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Question about Chemical pregnancy

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babybabybabyoh Mon 31-Mar-14 18:23:19

Hi just wondering what peoples experiences of this are. I've read a lot of positive stories about getting pregnant soon after but not much about the experience of it.

I was told by dr on Friday that I was most likely having a very early miscarriage (presume this is chemical pregnancy from what she said). I would only have been a week late when started bleeding so very early. I'm just a bit confused because I spotted for a day and wasn't too worried but then it was like AF but brighter red (sorry for tmi) but this only lasted about 6 hours and then nothing since Saturday.

Prior to this I had not had a Bfp but felt I knew my body and was very much pg, too many odd symptoms including really painful boobs being one of these (never have this with AF, ever) I feel this is confirmed as this is definitely not just a late AF as just too different to usual and also from what I told dr she felt i had been pg too. I just wondered how long people bled for with CP and how long after the symptoms of pg stopped. Also, how quickly did your cycle get back to normal.

Sorry for all the questions. Thanks smile

noitsachicken Mon 31-Mar-14 18:29:10

Well I don't think my experience was typical but I will share!
I started feeling pregnant about 11 DPO, didn't test, but then started bleeding. Figured ok I'm not pregnant but I continued to feel pregnant so after a couple of days I tested out of curiosity and it was positive. Bleeding was like a period for about 5 days, I got positive tests for about a week. A few days after the bleeding stopped I bled again for 4 days and took this to be my normal period.
Very odd experience all round. This was first cycle after a m/c so that could also have messed things up.

noitsachicken Mon 31-Mar-14 18:30:27

Oh and cycle was normal after that, ov'd about two weeks from second bleed. Not yet.conceived though.

KittyVonCatsington Mon 31-Mar-14 19:27:01

I'm still in the cycle after a Chemical Pregnancy or early m/c. I tested when AF was due and was 11dpo and got a positive on a FRER. Continued to get positives on a FRER but not Clear Blue tests. 9 days after, I woke up and AF had started-tested on a FRER and incredibly faint, almost gone. That day, I had awful double-over pains that i'd never had for AF before. Bleeding was for 6 days. CD 8 I started testing with CB OPK sticks in case I ovulated early. Kept getting a flashing smiley until CD24. DTD up till then and after so now waiting.
I do know that reading up on others' experiences helped me to figure out what to expect. I wish you all the luck in the world this cycle and as my Reflexologist said, our bodies may have just needed a practice run.

ImBrian Mon 31-Mar-14 20:20:39

Last month I had a chemical, I got very faint bfps at dpo 14 which didn't get any darker. At 17dpo I started bleeding and it lasted for 8 days though not much heavier then my period.
I normally ovulate on cd16/17 but this cycle I didn't ovulate till cd20. I got a bfp a couple of weeks ago and I've passed the stage that I was at with my chemical smile. Fingers crossed it stays put. Symptom wise I hAd a dry mouth and felt sick for 2 days around the time I got my bfp but it stopped fairly quickly and I felt normal when the bleeding started. Hope this helps.

babybabybabyoh Mon 31-Mar-14 21:16:52

Thank you all for sharing your stories. I don't know what I would do without this site!!

I'm sorry you've all had to go through it too. I still only had a few hours of bleeding and not much cramping so keep expecting AF to come back any day :/

I like the idea that it's a test run. My other half is confident he has super sperm as it was our first cycle so I'm hopeful it will happen before long lol.
Congrats on the Bfp ImBrian ... Wonderful news smile

cletterthedishes Tue 01-Apr-14 09:03:52

Hi baby, sorry to hear you're having a CP.

I've had a couple of them but won't go into detail, as others have shared their experiences above and it's pretty similar to those.

Just wanted to say that that stats say as many as 70% of conceptions end in CP, and that's usually because there are chromosomal problems with the embryo. That's nothing to worry about, it's perfectly natural and is just the body's way of selecting healthy pregnancies. It's unlikely to make any difference to your chances of getting pregnant next cycle, though I found my cycles after CP were always a few days longer, so you may find it hard to pinpoint ovulation!

You sound very positive so I hope the experience hasn't worried you too much. Best of luck for the future thanks

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