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TTC or pregnancy on prednisolone or similar part 13

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VillageMum Fri 25-Apr-14 20:30:03

This is a positive thread for all those diagnosed with High or Very High NK Cells and looking to start TTC or already pregnant on Prednisolone and/or Intralipid treatment.

Newcomers very much welcome!

VillageMum Fri 25-Apr-14 20:32:51

Hope I've posted this right and that you all find your way over here from part 12... Didn't see the end of the thread sneaking up!

Link to the old thread:

bakingtins Fri 25-Apr-14 20:34:47

Thanks village the end of the last thread snuck up on me too.

freelancegirl Sat 26-Apr-14 00:28:20

Part 13, wow!

Brown - wow!! Keeping everything crossed for you.

Who was saying puffy eyes, I've forgotten. I've been noticing puffy bags under my eyes for months now! Wondering now if it's the hydroxy! It's certainly not helping me lose any weight this time.

Mel3062 Sat 26-Apr-14 06:33:37

Thanks Village I didn't realise til Id posted, thought about setting a new one up but we had several last time I did! :/
Brown happy birthday, amazing pressie x

brownstag Sat 26-Apr-14 08:21:49

Thanks everyone, but it looks like this birthday present is going back to the shop. FRER completely blank this morning, and yesterday's line is invisible too. I'm sure I didn't hallucinate it, but definitely negative now. Sigh.

brownstag Sat 26-Apr-14 08:25:24

I've been having puffy eyes too and as from today I'm stopping the hydroxy so we'll see if that goes. I had thought it was melatonin doing it, which would make sense as you sleep more deeply.

Mel3062 Sat 26-Apr-14 10:04:30

Aw Brown so sorry to hear this x

VillageMum Sat 26-Apr-14 11:48:52

Brown I'm really sorry. I'm sure you'll test again tomorrow? If it were me I'd be tempted to try again next month, since there seems to have been something there this time.

suemays Sat 26-Apr-14 12:17:18

brown didn't that happen to you before? Do you think you might have a prob with implantation where the embryo tries to implant, starts releasing a small amount of hcg and then for some reason doesn't carry on? Was hoping for different news from you.

Is everyone sure they don't have hay fever rather than something hydroxy related? My eyes have been itchy this week and running but I always get it this time of year. Don't forget hay fever etc is an imbalance of the immune system so maybe hydroxy is causing hay fever as it's an immune modulator? The steroids caused dark circles under the eyes when I was on them and puffiness so could be that too???

MrsPixieMoo Sat 26-Apr-14 14:54:52

So sorry Brown, such a rough

VillageMum Sat 26-Apr-14 15:20:31

Sue you could be on to something. My DS has the most awful hay fever (with red itchy eyes) at the moment and he normally doesn't get it till June. (Needless to say he's not on hydroxy!)

Tumtimes1 Sun 27-Apr-14 11:11:31

Hey all - found you! Thanks for starting the thread village.

brownstag just seen your update. Thats such a bummer. What dpo are you on now? I have had that before. Line at 8dpo nothing at day 9 and then day 10 clear line and day very faint 11 pink line. I'm still fingers crossing for you.

All is ok this end, I finally have my 20 week scan on Tuesday. Feels like an eternity to get here and im very very nervous. If this goes well I will have to start telling people I'm pregnant. In other words, this shit gets real.
The baby seems to kick some days more than others and that has got me worried but apparently all normal. Also my nipples look mental but still, I am very grateful to have got this far. I have a friend who is just going through her 4th mc and she will be seeing dr Quenby for tests as soon as she has her 2nd cycle. I feel sure that her issue is NK cells. I'm so grateful for this forum because it's opened my eyes to how much possibility there is when all feels so hopeless. Anyway, I will let you guys know how the scan goes Tuesday. Fingers firmly crossed.

freelancegirl Sun 27-Apr-14 13:11:25

Fingers crossed for you Tum! Yes varied movements are compeletely normal. You will find yourself running for cold drinks and a lie down to try rouse the little thing frequently I'm sure! Got everything crossed for you and the 20 week scan. Did you ever get a Doppler? That saved my sanity with DS.

Tumtimes1 Sun 27-Apr-14 14:10:08

Hey free thanks for the reassurance it's defo caused some anxiety this movement situation but she seems to be being more consistent last couple of days.

I did get a Doppler - actually couldn't be without it. If I feel baby move I don't bother with the Doppler one to day to the next, but if no movements then I will whip It out and have a listen. I love it.

freelancegirl Sun 27-Apr-14 18:35:52

As the baby gets bigger you will feel more movements. You wait until you see your whole stomach ripple! It's alien smile

VillageMum Sun 27-Apr-14 18:43:02

Tum or the clear outline of a tiny hand or foot poking out with your skin tented across it! Good luck for Tuesday, all will be fine x

VillageMum Mon 28-Apr-14 18:16:33

Brown I wonder how you're doing? Can I ask you a quick question about DHEA? I've been taking 50mg daily since CD3 (and therefore took it concurrently with letrozole through CD2-6). I've read since that it's actually usually not recommended that you take it with letrozole as letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor and DHEA can work against its estrogen-lowering action. This doesn't seem to be a dead cert though (and I guess my SO scan this week will tell whether it inhibited follie growth or not!) Do you know any more about this? DHEA does seem to be prescribed for IVF patients who are on letrozole, so I'm not sure what to make of this info. But if there is another SO round on the cards in future I'd quite like to know whether or not to skip the DHEA on the letrozole days... Thanks so much. Hope things are ok with you. Did you retest?

