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Weird Symptoms coming off Pill / Mucus Plug before AF?

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Rufus200 Mon 31-Mar-14 12:35:11


Need some advice please.

I stopped taking Dianette at the end of February and had a normal withdrawal bleed. I've come off the pill to have fertility tests, which I can't have until AF arrives. I've had some very weird symptoms since.

Been suffering from constipation everyday for about 3 weeks, normally only happens during middle of AF.

Been having drawing feeling in uterine area since finish of withdrawal bleed but no period pain.

4 days ago I had a fainting episode where I couldn't stand for several hours with nausea. Felt fine after a nap.

2 days ago woke up at 3am with extreme nausea, couldn't stay in bed it was so bad, lasted 3 hrs then was milder for the rest of the day. Been nauseous every day since. I don't have food poisoning and I'm not ill.

AF was due yesterday but no sign. Boobs are not tender, which normally is a big sign with me.

Couldn't sleep last night as I had a hot flush most of the night.

Today passed a large clear mucus plug, very thick not stringy or stretchy.

Not a clue what is going on with my body, I definitely am not pregnant (hubby has put us on a ban until after my fertility tests).

Does anyone else get a mucus plug before AF or only when ovulating?

I've read somewhere else that mucus plug before AF can be a sign of pre-menopause, which is why I'm having fertility tests done to check.

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