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Approaching TTC Month 7 and fed up !! anyone want to join me for a chat

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hedwiggity Tue 13-May-14 21:08:56

Ugh so AF is due AGAIN been TTC since November 2013 and it seems like forever!! today i feel like it's painful to be in my own skin and i just want to punch everyone in sight !! If i see another BFN OPK or PG test i will scream !! yet to get a BFP ANYTHING
Swear im f***ing infertile .........and breathe...........

Beansprout30 Tue 13-May-14 22:11:59

Hi hun, im only just going into my third month ttc and I feel so disappointed already! I have a horrible feeling it's going to take me and dh long time. You do start to question things and wonder why it is happening. Hope you get some good news soon

Cress76 Tue 13-May-14 22:23:58

Hi hedwiggity and beansprout
Sorry you're feeling a bit rubbish hedwig, totally get the need to just rant and scream and the like.
When is AF due?

smogsville Tue 13-May-14 22:31:44

OP I am feeling violent too. And very irritable. AF came this morning. Was having ungenerous thoughts about baby on board badge wearers on tube earlier. I temporarily cheered myself up with wine rare steak and chocs.

lilypie13 Tue 13-May-14 23:21:02

Hi all smilesmile

Ive been TTC since August 13 so starting to get a bit impatient now so I'm up for a chat grin

hedwiggity Wed 14-May-14 01:17:31

AF is due on 16th and it is so not welcome why can't we be those women that get pregnant straight away its not fair sad i haven't even got a BFP OPK yet let alone a BFP Pg sad 7 months feels like forever don't know what i'll be like if it gets to month 12 and we have to go to GP and yh smogsville i cheered myself up by looking at houses for me OH we need to downsize to save for a mortgage and a baby

hedwiggity Wed 14-May-14 01:23:26

i did a POAS today too BFN which set off my rage,tears and every other weird emotion running through my body luckily OH was on hand for cuddles and a cuppa when he got home from work so i've calmed down now tomorrow is going to be a PITA though these AF symptoms are like knives shredding my dreams of a BFP

smogsville Wed 14-May-14 08:22:50

I am never POAS again all I get is negative results waste of money. I ought to disclose I do have a DD she's 2.7 and currently running around telling me she wants to help me put my tampon in.... Have ultrasound tomorrow as cycles can vary by 10 days or so, I will let you all know how I get on. Trying not to get too worked up about endo PCOS etc it's v unclear whether these conditions can just start at any time even if you already have kids. I am already feeling better for a bit of a grumble!

hedwiggity Wed 14-May-14 17:21:10

Sorry to hear that smogsville good lucksmile

Cress76 Wed 14-May-14 22:06:18

Have you thought about temping hedwig? I've read a few times that some people don't get anything on OPKS and that they don't actually tell you if you ovulate, just detecting the LH surge prior to ov.

Distractions do help to a certain degree and I found that not testing unless AF is late also stops me feeling so disheartened. Too many BFNs and tears otherwise!

hedwiggity Thu 15-May-14 04:56:12

Im considering temping but not sure how difficult it is keeping the charts and figuring out when to temp and what the temp means we are going to GP asap after AF has finished i am giving OPKs one last chance first and doing them on my Supposed OV days 1st-2nd if i get BFN then GP it is

hedwiggity Thu 15-May-14 18:15:43

AF has arrived today confused whoop dee doo !! F***ed my cycle right up now im. Day early has to switch my app back a day

smogsville Thu 15-May-14 18:53:17

Hi all, just back from ultrasound/ internal scan I was hoping I'd be one of those people who are preggo with a period but sadly not! However radiographer says everything looks normal and to wait for blood test results (checking for hormonal imbalance). Having a wine in the garden now.

hedwiggity Thu 15-May-14 18:58:50

Think i'll end up same as you smogsville having a scan and blood tests done hope yours come back saying your healthy smile

Ticktick Thu 15-May-14 19:09:04

Hello, I'm in the same club, on cycle #6 TTC and feeling pissed off mostly. Feels like everyone else in world is pregnant or getting preg without any issue. After spending so many years avoiding pregnancy I honestly thought I'd fall the moment I stopped my pill. It's been a real shocker and adjustment to realise I can have lots of unprotected sex and not be pregnant. What the hell!!! It's very confusing.