brownstag Tue 29-Apr-14 10:04:50

Yes, I've read that too, Village, but I always took them all the way through as far as I can recall. I figured that it's no different to someone with naturally high DHEA levels taking letrozole and, if anything, you might expect them to respond better to treatment. But who knows?
I have now officially stopped ttc. I have retested but all negative; 12dpo now and my temperature plummeted yesterday, only to go back up today but I think that's due to a mild cold. I now only take supplements that are good for my general health or are good for hair.
I can't quite work out whether to stop checking this site. I want to know what happens to all you ladies, and you've also become good friends and a massive support over the years and I want to thank you all for that, and wish you all the best possible luck. But I'm wondering whether for my own sanity, I should stop checking, or put a limit on it, in case I get sucked back into ttc. I think at some level I will always be looking out for fertility news for older women, but it's got to be something really impressive for me to try it, and I don't want to be swayed by any snake oil, because I've been only too happy to experiment on myself and that needs to stop.
Belly, I'm so very sorry to hear your news. Your test photos looked so impressive. A sad lesson showing that blood tests are the only real way you can tell what's going on. The best of luck with those frosties.

VillageMum Tue 29-Apr-14 10:14:50

brown thank you for taking the time to reply to me in the middle of your own issues (and I tend to agree with you about the letrozole + DHEA question - will be curious to see what the follie scan shows.) You've been such an enormous help and support on here. I'd be very sorry to see you go, but do take your point about the quicksand-like nature of MN and the ttc threads. I hope you'll still lurk and post once in a while! thanks

Triplespin Tue 29-Apr-14 13:35:22

hello all - I have been lurking and have posted the occasional questions on the forum too.

firstly sorry to see your news brown - i wish you all the luck. hope the decision works out for the best for you and your family.

I am about to officially join the forum and obviously have even more questions. I have had 2 mcs and still waiting for AF 7 weeks on from my most recent mc. While I wait to have uNK biopsy from Prof Q, I have been having a range of tests done at St. Mary's and then also took the plunge to have my NK cells tested at CRGH (where I was have 'infertility' testing done - before I fell pregnant). I just got the results today and as it turns out I do have 'slightly' raised levels - I am awaiting the actual test results so I can assess what 'slightly' means. CRGH are linked to UCLH and therefore conservative in treating level 2 immunes and therefore have 'only' recommended intrallipids and steroids. Its a good thing in some ways because I am not sure whether I feel ready to go for LIT/IVIg type of treatment.

However they have suggested that I use this treatment from BFP rather than post ovulation. What are your views about this? I know some have had successful using pred from BFP (e.g. bakings) - but given both my mcs have been so early on 5+3 and 6+3, I wonder whether I need the treatment post ov.

I had made an appointment with Dr. S as well which is coming up in a few weeks time. I am in two minds now as to whether to go for that. I like my clinic, easier to get to from work - only difference as I see would be that potentially Dr. S will prescribe pred from ovulation? Is that right?

I am not ttc-ing right now. Going to wait for my uNK biopsy after 2 bleeds, so I have lots of time to evaluate things now.

Good luck to everyone else.

bakingtins Tue 29-Apr-14 14:50:13

<waves> at triple

tum good luck for today!

I had 34 week growth scan today and all looking good - baby is on the small side as were my other children but growing well, placental function good, has hair (!) and in the right position for take off.... smile

MrsPixieMoo Tue 29-Apr-14 15:50:31

Baking that's wonderful. Hair smile and ready for take off grin. It's really made me smile.

Am getting lots of wiggles and people offering me seats on the train now, so I feel properly pregnant and tiny bit less scared. Ok, I made the last part up.

Waves to all xx

MattsMamma Tue 29-Apr-14 18:14:29

Yay! Found you all!

So sorry about the negative tests BROWN. I was so hopeful for you x

SUE - I've never suffered hay fever before but it's always a possibility? Definitely a possibility with the steroids and certainy something to think about.

I got positive OPK on Saturday evening - very late and not possible to baby dance until Sunday. Got another positive opk Monday after a negative on Sunday? So baby danced again today. Also have some ovulation pain today. We will prob dtd again Thursday. Don't understand what's happening with me and ovulation!! I I seem to get a few positives each month ?? I use clearblue digital with the smiley face so they are definite positives. Anyone else have this? I hope I have covered the right days so far ..........

Also I have stopped Hydroxychloroquine and do feel better - eyes still puffyish though. Don't feel optimistic this month and seriously considering taking steroids if and when I get a BFP but really not sure ? What do you ladies think - is it too much of a risk?

MrsPixieMoo Tue 29-Apr-14 19:05:37

MattsMama I've never done OPKs but have conceived on days when I'm 'sure' I can't have been ovulating, given timing of cycle and lack of ovulation signs. I've wondered if more than one egg maybe gets released, and if both were fertilised it would be twins, explaining both the positives you're getting? Just random hypotheses in the dark. Good luck!

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