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Advice from the experienced needed!!

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Glitterbug6263 Tue 01-Apr-14 10:25:06

Hi All smile

Me and my Husband have decided to start TTC. I'm having my Mirena Coil removed today after having it in for 5 years.

I am currently taking 'Seven Seas Trying For A Baby' folic acid vitamins, but i was just wondering if anyone else can give tips or advise to maybe increase our chances of TTC on Cycle 1?

(info: I am 24, my husband is 23, neither of us drink, both of us smoke (but are trying to give up!!!), we both eat healthily and workout, my BMI is slightly over the 'healthy' range, and we both have quite stressful jobs!)

Thanks all in advance smile

Rockchick1984 Tue 01-Apr-14 11:04:07

Congratulations! It can take a few months for your womb lining to thicken up again after having the mirena coil removed, although some women can fall pregnant straight away, it takes some women up to 6 months before it is possible, so hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones!

Health wise I tried for a few months and the month I got my BFP was when I managed to lose some weight and got my BMI below 25, could be coincidence but worth a try. I'm sure you're aware of the risks of smoking during pregnancy, so you will probably find it a lot easier to quit now rather than once you're pregnant.

Have a look at what your company maternity policy is, statutory minimum is 6 weeks at 90% of salary, 33 weeks at £130ish a week, then 13 weeks unpaid. Get saving now if you want to take as long off as possible smile

GailLondon Tue 01-Apr-14 11:54:26

I would advise you to get in some internet cheapie ovulation prediction sticks (from amazon or ebay, the cheap little paper strips with the green end), and start testing yourself from day 10-20 ish of your cycle, to figure out when you ovulate.
Also I would recommend getting a tube of pre-seed gel, I got pregnant the first month I used it both times smile
Other than that, just lots of 'quality time' with hubby, every other day if possible over your fertile week
Good luck!

Glitterbug6263 Wed 02-Apr-14 08:14:17

Thanks for the advice girls smile
Went to the docs yesterday, and the coil wouldnt come out. caused an extreme amount of pain, i passed out etc had to go to a&e for pain relief! have to be referred to a specialist to have it removed under general anasthetic (sp?).
Absolutely gutted because this was the only cycle to try before we go on honeymoon and start decorating our house!
i suppose it will happen when it happens! sad

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