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Free Fluid on ultrasound

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tulipboo Sun 30-Mar-14 20:27:24

Hello Ladies

I am driving myself potty and hoping one of you may have some experience.

I have been ttc for 3 years and started Chlomid 50mg last month (i have PCOS). I had one follicle on the ultrasound and only level 2 of my progesterone bloods.
My Chlomid was upped to 100mg and last week I had 4 follicles (i have not been that happy in a long time). They were good sizes too, varying from 19mm at day 13.
Whilst having the scan I was told I had free fluid on the pelvis. I was told this could have been from my bladder (!), I had a trainee in on my scan who looked puzzled at that too. When I spoke with the nurse afterwards she told me this could be a previous follicle or cyst (ive googled and can't find much on fluid and follicles). So my question is, has anybody also had this problem and is it possible I could have ovulated from a follicle that caused this free fluid. If I had then today would be 6 or 7 dpo, I had a lot of ewcm yesterday (possible ovulation from another follicle) but today I had bloody mucus. I'm hoping this is implantation. I've bloods on Tues to check my progesterone levels.
Is it possible ovulation can cause bloody mucus?


clementinesandbananas Sun 30-Mar-14 23:47:32

I'm not sure about the free fluid but I'd say that

1) if you ovulated 6/7 days ago, you wouldn't be ovulating again now. If you do ovulate twice in a cycle (i.e. fraternal twins) I believe that the two ovulations must happen within a 24-hr time period.

2) it is very possible to get EWCM half-way through your luteal phase (between ovulation and menstruation). The corpus luteum secretes some estrogen which can cause EWCM: it's obviously not a marker of fertility since you've already ovulated.

3) ovulation can cause bloody mucus. Ovulation bleeding can sometimes happen and so could get caught in any residual mucus. It could also obviously be implantation.

4) from my googling, free fluid in the pelvis is common immediately after ovulation. (search for "a small amount of free fluid" in the doctor's answer).

My only question would be the size of your follicles. Did you have one at 19mm during the scan with the free fluid or a few days earlier? 19mm is a good size for ovulation, and if you were 6/7dpo it should have shrunk back down (assuming it was definitely a follicle and not a corpus luteum).

Does any of that make sense?

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