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Letz & awkward cervix

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ranchgirl Sat 05-Apr-14 13:42:39

About 5 years ago I had a Letz biopsy on my cervix & ever since smears have been a pain in the backside as it altered the shape of my cervix. According to the Nurse, it often disappears back.
Just wondering if this will make it easier or more difficult to conceive? Doctor said when I do get pregnant I may need a stich in my cervix but it was quite common? All sounds a bit scary but was wondering if anyone else has had the same? (First time trying to conceive & trying since Jan).

22nicnak Sat 05-Apr-14 15:08:30

Hi, I could've written your post myself! I'm in exactly the same boat! My loop treatment had also healed in a way that my cervix was sealed shut. It's not long been repaired and I'm having periods again so now we are TTC smile

I've also been told and read that a stitch will be most likely and is quite common. Along with frequent scans to check cervix length and a risk of labouring from 36 weeks.

Would be great to hear from someone who has experience!

ranchgirl Sun 06-Apr-14 11:29:03

Thanks 22nicnak, glad it's not just me. But yes, anyone who has conceived relatively easily after Letz would be good to hear about. My gynaecologist (female) did say 'You need to have a baby to sort all this out' or words to that effect. Easier said than done! Still, at least I have my other half who was nowhere to be seen way back then...

time2deal Mon 07-Apr-14 00:03:59

I had more extensive surgery, but was advised to ensure you use plenty of lubricant, like pre-seed. The cervix creates the fluid which makes it easier for sperm to get to the egg, and the LLETZ removes some of cells that create the liquid so you will naturally have less.

I had to go to IVF but my surgery was much larger, and male factor issues too (and problems pre operation) so I'm not a good case study. Although I am pregnant now!

I think LLETZ is quite common these days (far too common IMHO) and there are lots of women who do conceive naturally after it. But ensure you push for a cervical length check and a cerclage (stitch) if it is warranted during pregnancy.

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