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Help me with blooming opks and cm!!

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dietcoketime69 Fri 04-Apr-14 19:13:01

I'm on cd14 today... on cd12 I had a bit of "wet" cm, then yesterday was getting bits of egg white, but none today... do you think I'm right in thinking I probably ov'd yesterday then, on cd13?

If so, my only worry is i've used opks in the afternoon since cd10 and not got one positive... should I worry about this or just be reassured that I got some ewcm? I'm so confused!!!!

Also, I keep reading about people getting "loads" of ewcm; I get some but definitely wouldn't describe it as loads, can people please tell me whether they've managed to get bfps despite not having loads of ewcm?

espa Fri 04-Apr-14 20:07:18

I got positive opk 2 days ago and would probably day I had most cm last week! Not sure it's a great indicator for me.

Beansprout30 Fri 04-Apr-14 20:26:53

Id keep testing with opks I didnt get a positive till cd17 and cm the same morning

dietcoketime69 Fri 04-Apr-14 20:29:41

Thanks both, it's just so confusing, I don't know whether to trust opks or body producing what seems like fertile cm?!

raisinbranwhole Fri 04-Apr-14 20:44:30

Just shag whenever you can - it can't hurt.

You don't need loads of ewcm. Use a fertility lube like Conceive Plus if you're really worried, but plenty of women conceive without obvious EWCM (it could well all be hiding up high too).

ImBrian Sat 05-Apr-14 15:33:05

Opks can miss the surge. I get fertile cm before I get a positive opk and then it disappears.

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