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The May bus continues for those who regularly check for their Cervical Lucas, take frolic acid, shout SYMPTOMS, stock up on more BastardSticks and just want to be upduffed by the green penis dragon!!

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KittyVonCatsington Mon 12-May-14 20:46:30

We needed a new thread already!!

Old thread is here

toothachereturns Mon 12-May-14 20:52:00

Woohoo!!!!! Thanks Kitty!

kurama Mon 12-May-14 20:52:28

hello new bus! im here, just...

MrsGingerbread Mon 12-May-14 20:54:34

New bus! Woohoo! smile

RetroHippy Mon 12-May-14 21:06:45

Hello new bus! I suspect I won't be here for much over a week, but the ride is always fun grin

<hops aboard, falls asleep on the back seat>

Treaclepie19 Mon 12-May-14 21:16:42

<Is quietly lurking, pulls mac over head and adjusts sunglasses so nobody can tell I'm still watching>

Waffleyversatile Mon 12-May-14 21:24:01

so if no AF in am I am doing a test. have made appt with GP as well. well peeved off. grrrangry angry

toots123 Mon 12-May-14 21:28:22

Shiny new bus! Thanks kitty. Af due Wednesday so might not be here long!

how are you keeping treacle?x

ChaircatMiaow Mon 12-May-14 21:28:43

Hello, I'm still here!

Ovulated late so bfp now not due til sat. On 10dpo now. Must not test, must not test, must not test!!

RetroHippy Mon 12-May-14 21:30:02

treacle, I wondered who that was! How's things?

RetroHippy Mon 12-May-14 21:32:05

<whispers> go on chaircat, poas

Treaclepie19 Mon 12-May-14 21:34:34

I'm alright thanks toots and retro smile
Got my second early scan on Wednesday when ill be 8 weeks. Hope things have progressed smile

toothachereturns Mon 12-May-14 21:54:06

Great news Treacle! smile
I'm going to join in goading chaircat to poas. wink

warriorbot Mon 12-May-14 21:56:22

Pee! Pee! Pee! Pee! Pee!

/joins in the peer pressure

toothachereturns Mon 12-May-14 21:57:58

Shouldn't that be pee-er pressure? grin grin

fancyacupoftea Mon 12-May-14 22:10:04


fancyacupoftea Mon 12-May-14 22:10:37

^^who said that? I don't think they have a ticket.

silverine Mon 12-May-14 22:12:59

Thanks Kitty for the stats update & new bus. Just to refresh mine
silverine 31, TTC #3 (after 2 MCs), bike 11 (bike 9 CP), BFP due 30 May.
Good luck to all still dtd or waiting!

flirty30s Mon 12-May-14 22:53:31

My my we are a chatty little bunch!! New stats: ttc #1, cycle #3, bfp due 25th may.

Got my smiley opk on Sunday so dtd Sunday and planning for mon, tue, thurs this week too. Only problem is I couldn't dtd on fri or sat night as DH was away on a stag but got one squeezed in fri morn. Hope missing fri and sat night with positive opk Sunday won't mean I've missed the boat...

MissMrsMummy Mon 12-May-14 23:24:56

Loving all the symptom spotting - hope it means some bfps in the next few days!

Thanks for the stats and new bus kitty

spinning woohoo bfp buddy! Maybe we can poas together (virtually, of course) if I make it without 6 days if spotting ruining all my fun!

serenity sorry for the bleeding sad

MissMrsMummy Mon 12-May-14 23:25:34

Retro good luck for the interview - but what a weird situation! X

MissMrsMummy Mon 12-May-14 23:28:53

Hi Treacle hope the scan goes well! How exciting!

ChaircatMiaow Mon 12-May-14 23:31:32

Hee hee hee grin

I have held out! I will continue to hold out til Friday!!
Ya right, I think we all know I'll crack before then smile

ChaircatMiaow Tue 13-May-14 00:00:39

Good luck with your scan treacle!

kurama Tue 13-May-14 00:40:29

Good luck treacle

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