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Finally i have a BFP!!

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BabyTinks Sun 13-Apr-14 22:03:04

Well heres a little bit of my story...... I mc mid november 2013, have been ttc ever since, the one month me and my dp have a month off and not stress or think about ttc we have our bfp!!! gringrin
We are both over the moon, my expected due date due to late ovulation i am suspecting is around 8th - 18th december!!

Anyone have a bfp post mc??? Need any advice/chat to get me through the next so many weeks to my scan when i know everything is going to be ok! thank you xxx

BabyTinks Tue 15-Apr-14 22:40:40

A line is a line espa!!
So do you think you have a bfp then??

I have had sharp stabbing pains most of today! I took a clear blue digi that showed me around 4-5 weeks. Calculated today i'm about 4 weeks 4 days.... Or 6 days, doc has calc from a average cycle of 28 days and says im 6 weeks 2 days.... I know its wrong because my cycles are between 38 and 44 so i average it out around 40-42... Which shows me 4 weeks so many days! So least il have a scan early and a second scan because i know its the wrong dates but hey ho! I reckon my scan will be in 6 weeks time around 1st week in june i hope anyway!
But im so worried with my pains today, scared to go to the loo sometimes in case i see something i dont wanna see sad

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