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TMI alert! Sperm leakage!

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thefruitwhisperer Thu 03-Apr-14 10:16:04

Ok, so with every other partner (not that many) I have experienced leakage of 'leftovers' after BD. But with DH, sometimes I get absolutely none at all come out afterwards. confused

I am just really confused because I have never known this to happen before. It not every time, probably about 2 in 10 times. Has anyone else had this?

amy246 Thu 03-Apr-14 14:11:21

The only thing I can think of is that men produce varying quantities of semen. Some produce over 3ml and others less than 0.5ml, maybe he just produces a small amount?

MrsBungle Thu 03-Apr-14 14:14:22

This is just my thoughts and might not be accurate! When I was on the pill, there was always leakage. When we were ttc and so no contraception, there was far less and so rules none. I wondered if it was due to the pill thickening everything up at cervix so less room for sperm to get in. That might be rubbish, but there's my thoughts!

MadameLeBean Thu 03-Apr-14 14:21:30

Maybe he masturbates before sex?! Or just quite often? So there is less petrol in the tank...

thefruitwhisperer Thu 03-Apr-14 14:57:09

I wondered all of the above too. Although this has happened throughout our relationship and we managed to conceive DS without any problem at all. Although falling pregnant so quickly, it didn't worry me then... not so now!

I suppose if we managed to conceive already, it doesn't affect potency.

Never thought I would find myself discussing sperm leakage, tbh blush

thefruitwhisperer Thu 03-Apr-14 14:58:17

I also wonder if my CM at times of the month keeps it in?

raisinbranwhole Thu 03-Apr-14 18:27:04

I find that when I'm close to ovulating (and my cervix is open) less comes out. DH is quite well endowed so it probably gets quite far 'up' anyway, and obviously more goes through my cervix when it's open than when it's closed...

RPopz Thu 03-Apr-14 21:16:49

Have you been having lots of sex?? If we do it every day by the 3rd or 4th day thethere's pretty much nothing leaking out!!

bessie84 Fri 04-Apr-14 14:27:20

i agree with raisinbranwhole - i think when near ovulation, your cervix is open, therefore more goes thru and none comes out... this is what i believe anyway x

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