFN again .....its driving me crazy!

modestmouse86 Sat 24-May-14 15:00:07

I havent had as much as a faint bfp. Clinging onto the hope hcg is still to low but 8 days passed af u would think it would show by now sad .... your faint bfp sounds promising! I'm going to leave it 3-4 days and test again. Good luckx

BoredOfFootball Sun 25-May-14 00:24:05

Good luck to you too! Until AF turns up there's always a chance, as you say it could just be low levels. Fingers crossed for usall xx

climbergirlali Mon 26-May-14 18:08:07

Sailing in the same boat girls! 10 days since AF was due. possible faint lines last night and this morning but negatives in between as well ?!??! Have literally done so many tests over the last week. I bit the bullet and bought a digi today but don't want to use it and get a negative surely if not showing on a 20ml cheapie won't show on a 25ml?

GOOD LUCK girls☺

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