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Low sperm count - help!

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Aisling81 Tue 01-Apr-14 18:13:26


This is a bit I a long story so will attempt to summarise.
Partner has child with undiagnosed profound developmental delay from previous marriage who's now 13.
As undiagnosed met with geneticist to see if This could effect out future family (his ex went on to have two healthy kids with new partner) and were told while we were more likely to have an issue (100/1) compared to ur avg couple, jst because he alrdy has a kid with needs, that it is still a low risk.
Started ttc March last year- one chemical pregnancy early June and one early miscarriage (6/7 wks) at end of sept. After mc I started acupuncture as my cycles were messed up- it has taken until this month to be rdy to try again but hubby had sperm analysed on Chinese dr recommendations and he has low sperm count 3.8 mill.sad

I am devastated- I know compared with other couples we have not been trying that long but this recent news has made me doubt if there is an issue relating to chromosomal defects, his previous child and mc/chem pregnancy.

I know no one can give you guarantees but this feels like there could be another issue. I can't say it to my husband- it would feel like blaming him for the issues with his child and our attempts to conceive. I am frightened to go ahead ttc ...

It really is a mess- I don't know what professional could help me or who to start to talk to about these fears.

I had managed to put aside my anxiety but this latest result has made me doubt things- morphology was 95- which is just within the <96 parameters that are allowed.... I'm not sure if this has some significance...

Help- any thoughts or advice would be appreciated

Inshock73 Tue 01-Apr-14 20:11:03

Hi Aisling, I didn't want to read and run although I won't be able to put your mind at rest. You need to speak with your GP who will be able to refer you to a fertility consultant to discuss the low sperm count and your other concerns. TTC can put a huge strain on a relationship and you do need to be able to discuss your fears with your husband otherwise you'll just bottle them up. You are entitled to have your own feelings and express them and you can do it in a way that doesn't point the finger at him, if your DH is touchy about it then he already shares your fears. Can I suggest you post this thread under the 'Infertility' section on here as I'm sure that will help you get some more advice.

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