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Need allergy relief that doesn't affect fertility

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Picklemom Wed 02-Apr-14 00:22:17

My allergies are making my life miserable, but I don't want to medicate because I know antihistamines can decrease fertility. Need some good ideas, please! For the record, I probably ovulated in the past day or so, so now I've got a couple of weeks to wait and see what's what.

Two weeks seems like a very long time to go without relief. My allergies are severe.

Cupcake92 Wed 02-Apr-14 05:45:40

I had this problem and unfortunately not a lot u can do :/ all there is is some eye drops and Nasal spray. Ask ur pharmacist smile I ended up getting the nasal spray as I was forever sneezing, tbh it did work but not as effective as antihistamines
Hope this helps x

lauren222 Wed 02-Apr-14 21:07:54

I tried two different nasal sprays. One gave me terrible headaches and the other left me with a strong chemical taste in my throat and mouth (gross!). I went back to loratadine after that.

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