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Conceiving after complex C-section?

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Katgrant30 Fri 28-Mar-14 23:19:02

Hi ladies - I've been on the JS thread for a few days now... But I have a question which I guess requires a more general audience, as I'm not sure who (if anyone!) would know the answer...

I am trying to alleviate my worry that the c section I had back in 2012 has done material damage to my uterus. The birth was pretty horrendous in many ways, and culminated in emergency section, at 9cm dilated with DS stuck in pelvis, obstructed... Uterus about to rupture. 3.5 litres of blood lost.

The question is - with the amount of cutting the surgeons needed to do to eventually get DS out (it took ages, believe me!), might the uterus lining now be damaged by the scar tissue? Could this impact upon implantation? It took us a year to get our BFP with DS, so I'm prepared for another longish haul, but I've got this nagging worry and not sure how ridiculous I'm being?

Thanks in advance!

isisisis Sat 29-Mar-14 18:56:11

I don't think anyone other than your dr will be able to answer that for you. I'd imagine that if there was an expected problem you would of been told at the time.
I'm in a similar situation (in fact our births sound very similar) I also had further surgery via my section scar & most of both ovaries removed 6months later. Whilst I'm not planning on TTC for a little while I feel I need to know how easy it should be/how long I should give it before asking for investigations. I've been told "it should be fine" but that's not enough for me. I've got an appt with my GP on Tuesday to request a referral back to my gynaecologist to discuss.
I'd suggest doing the same, if only to put your mind at ease. I guess they're not going to be able to give either of us a definite answer but I wouldn't want to TTC for a year & only then be told "well, it's not going to happen/be easy due to xyz.

Katgrant30 Sat 29-Mar-14 19:17:20

Thanks v much isisis - I'm sorry to hear you have had similar experience, wouldn't wish it on anyone! I've actually just been in touch with a private gyno to get a full ultrasound scan and follicle count while I'm at it. Just really need the reassurance! If there is a problem, I'm not sure I'd even want to go down the intervention/assisted conception route - but I'd like to know either way. So grateful for my one healthy child, know I'm v lucky to have him.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated! Kx

isisisis Sat 29-Mar-14 19:24:31

Do you mind me asking roughly how much that's going to cost? If I can't get a decent answer from my Gynae (& to be fair I can't really see the NHS justifying tests just for my peace of mind) then it's an option I'd probably explore. I guess I'd need to wait until I stop BF first so the hormones have settled down & I'd get a more honest result.

Katgrant30 Sat 29-Mar-14 21:44:16

Sure no worries it's going to be about £240. So pretty steep but that's central London, quite a well known clinic...

Good luck with whatever you decide, I guess the BF won't impact your ovaries/uterus, although maybe there are hormonal changes that occur? Don't know! X

isisisis Mon 31-Mar-14 12:21:22

That's actually less than I was guessing. I was told after my second op that they'd managed to leave a 'sliver' of ovary but that can be all you need. I've got some other questions (& my post op appointment got messed up & cancelled) that I need answering.
I think my first hurdle is do my ovaries actually work still so I'm going to start doing temp charting to see if I'm ovulating. The follicle count sounds really interesting, will look into that. Hope you get good results.

Missteacake Tue 01-Apr-14 10:30:41

I had a very similar birth story as you Kat EMCS DD got stuck in my pelvis. We tried to conceive for 6 months before going to GP after 3 months got tested at the infertility clinic who said there was significant scarring in my uterus from the section. I was put on the list for a laparoscopy. Gave up hope of conceiving didn't think anything else about it as I was on the waiting list when suddenly felt sick was sleeping in the day so took a test and pregnant!! The point of this ramble is there is always a chance of one little swimmer making it through and implanting on a completely healthy bit of uterus. Don't give up hope and even if it doesn't happen there are surgeries which you can have to reduce your scaring (if there is any). Good luck to you and my GP said that when trying to conceive #2 with same partner they can refer as early as 6months so press to be referred.

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