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14 days late and BFN

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Madoc Fri 28-Mar-14 11:12:07

So I've been trawling all the forums like a mad woman for the last 15 days. And I've got to the point now where I feel like I just need to get involved.

Am 14 days late. Definitely don't feel like my period is coming. Cant really say I feel pregnant, a bit of nausea, a bit tired and a bit emotional, starting to get a bit of acne even but not sure that any of this is significant enough to feel pregnant.

Saw the nurse this morning, now have an appointment with the GP on Tuesday. Am slowly going out of my mind. How is it even possible to be this late and not have a BFP? Its criminal.

Anybody else experienced this? Any warm soothing words of encouragement from anyone? Please?

clementinesandbananas Fri 28-Mar-14 15:09:59

Are your cycles normally regular? Do you know for sure that you ovulated?

If you're not certain you ovulated, you're probably 'just' having a wonky cycle: you may have ovulated much later than normal, or not even have ovulated yet.

If you had definitely ovulated when you normally do (and therefore were definitely 14 days late) you'd have a BFP by now. I'm sure Google has stories of women who didn't get a positive test until they were 5cm dilated, but it's pretty unlikely..

Do you temp? Have you ever? If you know your normal pre/post-O temperature ranges then you could take your temperature tomorrow morning and see which bit of your cycle you're in (i.e. whether you're waiting to ovulate or menstruate).

I feel your pain - my cycles, regular as clockwork for the last 6m of nursing, have now gone AWOL since I stopped nursing (ironically, in order to get pregnant)....

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