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Does this sound like ovulation bleeding??

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raisinbranwhole Wed 02-Apr-14 16:39:29

Quick background: came off the pill five weeks ago. Since then no AF.

From Thursday I've been having EWCM: started just a little, then by Monday it was crazy. Two huge big lumps of the stuff from when I went searching and then shiny streaks on wiping.

Tuesday my CM had gone back to sticky: white, clumpy stuff. Until the evening when I felt wet, went to wipe and got some reddish stuff on the paper. Thinking it was my period I put in a tampon, took it out later and there was nothing on it.

Today my CM is again very unfertile.

I'm not temping since it drives me crazy.

Does this sound like possible ovulation bleeding or breakthrough bleeding or a light period? Any ideas?

ImBrian Wed 02-Apr-14 18:38:56

When I had ovulation bleeding (only the once) it was mixed in with the ewcm and was only one little spot. Is it too early to be implantation bleeding?

raisinbranwhole Wed 02-Apr-14 18:46:54

Yeah - it was how it arrived after everything had dried up that confused me...

I think it is too soon for IB: I was dry as a bone a week ago. Really don't think I ovulated then.... sad

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