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Early pregnancy signs

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cheekycherryza Sat 10-May-14 07:38:16

Hi all,

I'm on the pill and was on antibiotics last week. Didn't think anything of it and we had sex (no condom since I'm on the pill). I woke up yesterday with incredibly sore boobs and nipples. I'm not usually one for sore boobs eyc when it's my totm so I'm wondering what the chances are I'm pregnant. Actually had to wear a soft sports bra to bed last night cos nipples were rubbing against my pjs and were just so sore.

With DD (nearly 4) I felt exhausted before boobs hurt but then did get same over sensitive boobs.

Going to be on tenter hooks till I can do a test to find out for sure. Did you experience any very early signs like this?

ladyflower23 Sat 10-May-14 09:19:13

I think the chances would be pretty low, but it sounds strange that you suddenly have sore boobs. I got them when I was pregnant around 10dpo which was around the time my period was due.

Gemerama Sat 10-May-14 18:04:12

Antibiotics stop the pill from working, so yes you might well be pregnant. My friend fell pregnant while on the pill...without the addition of antibiotics!

ThoraNomiki Sat 10-May-14 22:12:23

With such a short time since the sex on antibiotics, I don't think you'd be pregnant and it would be too early for pregnancy symptoms. However, the antibiotics may have affected the pill and your sore boobs could be a symptom of your body preparing to ovulate so just take some extra precautions over the next few days.
If you start puking in 2 weeks take a pregnancy test smile

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