At what stage did you speak to doc Smogville? I don't want be neurotic just don't want to leave it too late to ask for help...

hedwiggity Thu 15-May-14 19:51:01

Hey ticktick me and OH found out online of you tell your GP you have been trying for a year even if you haven't then you can find out whats going on smile i think if my GP turned round and told us we were healthy we might wait a bit longer to try because knowing everything is ok inside me would put my mind at rest

smogsville Thu 15-May-14 21:52:24

Thanks Hedwig. Hopefully will get to see GP within two weeks for blood results.

Ticktick - not that long tbh but then my cycles vary and I have a DD so maybe that's why doc offered to test me? She inferred we'd been trying for six months when it's more like three and I didn't put her right. My comeuppance of course will be tests showing nothing amiss, therefore just keep shagging!

hedwiggity Thu 15-May-14 22:15:16

what's everyone doing tonight ? im trying to ignore AF's vicious stomach cramps and eating ice cream to cheer myself up smile

smogsville Fri 16-May-14 20:28:34

Everyone I just had a chat with my doctor friend. Apparently it's very normal for ovulation to take 6-12 months to start up again after coming off the combined pill. So if like me you've been on that, perhaps we should all relax a bit. Happy weekends, enjoy the sunshine.

KittyVonCatsington Fri 16-May-14 20:49:57

Do you think I can join? Technically I'm on cycle 6 but should be on cycle 7, as I too came off the Pill November 2013, but last cycle my body decided to not only not ovulate, but also go on for 43 days, so I feel like so much time was wasted!

Am bbt charting for the first time, as well as OPKs as I was either missing surges or not ovulating. I'm 33 so would like to crack on! I have had a BFP in Feb, but the bean was not sticky. Hoping for second time lucky grin

Cnix Fri 16-May-14 21:02:13

I'm about to start cycle #6 TTC #2. Desperate for a sibling for dd. can't stand how everyone else is now pregnant with #2 i had bloods done and all came back normal. DH had his sample sent off today so just waiting for that. Unconvinced that he has a low sperm count because of all the cycling he does!!! Really hope he comes back normal. Fingers crossed this is our month it is devastating when AF turns up.

hedwiggity Fri 16-May-14 22:30:27

I know have a clearblue monitor hope it works and hi kitty everyone is welcome smile congrats smog thats great news i have never been on the pill or anything so dont know what that is like

buddhabee Fri 16-May-14 23:00:46

Af turned up yesterday much to my disgust (and tears) so guess I'm officially on cycle 7! Have been using cheapy opks and have never had a positive (been using last 2 cycles) but I didn't realise that you weren't supposed to drink for 2 hours before hand so bought a clear blue digi for this month, I can def feel something going on around ov time but now think I should make sure! Can you go to the docs before a year if you don't think you are ovulating or will they just tell you to go away??

This sucks my Facebook is full of scan pics!!!!!!!!!!

hedwiggity Sat 17-May-14 00:08:36

Hey buddahbee you and me both !!
isn't it but i am planning on going to docs and saying we have been trying for a yr already even though we haven't they don't know wink id use the clear blues and see what happens im hoping this fertility monitor works for me and OH will be posting about it each day to give people an idea smile

smogsville Sat 17-May-14 07:30:53

Defo just go early. As long as the same surgery hasn't been prescribing contraceptives how would they know. Although having just found out what I mentioned earlier re combined pill (thanks Hedwig), i have taken a solemn vow to stop being a psycho for a bit and see what happens. Depending on what blood test results say when I get them back on 30th of course!

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