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chemical pregnancy?

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jdear Wed 07-May-14 20:56:46

Last month was our first month of 'not preventing'. AF arrived at the time i expected (27 days, usually between 25 and 28) however it was heavier than normal, its heavier for longer, have had a few clots with some bigger than 10p piece and its more painful than normal. sorry tmi!!!

Usually my periods are pretty much the same in terms of flow and pain. Could this have maybe been a chemical pregnancy? I didnt test as at the minute we're preferring to just let AF guide us!

bellaboo88 Thu 08-May-14 16:46:49

Hey, ive never experienced it myself but unless you did test you'll never know.

The cells are that small I very much doubt you would see anything, if it wasn't a sticky. You would have to be much further on to see 'something' & even then the body can absorb it.

Try not to worry about it x

ImBrian Thu 08-May-14 18:39:32

With my chemicaly period was about 5 days late, bleeding was heavy like af but lasted 8 days instead of 5/6. Only way to tell is a positive test which is why they tell you to wait.

aquarius107 Sun 14-Jun-15 14:56:21

Posted 3 hrs ago
I think I may have had a chemical pregnancy? I have had a contraceptive implant in for 2 years and had it removed a couple of months ago so we started trying for a baby straight away i had ovulation pain around 29th and 30th of May I took a test on the 9th of June which was positive then again on the 11th of June which was negative I started bleeding late at night on the 11th all day on the 12th then just spotting on the 13th am by pm it had stopped I had slight cramps but nothing compared to what I usually have on my period I'm scared to take another test too soon incase the hcg hormone is still there and I maybe get a false positive anyway I'm just wondering if this sounds like a chemical pregnancy? I have no idea when my period would be due as I never had one while I had the contraceptive implant any help would be appreciated thanks

aquarius107 Sun 14-Jun-15 14:59:17

Sorry for hi jacking your post I thought I was posting a new discussion I'm new hear ��

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