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For those starting TTC in April

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kitkatkaty87 Wed 09-Apr-14 10:46:56

I thought I'd start a thread for all those who will be starting out TTC this month, I'd be interested to see how other people get on, tips, moral support etc. We'll be starting TTC at the weekend!!
Please join me!

tashalou Wed 09-Apr-14 11:02:30

Hello I've just started TTC come off cilest 4 weeks ago xx

Ducky23 Wed 09-Apr-14 11:06:04

I started TTC in march but no luck that month! Thought id join in grin x

kitkatkaty87 Wed 09-Apr-14 12:31:34

Ducky23 better luck this month then smile
hi tashalou - i'm only just coming off the pill now, so I'm thinking it might take me a bit longer

Ducky23 Wed 09-Apr-14 13:13:34

I came off cilest and got pregnant pretty quickly with my 1st smile unfortunately my dd was stillborn hmm so currently TTC #2 grin good luck everyone! X

kitkatkaty87 Wed 09-Apr-14 16:52:34

So sorry for you ducky, hope it happens nice and quickly again for you this time!

Strawberryfizzylaces1 Wed 09-Apr-14 17:53:48

Hi op, this is my second month ttc 1, really hoping this is the month, defo covered all the basis!

Best of luck to you x

Ducky23 Wed 09-Apr-14 18:18:00

Thanks :-) and you! smile X

alizeeod Wed 09-Apr-14 19:31:01

Hi ladies, came off the pill only 1 week ago and my withdrawal bleed being over I shall start TTC this weekend! I don't hold too much hope getting pregnant on my first month TTC though!

tashalou Wed 09-Apr-14 19:51:29

Ducky in sorry to hear about your DD I hope you concieve again quickly :-)

Ducky23 Wed 09-Apr-14 20:00:22

Thank you.

Let's hope we get lots of BFP's on here!! smile

Waffleyversatile Wed 09-Apr-14 21:19:45

me too. positive thoughts!

kitkatkaty87 Thu 10-Apr-14 07:08:34

Yep positive thoughts!! I ordered some ovulation sticks and a tube of that conceive plus yesterday hoping it might help a weeny bit smile

Good luck everyone!!! Can't wait to see the first bit posted on here now!

Cupcake92 Thu 10-Apr-14 08:31:29

Hey smile I started ttc2 this month. I got my ov dates all muddled up tho! And i am almost certain I ov yesterday so I made sure me n DH bd last night! And will again tonight jus to try have a chance. So fingers crossed! Not sure if we will catch it. Any ideas ladies?
AF due 23rd April
Good luck to u all and hope u get ur bfp's!

Ducky23 Thu 10-Apr-14 08:51:07

Cupcake how are you tracking ov?

Unfortunately I have reeeeeaaallyyy long cycles hmm does my head in! I used opks for the first time this month, am not sure if I properly ov though. The instructions said that the test line needs to be as dark as or darker than the control band and when I got the positive it was slightly lighter than the control band, but the instructions also said that i should limit liquid intake at least 2 hrs before taking the test and I'm never good at that so am hoping it was just a bit lighter because it was diluted.
The tests showed absolutely nothing until I got a faint line on cd27 and then c28 I got the darker one and then a very very faint line on cd29 and nothing on cd30

kitkatkaty87 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:07:56

I think I'm going to be useless working out my ovulation times! Sounds complicated. Think we may just get down to it every couple of days and see how that goes for the first month. how often do you use the ov sticks? Just when you think it may be time?

Ducky23 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:23:30

I used then everyday from when my AF stopped, this was as my cycle before this was 3 weeks :-/ bit then I was told you have to do them twice a day as some surges only last 12 hrs and you may miss it doing it only once a day. I just got a pack of 40 from eBay really cheap.

As well as them we have been DTD every other day and when I got the positive opk we DTD 3 days in a row. grin

Cupcake92 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:25:22

Well my doctor said I should ov probably 7 days after having my implant out so I sort of went by that and bd very day for the week lol but I noticed yesterday my cm was very different and like what they call 'egg white' and I remembered everywhere said that meant ovulation was happening. I did have cramps as well past 2 days. So I'm sure I must have ov yesterday. So now I'm going in that :s but we never bd the couple days before only yesterday and will again today. Just hope we still have a chance of catching it!

Ducky23 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:36:47

See I wasn't sure whether we should be DTD every day but I read in some places that as sperm can live for up to 5 days inside you every other day should be ok, and apparently it takes 48 hours for a man to build up a decent amount of sperm or somethig.

Who bloody knew all this TTC malarkey is so confusing!!!! Back in the day I just thought do it without protection and get pregnant. Mental! Haha grin

Cupcake92 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:41:04

Well that's what we got taught as a teen! 'Dont have unprotected sex you'll get pregnant!' But little did we know, there's actually only a couple of days in your cycle where you can get pregnant and that's if your lucky! Lol

Gosh, it's hard work ttc sad
And now I have my tww which is going to he loooooonnngggg!

kitkatkaty87 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:43:03

I dont think I'd have the energy for every day - that's committment, well done!

Ducky23 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:47:06

Haha I agree kitkat!

I'm on tww also :-/ I am Deffo a poas addict tho and would be lying if I said I hadn't done one already :-|

Fingers crossed for everyone!!

kitkatkaty87 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:47:40

eek, excited for you guys already!

Cupcake92 Thu 10-Apr-14 10:51:26

I've brought a load from asda their the strips. 2 in a pack for £1 so I've brought a lot!!!
Not sure if they are any good tho?

kitkatkaty87 Thu 10-Apr-14 11:00:59

Exactly how long is it best to wait before doing a preg test? I have no idea when my periods will be as haven't had proper ones on cerazette for ages. so don't know if i can rely on them to tell me really!

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