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talk to me about late appearing lines

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KeithTheCat Sat 29-Mar-14 12:33:32

I POAS last night, it appeared to be negative.

this morning it looks like there is a very, very faint line (if you squint and hold in daylight) I'm not imagining it. there's definitely a line.

I know I need to POAfirst response, I'll ask DH to bring one in with him. in the meantime, has this ever happened to you? were you up-duffed?

someone tell me not to get excited!

Cupcake92 Sat 29-Mar-14 12:45:11

The result is valid for up to 10 mins after uve poas. After that it's an evap line which can give false positives.
But if I were u do a digital test as they are very accurate.
Fingers crossed u deffo have ur bfp ! smile
Good luck!

Cupcake92 Sat 29-Mar-14 12:46:46

But jus to give u some hope! My 1st baby my test I did the line was incredibly faint I had to dismantle my test to see it lol! And I did a digital test that same day n I was 2-3 weeks pregnant smile

KeithTheCat Sat 29-Mar-14 12:52:14


I'll do a digital one tomorrow morning.

Cupcake92 Sat 29-Mar-14 12:53:51

Good luck let us know how u get on smile

KeithTheCat Sat 29-Mar-14 13:09:15

I will do!

Tealady1983 Sat 29-Mar-14 13:17:43

I tested 4 days before due on and a very faint could only see in certain angles and only in the light, blue line appeared. Btw I am sitting here with my dd2 17 weeks on my knee smile

KeithTheCat Sat 29-Mar-14 14:00:17

if the faint line had appeared within the allotted time I would be jumping for joy! but because it appeared hours later it's thrown me.

argh, hurry up DH!

KeithTheCat Sat 29-Mar-14 17:16:39

just done a Tesco own brand and it was BFN.

onwards and upwards!

Tealady1983 Sun 30-Mar-14 06:23:07

When are you due on? Test on that day with a clear blue or first response x I know that feeling of desperation we had To have very invasive iui with my first so completely understand where your coming from.

KeithTheCat Sun 30-Mar-14 09:08:54

I had a miscarriage in January and haven't had a period since so I have no idea. my cycles were always irregular before and I don't know when/if I've ovulated. I'm testing every few days, I'm getting obsessed!

at this point I want a sign that my body us working, wether that's a BFP or AF.

thanks for your help flowers

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